FAQ for the Epson 595 Interactive Projector

FAQ for the Epson 595 Interactive Projector
FAQ for the Epson 595 Interactive Projector
1. Can you connect the projector to an iPad?
Yes, you can connect the projector to an iPad. You would do this using a VGA adapter for your iPad.
Connect the adapter to the VGA cord for the projector. Once it is connected as shown below the
picture from your iPad should show on the projector screen. The Easy Interactive Tools software is
only for installation on a Windows or Mac computer. You will not use that software with the iPad.
2. How often will I have to recharge the batteries on the pen?
The charge on the pens will last many weeks. Recharge the batteries using the recharging station
that came with the projector.
3. Do I need to calibrate the projector?
The projector should automatically be calibrated and should not need any additional tweaking. If the
strokes on the board don’t seem to be calibrate, please see your School Technology Specialist who
will help you recalibrate.
4. Can I use the ActivInspire or SMART Notebook software with the projector?
ActivInspire and SMART Notebook software will work with the projector although they may only be
used if you have a license for the software. Those applications come along with the purchase of an
ActivBoard or SMART Board. If you do not have one of those products in your classroom, a license
for either of those must be purchased.
5. I have read that the Epson projector has a wireless capability. How does that work?
FCS IT Department has mandated that the projector’s wireless radio be disabled. Enabling it will
cause serious interference with the school’s wireless network.
6. How do I get the Easy Interactive Tools software installed on my laptop?
Please contact your School Technology Specialist
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