Multi-Function Touch Screen Display for

Multi-Function Touch Screen Display for
Multi-Function Touch Screen Display
for Hydronix Sensors
Hydro-View IV
Hydro-View IV
Intuitive display for configuration and calibration of Hydronix Sensors
The Hydro-View allows the configuration, calibration and measurement display of up to 16 sensors.
Its main display page supports 1, 2 or 4 screen areas, each of which is configurable to display a
trend graph or numeric display of measurements from any connected sensor.
The Hydro-View stores multiple material calibrations for each sensor, allowing rapid re-calibration
if the material being measured is changed. The intuitive multi-point calibration feature enables the
sensor to be easily and precisely calibrated.
The Hydro-View may be integrated as part of a new control system or as an upgrade to an existing
system to provide the user with the benefits of multi-point material calibration.
Intuitive 4.3” LCD colour display touch screen.
Displays measurements for up to 4 sensors.
Configurable measurement display for each sensor.
Trend graph or numeric display.
Communicates with up to 16 sensors.
Simple material calibration using multiple points for
high accuracy.
Database stores multiple material calibrations.
Configuration of all sensor parameters.
Logging of sensor data.
USB backup and restore.
Easy to install into new or existing systems.
p Parameters
Typical Installation and Connectivity
Average / hold input control
A/I 1
A/I 2
A/I 3
Average / hold input control
A/I 4
Optional Control
Average / hold input control
Average / hold input control
* Can also be a 0-20mA / 0-10V DC
Multi-Point Calibration
Hydronix digital microwave sensors are more accurate than the sampling process typically used for material
calibration. Taking multiple samples allows any errors in the material sampling and the laboratory test processes to
be mitigated providing a highly accurate calibration line.
The Hydro-View provides a simple interface to correlate sensor readings with laboratory test results from multiple
material samples. Its logical process assists the user by storing the average sensor reading while samples are being
taken, making it simple to match them to the laboratory test results. This provides a precise calibration of the sensor
to the material being measured. Optional “Calibration Rules” validate the data as a calibration is created.
Multiple Sensors
Multi-Point Calibration
Technical Information
Ingress Protection
Body: Plastic
RS485 communication with up to sixteen
IP65 Front panel (when correctly installed in an
operator panel or cabinet).
Sensor Connection
USB Connection
Hydronix sensors can be connected to the
Hydro-View by one twisted pair (2 cores total)
screened (shielded) cable with 22 AWG,
0.35mm2 conductors suitable for up to 100m.
Connection for USB memory stick enables
system and sensor backup and restore.
Touch Screen: 4.3” Widescreen LCD colour
Computer Operating System
Windows CE
The unit can be installed in an operator panel
or in the Hydronix Enclosure. If installing in an
operator panel a cutout of 125mm wide x 92mm
high is required. The maximum panel thickness
is 3mm.
Operating Temperature
0 – 50 degrees C.
Up to 10 multi-point calibrations per sensor
(160 total), with maximum of 20 points each.
Power Supply
24V DC 0.3A (7W) for Hydro-View IV only.
Power for sensors must be provided separately.
41 mm
145 mm
104 mm
Enclosure (Optional)
35 mm
Part Number
Hydro-View IV (includes Mounting Bracket)
Power Supply - 30 Watt for up to 4 sensors
USB Panel Mount Socket
Hydro-View Wall Mounted Enclosure
4 Year extended warranty option
11 mm
Jamieson Equipment Company
toll free 800.875.0280
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