Toothbrushing Procedure - SETA Head Start

Toothbrushing Procedure - SETA Head Start
Head Start/Early Head Start Policies and Procedures
Tooth Brushing
In compliance with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.23(b)
(3), each classroom will have daily supervised tooth brushing with the use of
fluoridated toothpaste, following one of the meal times. Toothbrushes and
toothpaste will be provided by Head Start- families may not provide their own
toothpaste unless they provide written documentation of a doctor or dentist’s
recommendation for use of a specific kind.
The following steps will be implemented by center staff:
Children will each have their own tooth brush, labeled by name, to ensure
toothbrushes are never shared.
Toothbrushing must be in conjunction with a minimum of one meal.
The children will brush their teeth at a sink with running water. Staff must
ensure the orderly flow of children at the sink to prevent overcrowding.
Children will be given a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste in an
individual disposable rinse cup, and will use their toothbrush to scoop the
paste from inside of the cup.
Children are taught proper tooth brushing techniques- children with
disabilities are supported with any needed adaptations.
Toothbrushes must be stored so they stay clean, open to circulating air,
and so that the bristles do not touch any surface, including another
When brushing after meals is not possible (e.g., on a field trip), children
may be offered drinking water to rinse and remove food particles from
Staff members must serve as role models by brushing their own teeth
after meals.
Updated 10/13
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