Micropay Professional Backup Guide

Micropay Professional Backup Guide
Micropay Professional
Backup Guide
It is very important to take regular backups of the payroll. Here are some points to note when
taking backups:
It is recommended that backups be kept for a minimum of three previous periods at all
Each backup taken must go to a different folder or disk, as it would overwrite previous
backups in the process.
When backing up more than one payroll, different folders/disks must be used for each
Clicking the Backup icon will backup the data specific to that payroll only. To backup
files shared between companies such as program files, PRSI tables, bank details, etc.
requires a full system backup. Taking a full system backup is normally not required and
used only when reinstalling or updating the software.
Standard Backup
A standard backup will take a copy of the current payrolls data.
First go to Miscellaneous from the top toolbar and choose Backup, or alternatively click on the
Backup icon.
Micropay Professional
A menu similar to the following one appears:
In this instance, the backup will be taken in a folder on the C drive called “Backups”, and in the
subfolder “Week 10”. Micropay Professional will detect if there is a backup already taken
to this location and as such, a screen similar to the following will appear:
If you choose Backup to this Folder, the existing backup will be overwritten. To avoid
overwriting a backup, select Choose another folder. This will bring you back to the Backup
screen and you need to click
to browse for another location to backup to.
Micropay Professional
You can also type in the location where you want the backup to go to. If this folder does not
already exist, Micropay Professional will create it.
When the system displays a message confirming that the backup has been completed, you click
OK to finish.
Admin Backup
The Admin Backup is used for either of the following reasons:
To backup more than one payroll at a time.
To backup program files (called a “Full System” or “Security” backup).
To begin the admin backup go to the Micropay Professional login screen and log in as
the administrator:
User Name: ADMIN
Password: PASS (unless the password has been changed).
Click the Miscellaneous menu, then Backup:
Micropay Professional
A screen similar to the following will appear:
ID/Name: Displays a list of all payrolls on the system, together with the corresponding licence
name. Also displayed are the details of the payrolls frequency, period number and status.
Backup: Select the payroll you wish to backup by ticking this box. Click on Select All to backup
all payrolls.
Micropay Professional
Backup System Files:
Mark this box in order to backup the program files and other
common files such as licenses, PRSI tables and bank sort codes.
Drive/Directory: Check that this line displays the required destination of the backup.
In this example, the backup is being taken to the C drive in a folder called Backups, and in a
subfolder called Week 10.
Click Backup icon at the bottom of the screen to begin the process.
When the system displays a message confirming that the backup has been completed, you
click OK to finish.
Micropay Professional
Micropay Professional
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