Hypertec SSD1128M64ZIF solid state drive Datasheet

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Hypertec SSD1128M64ZIF solid state drive Datasheet | Manualzz

SSD 1.8 128GB SSD


Hypertec’s 1.8” PATA SSD (solid state drive) is a non-volatile, solid state data storage disk. Given the advantages of lower power consumption, greater ruggedness, higher MTBF and other attracting features, SSD is gradually becoming the mainstream to replace conventional HDD (hard disk drive).

Due to lack of any mechanical components, SSD provides a more robust and cost effective storage solution for any embedded application. Since SSD is implemented with a standard ATA interface that is fully compatible with traditional HDD, designers will find SSD as an easy solution for integration in PC-based systems.


Standard 40-pin 1.8” form factor

Standard ATA/IDE Bus Interface

• 512 Bytes / Sector

• ATA command set compatible


• MLC: 128GB

Data Transfer mode

• Support Data Transfer up to PIO mode 4

• Support Data Transfer up to Multiword DMA mode 2

• Support Data Transfer up to Ultra DMA mode 6

Temperature Ranges

• Commercial Temperature

00C to 700C for operating

-250C to 850C for storage

• Extensive Temperature

400C to 850C for operating

-400C to 850C for storage

Operating Voltage

• 3.3V

Intelligent ATA/IDE Module

• Built-in embedded flash file system

• Implemented with both dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms to increase endurance of flash media

• Strong ECC hardware design, correcting up to 48-bit random error per 2K byte

RoHS Compliance


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