ABB DC drives DCS800 modules, 10 to 4000 Hp

ABB DC drives DCS800 modules, 10 to 4000 Hp
ABB DC drives
DCS800 modules, 10 to 4000 Hp
The practical requirements of a modern
DC drive are extremely diverse. A drive
should be full of features and easy to use
– not a simple task. The challenge is to
find an innovative solution which excels
in both - the solution is the DCS800.
The DCS800’s simple interface and rich
feature set allow you to commission your
drive quickly and adapt it easily to your
specific application. The DCS800 has the
widest power range in the industry, all
the way up to 2500 hp in a single module
package and solutions up to 1200 Volts
and 20,000 Amps.
The latest technology on a proven power
The DCS800 has the most advanced digital
controller of any DC drive on our proven power platform. What does that mean for you?
It means 16-bit analog I/O; 5 msec response time to a step input; 2 msec response
time for overriding control; and integrated
speed, torque, PID, and voltage controls as
standard. It also means automatic tuning to
simplify commissioning, macros to simplify
setup, and Adaptive Programming feature that allows you to easily customize to
your needs. The latest digital technology
on a proven power platform – that is the
Commissioning made easy
Starting up the DCS800 is made easy with
these important features:
− − Startup Assistant gives step-by-step
− − Optimized automatic tuning
− − Automatic phase sequence detection
− − Automatic encoder adjustment
−− Pre-defined macros for common applications
− − Plain language user guide and help
− − Simplified fault diagnostics
− − High resolution control panel
AP Programming adds Flexibility
Adaptive Programming (AP) gives you the
ability to customize the drive to your needs
without adding more hardware. Change
how a digital output works, add a PI controller, or filter an analog input – all these
things are possible. You program the drive
with the control panel or your PC using
DriveWindow Light (included with every
drive). Adaptive Programming gives you the
flexibility you need to make the drive work
to your specifications.
Adaptability second to none
The DCS800 functionality increases according to the requirements of the user. You
have the ability to include plug-in options
like field bus modules, I/O extension modules, and fiber-optic communication modules. ABB’s field bus alternatives give you full
access to drive control and status words
and to system diagnostics. This makes your
choice of automation system completely
independent from your decision to use firstclass ABB drives.
The DCS800 also offers the adaptability
of Control Builder, the tool that puts a fully
programmable PLC inside your drive. Control Builder can modify the drive operation,
interface, or create whole new functions
for your machine. Based on IEC61131, it is
easy to program in any one of six programming languages.
Accessibility through your PC
ABB offers a wide range of software for
your PC to make accessing, programming,
and diagnostics easier than ever before.
DriveWindow Light, included with every
drive, gives you a powerful tool to start up
and interface with your ABB drive. More
complex systems use the original highspeed DriveWindow tool. Its host of features, high speed data, and clear graphical
presentation of the operation make it a valuable addition to your system. For Control
Builder users, our IEC-61131 programming
software gives you all the tools you need to
create and modify your applications. If that’s
not enough, we can even give your drive its
own Web page with full internet access.
Communication options
− − Profibus-DP
− − CANopen
− − Modbus RTU
− − DeviceNet
−− ControlNet
− − Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP
− − ProfiNET
− − EtherCAT
System connection
Voltage, 3-phase
240 to 990 V acc. to IEC 60038
Voltage deviation
±10% continuous
Rated frequency
50 Hz or 60 Hz
Static frequency deviation
50 Hz ±2 %; 60 Hz ±2 %
Dynamic: frequency range
50 Hz: ±5 Hz; 60 Hz: ± 5 Hz
Please note: Special consideration must be taken for voltage deviation in regenerative mode.
Short Circuit Current Rating
D1-D4+ = 65 kA
D5-D7 = 100 kA
Protection Class
UL Type Open
Converter module and options (line chokes,
fuse holder, field supply unit, etc.)
− − Temperature
− − Motor stalled
− − Motor over voltage
− − Armature current ripple
−− Mains over- and under-voltage
− − Over speed
− − Motor over current
− − Field over voltage
−− Zero speed
− − Overload
− − Field over current
− − Minimum field current
− − Speed feedback monitoring
Adaptive Programming
− − Up to 16 function blocks from a library of
30 types
− − Pre-defined drive-specific function blocks
examples include:
−− Free process controller (PI-Controller)
−− I/O and digital operations
− − With control panel or PC-Tool there is no
need for additional hardware
Speed Feedback / Accuracy
with encoder 0.005% of nominal speed, with
Speed resolution
analog tach, 0.1% (16 bits)
Cycle time, speed and current controller
2.77 ms at 60 Hz, 3.33 ms at 50 Hz
Step response, current controller
5 ms
Speed feedback
EMF (transducerless), analog tach, encoder,
2nd encoder with RTAC
Analog tach voltage
±8-30 Vdc, ±30-90 Vdc, ±90-270 Vdc
Pulse encoder voltage
5, 12, 15, 24 Vdc
Environmental limit values
Permissible cooling air temperature.
0 to +55°C
- at converter module air inlet
with rated DC current
0 to +40°C
with different DC current
+40 to +55°C derating (1%/1 oC)
0 to +40°C
- options
Relative humidity (at 5...+40°C):
5 to 95%, no condensation
Relative humidity (at 0...+5°C):
5 to 50%, no condensation
Change of the ambient temp.:
< 0.5°C / minute
Storage temperature:
-40 to +55°C
Transport temperature:
-40 to +70°C
Pollution degree (IEC 60664-1, IEC 60439-1):
Site elevation
<1000 m above M.S.L.:
100%, without derating
1000 to 4000 m M.S.L.:
with derating (1%/100m)
4000 to 5000 m M.S.L.:
with derating and factory approval
Product Compliance
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DCS800-PHPB01U-EN REVC Effective: 01/31/2015 Subject to change without notice.
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