Topcom | 10001876 | Datasheet | Topcom Baby Bath Thermometer 100 Duck

 EAN code: Duck ‐ 5411519010940 / Elephant ‐ 5411519010957
Article n°: Duck ‐ 10001876 / Elephant ‐ 10001877 Measure the ideal temperature of the bath water for your baby with these playful thermometers. Avoid any doubt whether BABY BATH THERMOMETER 100
DUCK/ELEPHANT Digital bath thermometer you have the best bath temperature and put your trust in these small animals, that will immediately become your child’s bath buddies. Technical specifications o
Result in 90 seconds o
Thermometer in °C  Displays the temperature of the water Clear LCD display  Baby bath temperature ready LED indication o
High accuracy o
Waterproof o
Power supply: 2 X L1142 Easy to use Product Highlights
(between 36 ‐ 38 C°) 
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