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4.3” Standard Horizontal Mount
This module makes integration and mounting easy.
Each unit comes with an LCD, controller board,
backlight driver, and touch screen, integrated and
ready to go. The module form factor is designed to
ensure long-term product availability.
The 4.3-inch standard unit features:
Competitive pricing for a popular LCD size
(used by top portable gaming systems, GPS
navigation, and other hand-held devices).
4.3-inch Standard Horizontal Mount Module
Good for hand held applications.
Light, slim, and thin (LED backlight).
Suitable for battery operation.
Can be powered by USB connection.
Display Manufacturer Innolux
Comes with resistive touch screen.
Display Size and Type 4.3” TFT
One RS232 serial port, two 3.3V CMOS serial
ports, plus a USB device port.
LCD conforms to industry standard form
factor specifically chosen for multi-sourced
long lifetime availability.
Product Specifications
Product Part Number 51-0106-01
Reach Board Model SLCD43H
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140 (typ.)
Vertical Viewing Angle 50 (Top) 70 (Bottom) (typ.)
Dimensions 4.75″ W x 2.65″ H x .501″ D
Resolution WQVGA , 480x272, 16-bit
Powered by the SLCD43H controller.
Download mechanical drawings, panel
specifications, controller and software reference
manuals, and other resources at
Get Started with a Development Kit
To get started with a 4.3” development kit order
product number 52-0107-01 which includes module,
cables, sample images, sample code, power supply,
and technical support.
Visit our Evaluate | How Can I Get Started?
web page, call 408-754-4176, or email
[email protected] for more information or
to place an order.
Orientation Landscape, Portrait
Display Brightness (cd/m2) 400 (typ.), with touch
Touch Panel Type Resistive
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 80°C
Power Supply Voltage 5VDC±10%
Current Requirement 400mA max.
Interface Connector Molex 53261 series
Serial Interface RS232 / 3.3V CMOS
Backlight Display LED
Number of Serial Ports 3
USB Port Yes
SD Card Slot No
Processor 16/32 bit CISC
Flash Memory 4MB
Reach Technology, a Novanta company, reserves the right
to make changes in design or specification at any time and
without notice.
TEL (408) 754-4176
FAX (408) 754-4266
5750 Hellyer Avenue San Jose, California 95138
Sound Audio Beeper
RoHS 2 Yes
[email protected]
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