Systems Check IAR Tool Installation

Systems Check IAR Tool Installation
Systems Check
You will need
A Windows ® Laptop (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8) with
Administrator rights and Internet Access
USB Type A to Mini-B Cable. Note these cables are fairly common but if you don’t have one
you can purchase one here
STM32F429I-Discovery Kit (order code STM32F429I-DISCO). Please do NOT install the
STM32F429I-Discovery Kit until instructed. *The first 1,000 qualified attendees of Day 1 & 2
(US or Canada- attended by 12/3 5pm PST) will receive a Free STM32F429 Discovery Board
for the hands-on workshop sessions 3-5. Kits may also be purchased here
Ready to begin?
IAR Tool Installation
Download and install the time-limited license (30-day time-limited evaluation) version of EWARM 6.7
from here (note the Discovery board requires EWARM Version 6.6 or later, so if you already have an
earlier version of EWARM, we suggest you install EWARM 6.7 in a different directory for use in these
classes to protect your existing environment.)
When the download is complete double-click on the file EWARM-CD-6701-5794.exe to begin the IAR
installation. If this is the first time the IAR Tools are installed on this PC than the installer puts the
toolchain on the local hard disk in the C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.7
directory. However if you have an existing installation then you should change the directory to be
C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.7. Click through the default options and
accept the ‘license agreement’ when prompted. If you have a valid IAR license your new IDE will
select this license automatically. If this is the first time that you installed the IAR tools, you will be
prompted to register on the IAR website. If you are not prompted to
Open the License Manager from the information Center main
window by selecting: Help/License Manager.
Open the “Get Evaluation License” by selecting: License/Get
Evaluation license from the license manager.
Select the Register and you will be prompted to IAR
registration website
When you have registered you will receive an email asking to confirm your email address and then
you will receive your 30-day evaluation license. You may see a message asking if you wish to extract
‘IAR Library Source for ARM’. This is not needed for the hands-on workshop so you can click ‘no’.
When EWARM 6.7 has been installed and registered you may proceed to the next step.
ST-LINK/V2 Windows® Driver Installation
Important - the STM32F429I-Discovery board should be unplugged.
STM32F429I-Discovery includes an ST-Link/V2 embedded programming and debug tool. The USB
driver for the ST-Link/V2 can be found here in “Related Tools and Software.” Note: Please select the
correct ST-LINK/V2 USB driver for your operating system. There is one version for Windows 7, Vista
and XP and one version for Windows 8.
Once the correct ST-Link/V2 driver has been downloaded, right click on the file “stlink_v2_usbdriver.exe” (for Windows 7) OR “stlink_winusb_install.bat” (for Windows 8) and select
RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. Click through until the driver installation is complete.
Connect the Discovery Kit, Enable ST -Link
Using the USB cable, connect the mini-B male connector into the STM32F429I-Discovery USB port
at the top of the board (next to the ST Logo), and connect the USB A male connector into your
Wait for Windows to recognize the ST-Link device and follow any steps required to install the driver.
Upon successful driver recognition, the ST-Link device should be fully enumerated
in the Windows Device Manager as shown
If the ST-Link is not fully enumerated see the ST-Link driver troubleshooting section
at the end of this document.
Process check
ST-Link is recognized by your system.
 LD1 and LD2 (at top edge of board) should be ON and solid RED (indicating
board power available and ST-Link is functional).
 LD3 and/or LD4 should be blinking in this demo
 LCD should display an interactive demo that you can try by touching the on-screen icons
MicroXplorer Installation
MicroXplorer can be found here in the Get Software section
Quick steps to install and run MicroXplorer
 Double-click the MicroXplorer-Setup.exe file to launch the installation wizard that will guide
you through the installation steps.
 If you do not have an up to date version of the Java Runtime Environment the wizard
suggests that you download it and stops. You can get the latest version of the Java Runtime
Environment here. Restart the installation after the installation of Java.
 When the installation is successful, a MicroXplorer icon is displayed on your desktop and the
configuration files (.ioc files) are associated with it.
 From your desktop, double-click MicroXplorer shortcut.
Download the Hands-On Example Package
Download the package from here. Unzip the folder “…\STM32Seminar” to your root “c:\” folder
 C:\STM32Seminar\
Edit folder properties and remove ‘Read-only’ attribute for all sub-folders
Congratulations you are now ready for Session 3 in the Fundamentals of Microcontrollers
(MCUs): Hands-On Workshop!
Additional information and resources for the STM32F429I-Discovery Kit can be found here.
ST-Link Driver Trouble Shooting
Step #1
Open Device Manager
Right-click on the STM32
STLink Driver icon
“Update Driver Software”
Step #2
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers of my computer”
Click “Next”
Step #2a
The following screen might display a list of device types
If you see such a screen, scroll down and select the following:
o Universal Serial Bus Controllers
Click “Next” and proceed to the next step
Step #3
The “STMicroelectronics ST-Link dongle” should be listed
Click “Next”
Step #4
 A warning message may appear
 Select “Install this driver software anyway”
Step #5
 You should receive a message: “Windows has
successfully updated your driver software”
 Re-check device manager to ensure “STMicroelectronics
ST-Link dongle” is functioning normally
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