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Laser Notebook mouse with self-retracting cable
The new mouse from DICOTA, Store, has it all inside! The
special and practical trick: the USB receiver is located on the
bottom side, saving room and being safe during transport. The
self-retracting cable-function not only prevents knotted cables,
but also allows for easy adjustment of the perfect cable length.
With this mechanism, this nifty mouse unifies the advantages
of wired and wireless mice at the same time and makes it the
perfect companion for travelling.
Thanks to the resolution of 1600 dpi, Store is playing in the
highest technical league. An invisible laser beam replaces the
common LED sensor and samples the surface up to 20 times
more exact. This ensures precise control of the mouse cursor
and the mouse is operable on almost any kind of surface. Plug
& Play takes care of the installation and the mouse is ready for
use in an instant. The rubber coating on the sides of this
compact mouse makes for perfect handling during use and
underlines the futuristic design of this mouse.
- Embedded self-retracting USB cable
- Invisible laser sensor with 1600 dpi
- Rubber coating
- Plug & Play
- User manual
tecDat_ArtNr: D30100 (black/silver)
tecDat_Material: plastik/metall
tecDat_Weight: 0.07 kg / 0.15 lbs
tecDat_Dimension: 95 x 62 x 35 mm / 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.4 inch
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Phone: +44 (0)1189 785 074
FAX: +44 (0)1189 784 941
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