SUB 250
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• A powerful 8-inch driver with a 1.5-inch four-layer voice coil
• A BASH® amplifier for high efficiency, with low heat buildup
• A slotted port cabinet to reduce distortion and increase efficiency
SUB 250
A powerful sub makes any system more dynamic and entertaining. And that’s what the SUB 250
does. It is equipped with a powerful 8-inch long-throw woofer unit housed in a unique slotted port
cabinet with a BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 250 watts of peak power. The powerful
amplifier, increased cabinet size and ported design, make this subwoofer capable of delivering both a
higher sound pressure level (SPL) and a flat frequency response—all delivered, of course, with
maximum musical fidelity and a flat frequency response. The 8-inch driver features a 1.5-inch
four-layer voice coil. Heavy magnet systems feature a vented pole piece in order to avoid extremes in
pressure behind the dust cap (mechanical damping) when the cone is moving.
At the heart of this powerful subwoofer is a long-throw super driver, capable of moving large
amounts of air with incredible speed and precise control. The results - more power and performance
for fantastic movie effects and deep bass notes you feel as much as hear. The compact SUB 250 adds
strong, clear bass to any 2-channel or home theater system.
System Type
Slotted port
Woofer (mm/in)
203 / 8
Rated output (W)
Frequency Range (Hz)
30 - 150
Impedance (Ohm)
Weight (kg/lb)
13 / 28.7
Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)
325 x 267 x 469 / 12.8 x 10.5 x 18.5
Black or Dark Apple
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