powergorilla powerful rugged high tech 5v to 24v charger user guide

powergorilla powerful rugged high tech 5v to 24v charger user guide
5V TO 24V
to our world
From Antarctic to the Sahara, from Everest
to the Amazon, our products have been
used in some of the most remote and
hostile environments on the planet. They
are relied on by adventure travellers and
explorers alike to deliver power to essential
electronic equipment time after time. By
packing a Powertraveller portable charger,
you can give yourself the power to rise to
your next challenge.
powergorilla features
• Small & compact
Weighing only 700g the powergorilla is light and portable with no need to carry extra batteries.
• Technical terms
• Product contents
• powergorilla product compatibility
• Using powergorilla
Power up whenever, wherever. The powergorilla will give
you an extra 2 – 5 hours’ power, depending on your
laptop/notebook/netbook specification, and over 20 hours
on various other electronic devices. For example, if you
connect via the USB port you can recharge a standard mobile/cell phone fully up to 20 times.
Set up – charging the powergorilla
Turning ON/OFF
How to power your laptop/notebook/
netbook/camcorder/radio receiver
Charging 5v digital devices via USB
Permanent USB ON
Checking the charge levels
• Variable voltage
With one-touch button operation your powergorilla is
compatible with many devices and laptops/notebooks/netbooks.
Recharging the powergorilla
• Compact & stylish design
Sleek aluminium casing with shock resistant rubber protection strips.
• Compatibility chart
• Compatibility
The powergorilla is compatible with many portable
electronic devices making it a truly universal power solution.
powergorilla’s many safety features include output auto-lock; voltage limitation protection; current limitation
protection; short circuit protection; anti-discharge protection; over charging protection and over heat protection.
• Advanced Features
The powergorilla features an enhanced solar charging option and a permanent ‘USB ON’ option.
• powergorilla tips
Tip pack 1 and Tip pack 2
How do I connect the connection tip to the power cable?
• Specifications
• Approval certifications
• Product disposal instructions
• Troubleshooting
• Important general information
• Important safety precautions
Technical terms
Portable rechargeable battery pack
Term denoting power leaving a device
HD Lithium Polymer battery
The high energy rechargeable battery inside the powergorilla
Term denoting power entering a device
Gorilla Nuts – Tip pack 1
Powertraveller’s brand name for the connector tips for laptops/notebooks/
MP3/MP4 player
Device used for storing digital audio (MP3) and digital video (MP4)
Powertraveller’s brand name for the connector tips for all 5v devices
and tablets
Current limitation protection
Monkey Nuts – Tip pack 2
To prevent a large discharge of current damaging the internal battery of
the powergorilla
Direct current when charging the powergorilla
Short circuit protection
DC IN If earth/leakage is detected and a possible short is detected the
powergorilla will auto shut down
Direct current when powergorilla is charging a device
Anti-discharging protection
A milliampere hour is a unit of electrical charge per hour
When the powergorilla is connected to a device it will not allow the device
to discharge power in a reverse direction
Measurement of power needed to power a device i.e. 5 volts, 8.4 volts,
9.5 volts, 12 volts, 16 volts, 19 volts or 24 volts
Voltage limitation protection
A design to automatically maintain a constant voltage level
A transformer is a device that transfers AC electrical energy from one circuit
to another through inductively coupled electrical conductors with a DC output
(please refer to the 2nd image on page 8)
Universal Serial Bus. For many devices the USB has become the standard
connection method. USB uses standard 5 volts output
Apple MagSafe Airline Adaptor
Apple’s magnetic tip connector specifically designed/used for the MacBook/
MacBook Pro/MacBook Air. Please note the MagSafe adaptor is not supplied in
the powergorilla pack and can be purchased from www.apple.com. To run the
powergorilla with a Mac, simply plug the MagSafe adaptor into the 12v in-car
socket which comes with the powergorilla. Select 16v on the powergorilla – if
the LCD screen flickers on the powergorilla, please switch off and reselect 19v.
Product contents
Listed below are the contents of the powergorilla pack.
Please check and familiarise yourself with these and
the corresponding list and diagrams before using the
powergorilla product compatibility
• The following devices are all compatible with
• 12v car charger socket(8)
the powergorilla:
• User Manual
• Warranty Card
• powergorilla rechargeable battery pack(1)
• Black neoprene zip case with internal cable
storage pocket (2)
*Please note that tips are updated from time to time and
may not be correct at time of printing
• Fig 8 power lead (connection cable) (4) with 1 x UK,
1 x EU, 1 x US & 1 x AU interchangeable country
specific connector heads (5)
• Tip pack 1 for laptops/notebooks/netbooks/tablets –also
called ‘Gorilla Nuts’(6) Includes 15 tips: 8 tips* for
connecting to different laptops/notebooks
(male straight connectors) and 7 tips* for connecting the
AC/mains charger to the powergorilla (female right
angled connectors) and a 80cm connection cable. Each
tip is marked
help connecting your MacBook)
Smartphones with your sync/chargecablesupplied
• AC/mains transformer 16v(3)
• Tip pack 2 for mobile/cell phones – also called
‘Monkey Nuts’ (7)Includes 9 different tips each suitable
for different mobile/cell phones and other digital
devices and a retractable extension USB cable.
Each tip is labelled on the pack
(please contact [email protected] for
Tip pack 1
Tip pack 2
NOTE: Two devices can be charged and used simultaneously. For example you can be charging the powergorilla, ONLY using
your laptop’s own AC/mains and have it connected into a laptop/
notebook and charging your mobile phone via the USB port at the
same time. • If you use powergorilla with other devices not mentioned
above – please tell us! We welcome your feedback on
further compatibility.
Using powergorilla
Please read the following before using the powergorilla
Set up – Charging the powergorilla
• Unpack all contents of box and familiarise yourself with each item. Please refer to the contents section (page 6).
• Connect the 16v AC/mains adaptor (1) and Fig 8 lead
(2) together, choosing the correct interchangeable mains
head (3) for the appropriate AC/mains socket i.e. UK head for UK AC/mains socket.
• Connect the cable from the
transformer into the DC IN socket on
the top left of the powergorilla.
• Plug into the AC/mains socket and
turn power on.
• The powergorilla will turn on and
the blue LCD illuminates briefly.
The backlight will switch off to
conserve power.
• LCD screen shows the voltage input at 16v when using the
powergorilla’s 16v own AC/mains. It also shows the
charge left in the powergorilla by the vertical bar on
the right. This could be between three to four bars as
the powergorilla is pre-charged to approximate 60%. It
will provide you instant power.
• The vertical bars scroll left to right as the charging
commences. It is advisable to recharge the powergorilla
until all six bars become static which shows it is fully
charged. The powergorilla turns itself off the instant the
AC/mains charger is disconnected. However, the
powergorilla remains on while it is still connected. • You can also recharge the powergorilla with your laptop’s
own supplied AC/mains transformer. Please see page 9 –
Recharging the powergorilla.
• Turn the powergorilla on – see Turning ON/OFF
• When the powergorilla does not turn on, connect it to the AC/mains
charger to reset it.
NOTE: powergorilla can be recharged via the AC/mains transformer
supplied with your laptop/netbook – please see page 9 – Recharging the
Turning ON/OFF
• Press the black ON/OFF button on the powergorilla for 3 seconds
to activate.
•Once activated the blue LCD screen will illuminate and after a short
time the backlight will switch off to conserve power.
• To re-activate the backlight tap the black ON/OFF button.
•If not in use, after approximately 1 minute, the powergorilla will
automatically turn itself off.
• Hold the ON/OFF button to re-activate.
• To turn the powergorilla off, press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.
• When the powergorilla does not turn on, connect it to the AC/mains
charger to reset it.
How to power your laptop/notebook/netbook/camcorder/radio receiver
Ensure the AC/mains is disconnected from the powergorilla and that the
powergorilla remains switched-off while you follow these steps.
• Remove the 80cm connection cable from ‘Tip pack 1’ and select the
correct straight tip that is compatible with your laptop/netbook (please
refer to the compatibility chart on page 13).
• Connect the connection cable to the appropriate tip and insert into
your device.
• Connect the other end of the cable into the DC OUT of the powergorilla.
•Check the voltage your laptop/netbook requires, this can be found on
the transformer of the AC/mains adaptor or the user guide supplied with
your equipment.
Look for O/P: DC 16v –
voltage required is 16v
Lightly press the ON/OFF button to cycle through the
voltage options to match your device’s requirements.
The choices are 8.4v, 9.5v, 12v, 16v, 19v. and 24v. ‘88’
features enhanced solar charging and permanent
USB ON option.
The powergorilla will auto-save your last voltage setting
for your convenience, however, you must always
disconnect the powergorilla from your device before
turning the powergorilla back on and ensure the correct
voltage is still selected.
When charging your 8.4v device via the DC out port, you
may experience the powergorilla turning off prematurely.
This happens when the device is not drawing enough
power from the powergorilla and the powergorilla is not
able to detect the device is still attached so it shuts itself
off. Disconnect the cable from the DC OUT socket. Press
button to select DC output voltage until ‘88’ (see
Permanent USB ON) is displayed on the LCD screen, this
will lock into permanent ON. Connect your device to the
DC OUT. The powergorilla main DC out port will only
output 8.4v while this feature is enabled. You can now
charge your device.
When you finish charging/powering, turn off the
powergorilla by holding down on the ON/OFF button
for a few seconds and disconnect the cable. Or the
powergorilla will turn itself off when the device is
fully charged. Charging 5v digital devices via USB
The powergorilla will also power your iPad, iPhone, iPod, PDS,
MP3/MP4’s, hand-held gaming devices, sat-nav’s/GPS, smart
phones, mobile/cell phones and many other devices using the 5v
USB port.
Turn unit on via the ON/OFF black button.
Select the retractable USB cable tip from ‘Tip pack 2’
and connect the appropriate tip for your device.
Insert the USB into the USB port of the powergorilla.
The powergorilla will stop charging the device when
it is fully charged.
The USB port does not have a switchable voltage –
therefore you do not need to select the correct voltage as the
powergorilla will automatically recognise the standard USB
5 volts.
The powergorilla may turn itself off when charging a device
via the USB. Disconnect the cable from the USB port. Press
the button until ‘88’ is displayed on the LCD screen, this will
lock USB into permanent ON. Connect your device to the
USB port.
Permanent USB ON
• Disconnect all cables from the USB and DC out socket.
• Press on/off button repeatedly until the logo below is
displayed on the LCD screen.
‘88’ will appear on the LCD Screen
• The backlight will remain on while this feature is
enabled, you can simply press the on/off button again
to disable this feature.
• You may now connect your device to the USB port or
your 8.4v device to the main DC out port.
• The powergorilla main DC out port will only output
8.4v while this feature is enabled.
• To lock the voltage to prevent selecting the wrong voltage,
please leave the selected voltage for 30 seconds. The LCD
screen on the powergorilla will flash and voltage can only
be changed by turning the powergorilla off and on. The
powergorilla may also auto-detect when a device is
connected and lock the voltage.
• You can charge your device via the USB and DC OUT at
the same time. The DC will output 8.4v when the USB
permanent on feature is activated.
If you have any questions, please email
[email protected]
Checking the charge levels
• When the battery symbol in the middle (1) flashes, this
indicates that there is less than 10% power left in the
powergorilla. The battery symbol does not represent the
amount of power left.
• The level of charge remaining in your powergorilla is shown
by the vertical bars in the bottom right hand corner of the
blue LCD screen (2). A fully charged powergorilla will be
denoted by 6 solid vertical bars. As the 6 bar decreases,
available power decreases.
• The USB symbol (3) is permanently shown allowing
simultaneous charging of a laptop/notebook/netbook
and your USB 5v device.
• The true battery level of the powergorilla will be displayed
when the powergorilla is being recharged. When charging
a device such as a laptop from the powergorilla, the battery
level indicator will display the true amount of power available
for that device. If you connect an alternative device with
a lower power requirement, the level of available power
may increase.
Recharging the powergorilla
You can recharge the powergorilla via the AC/mains
transformer supplied, or the AC/mains transformer supplied
with your laptop/netbook. Supplied 16v AC/mains charger
• Connect the AC/mains transformer to the powergorilla
into the DC IN socket on the top left of the powergorilla.
• The blue LCD screen will illuminate and the vertical bars on
the bottom right increases as it is being charged.
• When the last 6th vertical bar is no longer flickering, this
means the powergorilla is fully charged.
• The powergorilla charges fully in approximately 5 hours.
The powergorilla will have a deeper cycle charge if left
connected longer (6-8 hours).
• Always disconnect AC/mains charger when powergorilla
is fully charged or not in use.
Your own laptop/netbook’s AC/mains adaptor
When charging the powergorilla from a third party AC/mains
charger, please ensure it is rated at 15v to 30v – any AC/mains
charger outside of this range will not be compatible and may
invalidate your warranty. The powergorilla will auto-detect
the voltage input from the mains charger used and display the
nearest voltage on the LCD screen (rounded up or down to the
nearest available voltage option: 16v, 19v, or 24v).
• Select the right angle tip from Tip pack 1 and connect
it to your laptop/netbook’s AC/mains adaptor.
• Insert the tip into the DC IN socket on the top left of
the powergorilla.
• Plug into the AC/mains socket and turn power on.
Charging will commence. Please see page 8 – Set up –
Charging the powergorilla for rest of the details.
• You can charge your powergorilla, and have it connected
to your laptop/notebook and also charging your mobile via
the USB port all at the same time. BUT you can only
charge the powergorilla with your laptop’s own AC/mains
chargers in order for this to work.
When powergorilla is connected to the mains by supplied
16v AC/mains charger and is also charging a notebook
simultaneously, the output voltage will be pre-determined by
the input voltage (e.g. In this case, if a 16v charger is used,
the powergorilla will only output 16v).
If your device requires lower voltage, disconnect from the mains
and continue charging the device with the powergorilla. If your
device requires higher voltage, you will need to use your laptop’s
AC/mains charger to charge the powergorilla and your device
at the same time. The powergorilla can also be charged from
the optional solargorilla solar panel and the 16v in-car charger
(both not included).
Solar Power
• The powergorilla can be charged via the sun using the
solargorilla solar panel (not included).
• The powergorilla is equipped with Maximum Power Point
Tracking (MPPT) technology. This maximises the solar
panels efficiency for any given weather condition and
protects the battery from over-charging or excessive
discharging. In low light conditions, this technology
improves efficiency by up to 60%.
• powergorilla will automatically detect when the
solargorilla solar charger is connected and the symbol
below will be displayed. This will disable the DC OUT port
and USB on the powergorilla. The internal circuits will also
turn off to improve charging efficiency and reduce charge
times from solar.
• Select the L52D tip and connect it to the 2m charging
cable both supplied with the solargorilla and insert the
tip into the DC IN of the powergorilla. Place the
solargorilla panel in the sun.
• For further information on the
solargorilla please visit
solargorilla charging powergorilla
powergorilla tips
Compatibility chart
• Only the “Gorilla Nuts” are to be used with the 80cm
connection cable. Please refer to the compatibility chart
on page 13 to choose the corresponding connector tip.
Tip pack 1
Tip pack 2
• The powergorilla connector tips are connectors to make
different devices compatible with powergorilla.
• There are two packs included with your powergorilla:
Tip pack 1 & Tip pack 2.
• You need to select the correct connector tip for the
appropriate device.
• All connector tips are clearly marked.
Tip pack 1 (“Gorilla Nuts’’)
• Selected tips for laptops/notebooks/netbooks are in
‘Tip pack 1’ and are clearly marked on the tip itself.
This pack includes 15 tips: tips for connecting to laptops/
notebooks/netbooks (8 male straight connectors) and tips
for connecting your notebook’s AC/mains charger to the
powergorilla (7 female right angled connectors). Also
includes a 80cm connecting cable.
• The straight tips are attached to the extension cable
which is then connected to the laptop/notebook and the
powergorilla DC OUT socket (1).
• The right angled tips are only used for charging the
powergorilla when using your laptop/notebook
manufacturer’s AC/mains adaptor and should be inserted
into the DC IN socket of the powergorilla (2).
Tip pack 2 (“Monkey Nuts’’)
• The tips for all other devices such as mobile/smart phones,
and other 5v digital devices are in ‘Tip pack 2’ and clearly
labelled on the pack.
• “Monkey Nuts” are to be used with the USB retractable cable.
Tip pack 1 – for laptop/notebook/netbook only
Notebook brands
Connector code
ASUS, Compaq, Trigem
L01D 4.75 x 1.7 mm
Acer, Winbook L51D 5.5 x 1.7 mm
Acer, ASUS, Compaq, DELL,
Epson, Fujitsu, Gateway,
Hitachi, HP, IBM, NEC,
Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba,
Twinhead, Viewsonic,
L53D 5.5 x 2.5 mm
Panasonic, Sony
L54D 6.5 x 4.5 mm
L61D 7.4 x 0.65 mm
IBM, Lenovo Thinkpad
L71D 7.9x5.5mm
Samsung, Sony L73D 5.5 x 3.3 mm
Acer, ASUS
L82D 2.315x1.0mm
Apple MacBook Pro &
MacBook Air Via 12V
car socket
Go to
for Magsafe details
How do I connect the connection tip to the power cable?
• Connect the correct connection tip to the universal power adaptor output cable, as shown in the image below.
NOTE: The most popular connector tips are included in the
powergorilla pack. Due to limited space we cannot include
all tips.
IMPORTANT: Please confirm voltage selection by referring to
your laptop/notebook/netbook user manual.
Tip pack 2 – for all other USB 5v digital devices
• Nokia & Mini Nokia, Samsung G600,
LG Chocolate and Sony Ericsson wide connectors
• Mini USB for Motorola V series, BlackBerrys, GPS
systems and Bluetooth headsets
• Micro USB for latest smart phones
• DC4.0 connector for original Sony PSP
• Connector tip for Nintendo DS Lite
To purchase more connector tips for digital devices
or need help to find the right tips – please refer to
www.powertraveller.com 13
Approval certifications
Aluminium housing with shock resistant rubber protection strips
215 x 130 x 17mm
8.4v, 9.5v, 12v, 16v, 19v, 24v & USB 5v
Operating temperatures
Between 0oC and 40oC
Voltage limitation, current limitation, short circuit, anti-discharge,
over charging, over heat
Charging options
16v AC/mains (included) or solargorilla or 16v in-car charger (both not included)
21,000 mAh
Compliance with :
AS/NZS 3112
AS/NZS 60321.1
Product disposal instructions
The symbol shown here and on the product means that the
product is classed as Electrical or Electronic Equipment and
should not be disposed with other household or commercial
waste at the end of its working life.
The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
Directive (2002/96/EC) has been put in place to recycle
products using best available recovery and recycling
techniques to minimise the impact on the environment, treat
any hazardous substances and avoid the increasing landfill.
Product disposal instructions for residential users
When you have no further use for it, please remove any
batteries and dispose of them and the product as per your
local authority’s recycling processes. For more information,
please contact your local authority or the retailer where the
product was purchased.
Product disposal instructions for business users
Business users should contact their suppliers and check the
terms and conditions of the purchase contract and ensure
that this product is not mixed with other commercial waste
for disposal.
Troubleshooting (Questions and Answers)
Q. Can
I use the powergorilla straight away without charging?
A.Yes, the powergorilla comes 60% pre-charged and
is ready to use straight out of the box.
Q. I have a Mac laptop/notebook. Is it compatible with
the powergorilla?
A:Yes, providing you have a MagSafe connector and use with
the in-car socket which comes with the powergorilla.
Q. What do the symbols on the LCD screen mean?
Battery indicator flashes indicating that
powergorilla requires charging. It does not
denote power left in powergorilla
Q. What are connector tips?
A. Connector
tips are attachments to make the powergorilla
compatible with various devices.
Q. Where can I buy a MagSafe?
A. www.apple.com
5v USB symbol
Q. What if I can’t find the right tip?
A. Please
refer to www.powertraveller.com – Tips/Adapters.
Lists are updated on a regular basis.
Q. Can I use my device while charging the powergorilla?
A. Yes, you can simultaneously charge and use a device at the
same time.
Selected output voltage or voltage input
is displayed
Q. Why does the powergorilla auto shut down?
A. This can be for various reasons:
1. Device is fully charged.
2.The powergorilla has run out of power and
needs recharging.
3. A safety feature has been activated.
4. Your device is not drawing enough power from
the powergorilla.
Q. How do I reset my powergorilla?
A:Connect to the AC/mains and switch on.
The blue LCD screen will reactivate.
Q. How
much extra time will the powergorilla give me on
my laptop?
A. Between 2 and 5 hours depending on the device’s
Q. How long does it take to charge the powergorilla?
A. Between 3 – 5 hours.
Q. Can I charge the powergorilla via the USB?
A. No, the USB uses a standard 5v which is not sufficient to
power or charge the powergorilla.
Bar indicator shows remaining charge
in powergorilla
Q.Does the powergorilla automatically recognise the voltage
my device requires?
A. No, you have to select the correct voltage before
connecting and turning your laptop/notebook on.
Q. How
do I know what voltage my device requires to make
it compatible with the powergorilla?
A. Check the output voltage specification on your AC/mains
transformer and the user manual provided with your device.
Q. What happens if I select the incorrect voltage?
A. The powergorilla will not work to its optimum performance.
Q.Which voltage should I use to charge my mobile/smart phone?
A. The USB 5v, via the USB port and retractable cable
(please refer to page 9).
Q. How do I charge my iPad/iPhone/iPod/iPod touch?
A. Connect the white sync cable supplied with your Apple
device into the USB port of the powergorilla.
Q. I have heard of the solargorilla. What is the solargorilla?
A.The solargorilla is a powerful solar panel capable of
charging the powergorilla and other devices. Perfect for
life on the go! For further information and to purchase,
please refer to www.powertraveller.com
Q. Why
is my laptop LCD screen flickering while the
powergorilla is connected?
A. This is because the power rating for the powergorilla
is lower than the laptop. You may need to change the
brightness settings on your laptop or turn the laptop off.
This will enable the powergorilla to charge the laptop.
Q. How do I charge the powergorilla with my laptop’s
AC/mains charger?
A. Please see page 10 – Recharging the powergorilla.
If you have any further queries that are not covered in this
manual, please email us at [email protected]
Important general information
WARNINGS: This manual contains important safety and operating
instructions for your powergorilla. Please read this section carefully to
reduce the risk of personal injury and pay attention to the following:
1. Please follow the procedures from the User Manual when setting up
the device.
2. The powergorilla is suitable for laptop/notebook/tablet PCs, iPad/
iPhone/iPod, some digital cameras, MP3/MP4’s, hand-held gaming
devices, mobile/smart phones, PDA’s, sat nav/GPS and other digital
devices. Please refer to www.powergorilla.com for updated added
3. Only use the powergorilla authentic tips provided in the pack.
Using other manufacturer’s accessories may result in the risk of
fire or damage to the unit or associated products invalidating the
user warranty.
To purchase or replace connector tips, please visit
4. The tips are uniquely designed. If a tip does not fit in the appropriate
socket, then this indicates that a mismatch has occurred. Please refer
to the User Manual. Do not force the tip into the device as it may
damage both the power adaptor and the device.
5. If the LCD screen flashes constantly, the powergorilla has entered
a “safe protection” mode. The powergorilla enters this mode
when your laptop requires a higher voltage input than the specified
voltage on the powergorilla. The powergorilla will not charge your
laptop whilst in the safe protection mode. If this occurs, switch the
Important safety precautions
powergorilla off and disconnect it from the laptop. Turn the powergorilla
back on, select a lower voltage than your laptop normally requires (e.g.
if your laptop requires 24v, select 19v) and reconnect to your laptop.
Charging will then commence at the lower voltage. You should note that
charging at a lower voltage will take longer.
6. How powergorilla IPMS works: What is IPMS? IPMS stands for
Intelligent Power Management System. This system regulates the power
output drawn from the powergorilla.
How does IPMS work? powergorilla’s maximum output power is 65
watts. Some laptops have power outputs of up to 90 watts so the
powergorilla would not be able to provide enough wattage to recharge
the laptop. powergorilla works at optimum performance when the
wattage being drawn from it matches the power requirement of the
laptop. This is where IPMS comes in.
When the powergorilla is connected to the laptop, IPMS automatically
detects the output current the laptop requires and adjusts it in accordance
with the powergorilla’s power output. Charging will then commence at
the lower voltage. You should note that charging at a lower voltage will
increase charging times slightly.
7. If you encounter a problem whilst charging your laptop with the
powergorilla, this may be due to the wattage requirement of your laptop.
If your laptop requires over 60 watts, it is advisable to remove the internal
battery of the laptop, re-connect the powergorilla, switch it on and then
start your laptop in the normal way. powergorilla will work as an external
battery giving prolonged use whilst you’re away from a mains socket.
Please refer to the instructions on page 8 – “using powergorilla”.
Although the product incorporates a multiple-protection circuit, to be
absolutely certain of its safe use, please note the following:
Avoid placing product in direct sunlight. Avoid operating in an
environment exceeding +40oC to prevent activation of the
temperature shut down over heat protection circuit.
Avoid operating in temperatures below 0oC to ensure optimum
performance. However the powergorilla can still be used in sub-zero
conditions but to a lesser efficiency.
Avoid operating in wet/high moisture conditions.
Do not open the device or make any attempt to disassemble or
modify the device as this will invalidate the warranty/guarantee. This
may also result in the risk of fire, personal injury or damage to
personal property. Please refer to the user guide for full operating
The warranty/guarantee will be invalidated if the product is
damaged due to water/liquid, fire or impact.
Keep out of the reach of children at all times. Small parts can
cause choking if swallowed.
The powergorilla has been designed with rubber mounts to lift
the underbody 1mm from the surface. For optimal temperature
regulation and for personal safety do not cover or smother the
The information contained in this user manual is, to the best
of our knowledge, true and accurate at the time of publication and is
provided for information purposes only. Powertraveller accepts no
liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of use or reliance on
this information.
Fully remove from the neoprene zip case before using.
Do not operate this power adaptor with damaged input or
output cables or connectors.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
For help looking after your powergorilla, please refer to the
'How to car for your Powertraveller battery' leaflet in the box.
NEVER use 3rd party AC mains chargers. Only use AC charger
provided with the powergorilla.
4 Delta Park, Wilsom Road
Alton, Hampshire
GU34 2RQ, UK
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