Risk Assessment (kitchen Equipment) - Wrenthorpe Pre

Risk Assessment (kitchen Equipment) - Wrenthorpe Pre
Risk factor
Comment /Action in place to reduce risk/ maintain low
All appliances:
kettle, toaster, iron,
cooker, water boiler,
microwave oven
Electric shock
All appliances:
kettle, toaster, iron,
cooker, water boiler,
microwave oven
Portable appliances tested annually
Staff alert for any damage and aware of need to stop
using appliances if faulty and report to manager/deputy
Faulty equipment to be removed if possible or clearly
labelled if not
Cooker and boiler professionally fitted
Heat sensor in kitchen sets off fire alarms if excessive
heat detected.
Fire blanket available if fire breaks out
Portable appliances tested annually
Food cooking in oven or microwave is enclosed.
Food cooking in toaster is self-contained
Crumb tray in toaster emptied at end of session to avoid
debris catching fire and creating smoke
Thermostatic cut out mechanism on kettle, toaster, hob
Kettle to be checked to ensure adequate water level
before being switched on
Kettle to be switched off at wall socket at night
Iron to be unplugged straight after use.
Hob /oven to be switched off at mains after use
Label put on hob if it is still warm
No items to be put on hob while it is cooling
Hob has automatic switch-off if not set using controls.
No items to be left on hob when premises not in use
All staff
Staff in kitchen
Staff using kettle
Staff using iron
Staff in kitchen
Staff in kitchen
Manager/ deputy
All appliances
General harm to
Burns or scalds
Fridges and freezers checked regularly and if necessary
defrosted to avoid overloading. Done once a year
Kitchen door closed when no adults in so children
cannot enter unless under supervision
When in use kettle to be:
-kept away from edge of work top
-kept where there is space so people do not have to
reach across it. (preferably next to draining board)
-used carefully and not overfilled
-only used if wall boiler not available/suitable
-emptied before any children enter the kitchen
If boiling water poured into sink, cold water added at
Microwave oven
Staff take care when using toaster , avoid putting fingers
in slot, and turn off at mains before removing food
which is stuck
Toaster is kept on a low to medium setting
Warm up facility used rather than re- toasting food
Smokey fumes
Low /medium Toaster attended by a member of staff when in use
causing smoke /heat
Toaster used at low to medium setting setting.
detector to set off
Crumb tray cleaned out after use to prevent debris
fire alarm
building up
Extractor fan turned on when in use
Burns and scalds
Follow heating guidelines to prevent :
i) food overheating and so causing burns when eaten or
ii) possibly food exploding (eg potatoes) and scattering
hot food which could cause burns
Smokey fumes
Low/medium Keep food covered so it does not leave debris inside the
/domestic assistant
All staff
All persons using
Staff supervising
Staff in kitchen
Staff in kitchen
Staff in kitchen
Person using
microwave oven
Person using
causing smoke /heat
detector to set off
fire alarm
Main oven
Burns and scalds
Smokey fumes
causing smoke /heat
detector to set off
fire alarm
Tripping over open
oven door
Burns and scalds
Wall water boiler
Smokey fumes
causing smoke /heat
detector to set off
fire alarm
microwave oven which could burn when microwave is
used later
Wipe inside of microwave to remove splashes after use.
Staff take care and use oven gloves when handling hot
A space is cleared for food being lifted out of oven
before opening oven door
Oven used on ‘grill’ only occasionally and extra care
taken with hot items and to prevent people touching hot
Kitchen door closed and extractor fan on when in use
Food checked at frequent intervals
microwave oven
Person using oven
Staff in kitchen
Low/medium Oven door open only long enough to remove or attend to Person using oven
food inside and not left open
After use hob turned off at mains
Staff in kitchen
When in use no items to be placed on top of the hob.
Staff inform others if they are using the hob
Notice provided to put near hob after use to say rings
are still hot
Automatic cut out if no heat setting selected
Instruction book is in kitchen drawer
Staff shown how controls work
If possible rear rings used.
Check food frequently to ensure it is not burning
Staff preparing
Cups to be held close to boiler tap as boiling water may
splash out and may drip afterwards.
Person drawing
Physical damage
[email protected]
Iron to be switched off and unplugged at mains
immediately after use
When cooling, iron to be left on back of work surface or
office floor where people will not lean against it
Iron stored in low cupboard after use.
Person using iron.
Staff putting iron
Full Kitchen Appliance Risk Assessment
Risk low to medium
Kettle,when not in use unplug,when in use,make sure there is enough water in,as it can boil,and burn out the kettle.
Iron- when iron is not being used,always unplug,as if it is left on,there is the risk of someone reaching past it,and getting burnt.
Boiler- when getting water from boiler,particularly for a drink,keep the cup as close to the boiler ad you can,as it drips,and the boiling water can burn you,or so
done near you if it splashes
Hob- when in use,keep all items clear of the hob nothing to be put anywhere near a ring as can burn,or melt things,when the hob is turned off still do not put
Nything on,as the hob is cooling down,so can still potentially do some damage.
Oven- when oven is in use,keep in attendance,also,put on the extractor fan to keep all heat / smoke free,also keep the kitchen door closed,as much as is possible,as
this is a fire door,and if smoke goes out of the door it will get to the smoke alarm.if baking,keep regular checks,as buns/ biscuits/ cakes,soon burn,and that will set
off the alarm,if doing pizzas,keep regular checks,as they too soon burn.once the oven isn't in use,turn off both at the switch,and in the cupboard,as if cooker is left
on at power,someone may knock a switch,and turn hob,or oven on,and somebody,or something could get burnt.
Toaster- full risk assessment for toaster is in place,separate from this assessment,but briefly,never leave the toaster unattended,and clean after use,keep button
low,and unplug after use.
Microwave- if you are eating things up in the microwave keep to the heating guidelines,as if you put a small dish of food in,for a few minutes,when you take it
out,it is boiling,and can explode,and potentially,you can get burnt,and if the food is too hot,the child eating it,or you,would get burnt,don't put food in uncovered,as
when it heats up,it will explode all over the microwave,which will dry,and unless cleaned immediately,as it should be,will burn,when next used.then turn
microwave off at the end of use.
Risk- medium down to low
Kettle- fill as required,so it doesn't go dry,and unplug after use,
Iron- once you have used the iron,immediately unplug,stand in a safe place to cool down,then once cold,putit away.
Boiler- when getting a hot drink,put cup right up to the spout of the boiler,so the water all goes in the cup,and stop pouring,then take the cup away,so you,or
anyone else doesn't get dripped on.
Hob- when hob in use,make other staff,aware you are using the hob,then if they go into the kitchen for anything,they automatically don't put anything on the hot
surface.when the hob is finished with,a notice will be put by the hob to say the hob is cooling down,so beware.chen
Oven- when baking,or cooking,please attend to the oven at all times,check the food at regular intervals,keep to the cooking guidelines,so you are not
overheating,and won't burn,or smoke.keep the kitchen door shut as much as possible during cooking as then no smoke will get out of the kitchen,and set off the
alarm.when you have been using the oven,let other staff know,then they are aware,of the heat from the oven when they go in the kitchen.when finished using the
oven,turn it off in the cupboard,so that if any switches get caught,the oven/ hob won't come on.
Toaster- attend whilst in use,switch off and clean at the end of use,see toaster risk assessment
Microwave- always use microwaveable dishes in the microwave,keep on a low heat,and keep food covered,that is being heated up,to eliminate exploding food,and
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