The new generation of screen based Cash

The new generation of screen based Cash
By the numbers
PLU's as standard
PLU code
PLU Description
Method of payment types
Preset Tender Keys
Price levels
Keyboard Menu's
IRC network
14 digit random
22 Characters
32 (15 on keyboard)
25 (Euro ready)
8 terminals
By the numbers
Printer - Receipt & Journal
Operator display
Customer display
Kitchen printer option
Power consumption
Net weight
128 buttons
EPSON 45mm, 3 lines per sec
8 line LCD
12 digit numeric x 1 line
405 (w) x 423 (d) x 285 (h)
400 mA / 200 mA
Uniwell Systems (UK) Ltd
Greenbank Technology Park
Challenge Way
Lancs BB1 5US
T. 01254 503810
F. 01254 503801
E. [email protected]
The new generation of screen based Cash Registers
Reseller Name
Programming Utility PLM2000
Sales Reporting / stock control EPOS Office
Cash Registers
O/R 42932 LX5600 Leaflet (UK)
Cash control
Simple Business Control
The LX5600 has been designed as a high quality
cash register that is feature rich yet very economical.
With a flat keyboard and clerk interrupt facility the
LX5600 is ideally suited for use in pubs, bars, café,
takeaways, bakery and retail scanning outlets.
With 877 PLU's as standard, 12,319 PLU's
maximum, 3 menu levels and 2 price levels you can
be sure that you won't easily run out of capacity. In
addition there are 3 modifier buttons that allow a
product to be sold in 4 different sizes e.g. regular,
small, medium and large.
The LX5600 comes with a numeric pop up customer
display, heavy duty receipt plus journal printer
(45mm wide) and an integral
cash drawer.
O/R 42932 LX5600 Leaflet (UK)
At the end of each shift the financial report clearly identifies
the value of money that has been taken by each method of
payment - this is used to reconcile against the actual cash in
Sales Analysis
The LX5600 allows you to monitor your sales mix, products can
be linked to 10 main groups (Wet, Dry etc) and 64 sub groups
(Bottle Beer, Draught Beer, Spirits etc).
In addition products can be linked to a further 25 groups
which could be used to track product sales by supplier.
Operator Analysis
Individual operator performance (up to 32) can be
monitored allowing you to keep an eye on the most
productive staff and those making the most "mistakes".
Up to 4 commission rates can be used providing
managers with a way of giving incentives to operators.
Stock Control
Stock control comes as standard allowing you to enter
an opening stock level. The stock report shows you what
your current stock position is, this can be compared to a
physical count thus highlighting any shortfall.
With an optional scanner attached,
the LX5600 has the facility to register
bar-coded items.
Two % adjustment buttons
allow you to run in house
promotions and even a
simple customer loyalty scheme. The adjustment feature
allows you to give a customer a preset % discount of
pre selected items.
Automate end of day routines
End of shift/day routines can be simplified by using one
of the 4 arrangement buttons which allow you to setup a
macro to automate key sequences.
All reports, programming options and sensitive operations
are available under key lock control.
Simple food ordering
In a pre payment food operation an order number or table
number can be entered with a transaction, orders can be
sent to kitchen printers with different products being printed
on different kitchen printers. Up to 4 kitchen printers can
be used e.g. starters, mains, drinks.
System Features
The LX5600 comes network ready, it can be connected with
up to 7 other terminals providing consolidated reporting
across the entire system. In addition the LX5600 is also PC
ready and can be connected to back office PC for simplified
programming and reporting.
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