Olympia ECR 466 T/F

Olympia ECR 466 T/F
Cash Register, ECR 466 T/F
Retail/Gastronomy versions
2-station drop-in thermal printer, 57mm, 10
lines/second, receipt printer with cutter
full stroke keyboard with 52 keys or flat keyboard with
90 keys
plus 2 additional levels each with 46 keys
Clerk display: LCD matrix display 160 x 80 dots
Customer display: 10-digit, numeric, pivoting,
16 clerks via fixed keys
2 x 20 departments, 4500 PLUs, 18-character alpha text
Overlapping clerk function (e.g. for bakery)
Changing clerk function (e.g. for hairdresser)
8 tax rates, daily/monthly financial report
Department report from/to, PLU report from/to
Various fonts available for selection, logo graphical logo
Programmable header and footer texts (7/5 lines)
Electronic journal
Manager compulsion and training function
Detailed reports
2x RS 232 ports (PC, scanner, gastronomy version, kitchen printer),
Online functions: Electronic journal, financial report, sales PLU, open tracks
Options: Dallas lock, PC program Metal cash drawer with 4 bank note and 8 coin trays
Online functions: Electronic journal, financial report, sales PLU
Options: Dallas lock, PC program
Gastronomy version, additional features
50 track (table) memory and all the typical requirements made of a gastronomy cash register such as
splitting, track transfer, business receipt, waiter accounting, etc.
Order ticket system
30 group selection keys
Kitchen printer
Trainee waiter/waitress
2011-03-10 15:41
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