T1000 Series 1-3kVA UPSMON PRO User Guide

T1000 Series 1-3kVA UPSMON PRO User Guide
120V 1-3kVA
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September 2016
Using UPSMON-PRO Monitoring Software
With this UPS monitoring software, you can:
Get UPS connection from serial port or USB port
Monitor UPS status, battery capacity, output voltage, load level, etc.
Record and review historical UPS events
Record and review UPS information by line chart
Set up countdown seconds between power failure - OS shutdown / OS shutdown - UPS Off
Set up e-mail notification (ex: power outages, low battery, disconnect, etc.)
Set up UPS features (ex: silence, battery test, no load shutdown, outlets control, etc.)
Share UPS status to the other UPSMON-PRO (Multi-Windows / Linux )
Start web portal for remote monitoring
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: We strongly recommend you log in as administrator to install UPSMON-PRO
Opening UPSMON-PRO Monitoring Software
To start the software:
• Double-click the UPSMON PRO icon
in the system tray
• Click Start button - choose All Programs – UPSMON PRO
Connecting UPS
To start the connection:
• Click on the ‘Connect’ button from the left Menu options
• Choose the interface for UPSMON PRO to connect to the UPS: USB Port (a) / COM Port (b) /
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
UPSMON-PRO buttons and indicators
• Button : Current Status
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
AC Utility Power / Battery Power
Power supplied
Supplied (V)
Output voltage from the UPS outlets
ON-Line / Bypass / Normal
The percentage of remaining capacity
Battery Status Normal / Testing / Failed
UPS Load
The percentage of the UPS load
Estimated battery remaining minutes for discharging
Power Source : Utility Normal Power and the battery is charging
Power Source : Utility Power Failed and the battery is discharging
Battery Capacity : 100% full and healthy
Battery Capacity : 75% full
Battery Capacity : 50% remains
Battery Capacity : 25 % and battery capacity is almost exhausted
Load Level : Balance load
Load Level : Half percent load
Load Level: Full load
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
Setting up Shutdown Configuration
Once the power failure occurs, it helps you to automatically shut down Windows and
the UPS:
Button: Run Time
2. (a) Shutdown Type
2. 1 Hibernate: power-saving state and puts your open documents and programs on your hard disk
2. 2 Shutdown: completely close the procedures and save your programs to the hard disk
2. 3 None: no action for the Operating System
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: In Windows 2003 and XP ==> You also have to enable the hibernate in Power Options
Properties to support OS Hibernate
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. (b) "Power Failure Windows Shutdown Delay": after this period of time, the OS starts to
shutdown - (1)
4. (c) "Battery limited capacity shutdown": once the battery is declining to this level, the OS
starts to shutdown - (1)
5. (d) "Low battery shutdown": if the status of the battery is declining to low level, the OS
immediately shuts down - (1)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If any one of the (1) item-conditions is fulfilled, UPSMON PRO will execute shutdown /
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
6. (e) "Execute Command File" : when the (1) seconds runs out, it will activate the chosen
6.1 "Time to Execute Command File (sec)": your command will have this amount of time to
run/execute then UPSMON PRO will start OS shutdown
7. (f) "UPS shutdown Delay": this duration is gives time for PC shutdown as shown in the below
figure - (2)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: The total time span between power failure, PC shutdown, and UPS OFF/Shutdown
depends on UPS load and the battery capacity, etc.
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
Checking Event List
Displays all UPS events which have taken place
• Button: Historical Event
Checking Data Graph
1. Button: Record Viewer
2. Records and actively shows UPS information : I/P Voltage, I/P Frequency, O/P Voltage,
and Battery
3. Calendar view for checking Historical Events (a)
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
Configure E-mail notification feature
Supplies an active E-Mail notification
1. Button: Notification
2. Enable this function
3. Enter your SMTP Mail server's information ( ex : SMTP Server, User name, Port,
Authentication, Sender's mail, Receiver's mail)
4. With Mail Test button, it can check your mail configuration and connection
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: This feature requires your e-mail account support SMTP Server
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
UPS Control
Battery Test / Green Mode / Silence / Outlet Control
1. Battery Test : It is important to perform UPS self-tests to assure that the UPS and batteries
are working properly to protect your PC and connected peripheral devices
10 Seconds Test : the UPS output will change to exhaust the battery power for a brief period
Test For Specified Time Period (Min) : exhaust the battery capacity for this period of time
Test Until Battery Low : exhaust the battery capacity to battery low condition
Cancel Test : Stop battery testing
2. Green Mode
Green Mode ON : Once the blackout occurs and load is low, the UPS automatically turns off
Green Mode OFF : UPS will sustain power to its limit
3. Silence
Click the button : Enable Power Failure UPS Sound Control
Sound ON : beeps when power failure occurs
Sound OFF : keeps silent even if power failure occurs
Sound OFF : UPS has a specific time span to stop beeping
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
Multi Outlets Control
1. Button: Multi - Outlets
2. Turn ON/OFF the outlets power directly
3. Set up the UPS-Outlet shutdown sequence for blackout condition
--------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: This feature requires the specific UPS to support
Multi OS Connect
The UPSMON-PRO can function as both Host or Client
The PC who physically connects to UPS via RS232/USB functions as Host
Host can share the UPS status to the other Clients
Ex : (Host's PC IP address)
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
2. UPSMON-PRO Client
Via Internet / Intranet and UPSMON-PRO Host
All other PCs connect to UPSMON-PRO Host
UPSMON-PRO Clients can do any behavior like Host (Ex : Shutdown Client-PC)
Choose UPSMON-PRO with Host IP address
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
Status of the UPS:
3. UPSMON-PRO-for-Linux Client
Via the Internet / Intranet and UPSMON-PRO Host
Other PCs connect to UPSMON-PRO Host
Execute the UPSMON-PRO-for-Linux application : ./upsmon
Choose UPSMON-PRO with Host IP address
UPSMON: Start Monitor ==> Connection is successful
You can check the UPS status with X-Windows by executing display application : ./display
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: Mutually network connection is necessary for this function
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
UPS Schedule
Allows for automatic UPS OFF / ON / Battery self-test
1. Button: Schedule
2. Recurrence & Occurrences : Once / Daily / Weekly / Monthly
3. Event : UPS shutdown / UPS start / Battery Test
4. If you set up the UPS shutdown, all the other UPSMON PRO-Clients will execute OS
shutdown earlier 30 seconds than UPSMON-Host
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: The time of UPS shutdown must be earlier than UPS start
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. You can check the last UPS schedule for the current status
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
<EX> UPS down time: 2016 / 8 / 30 20:00 ---- UPS start time: 2016 / 8 / 31 06 : 00
1. 2016/8/30 -- 19 : 59 : 30 ==> Pop up 30 seconds count down message
2016/8/30 -- 19 : 59 : 30 ==> All the other UPSMON-PRO Clients start to shutdown OS
2. 2016/8/30 -- 20 : 00 : 00 ==> UPSMON-PRO Host start to shutdown OS
3. After "(f) UPS shutdown Delay" minutes ==> UPS stops supplying power
4. 2016/8/31 -- 06 : 00 : 00 ==> UPS starts to supply power
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
UPS Web Portal
Remotely monitoring the UPS via browser:
1. Button: Connect
2. (a) Enable Web Server UPSMON Function
3. IP Address: Make sure this Windows has an IP address (ex :
(b) Port : 8000 default
5. (c) Default User Name : UPSMON
6. (d) Default Password : UPSMON
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: This feature requires your Windows have a connectable IP address
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
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Printed in the U.S.A.
UPSMON PRO User Guide 96449-000
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