Solo 8 - The HoverCam

Solo 8 - The HoverCam
Finally, a Document Camera Designed for Easy Use With
Interactive Whiteboards – Introducing The HoverCam Solo 8
We often get approached by teachers at education
technology trade shows around the country, asking us
how to connect their document cameras to their interactive
whiteboards. Often times, teachers admit their frustration
leads them to leave their document camera in a closet.
Unfortunately, with many traditional document cameras, the
proper connectivity needed to communicate with interactive
whiteboards is lacking. And while many traditional document
camera manufacturers have added USB connectivity to
their products, their video performance over USB is either
unacceptably slow, low-resolution or both.
The HoverCam represents a whole new perspective in
document camera design. From its initial conception, the
HoverCam was designed to work with both PCs and Macs
via a USB cable, just as an IWB connects to the computer
via USB. The HoverCam is a computer peripheral without
unnecessary AV connections that add cost and size. For
many school principals and district IT directors, knowing
that HoverCams are USB document cameras is a major
advantage because this allows for easy connection and
use with IWBs. Moreover, with HoverCam’s innovative
design and advanced patented technology – which uses
a high-resolution sensor instead of bulky, expensive
optics – teachers benefit from clearer images and
smooth video at significantly less cost and size than
traditional document cameras.
HoverCam document cameras are ready for use with
interactive whiteboards right out of the box and include
HoverCam Flex software, which is also compatible
with IWB software.
Teachers can easily import HoverCam images into IWB
software four ways:
• Drag-and-drop any captured image
from HoverCam’s software window
into the IWB software.
• Utilize HoverCam’s Slingshot
feature which will allow an image
being shown by the HoverCam to
be captured and inserted into the
IWB software with just one click
without having to leave the IWB
• Utilize HoverCam’s Whiteboard
Connector app to allow the
HoverCam’s live streaming video
to be displayed within the IWB
• Use the IWB software’s
transparency feature to display HoverCam’s live
video image inside the IWB without installation of
any additional software, app or driver.
It’s easy to connect a HoverCam to any computer for
use with any IWB, and best of all, the new HoverCam
Solo 8 delivers clearer images over USB than any other
document camera costing less than $3,000 with its
true 8-megapixel resolution and full-motion, 30 frames
per second video. To learn more please visit
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