TD230 system
The Lenovo® ThinkServer® TD230
The ThinkServer TD230 is an affordable dual-socket tower server that delivers great value.
It is ideal for branch / remote offices and growing enterprises that are looking for a powerful
server, flexible enough to run most line-of-business applications.
Powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® platform, the ThinkServer TD230 supports up to 12
processor cores and offers up to 60% faster performance than legacy servers.
However, all that power does not mean you will pay more in energy costs. The TD230
features power supplies that are over 90% efficient and the servers are ENERGY STAR® 1.0
compliant which can save up to hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. The TD230
offers a great balance in up front value, reduced total cost of ownership and provides for
future expansion. With dual-sockets, up to 32GB memory and up to 10TB of storage, the
TD230 is ready to grow with you.
The TD230 also sets a new bar for out-of-box experience. Setting up your new TD230
can be as easy as 2 clicks of your mouse and the TD230 comes standard with remote
management, giving you access to your server from any location.
With superior manageability tools, reliable hardware features, industry-leading green attributes
and cost-effective backup solutions, the TD230 is a smart choice for businesses and Managed
Service Providers (MSPs), looking for a complete server solution at an affordable price.
Impressive Features
High Performance
The TD230 is designed to perform today and tomorrow featuring the latest Intel® based
technology and expansion to meet your most demanding needs.
• Extreme Processing Power
Built on the latest Intel® Xeon® platform with up to 12 cores, the TD230 is up to 60%
faster than previous generation servers and provides optimum computing power required
for increasingly demanding applications
• Enhanced Memory
With 8 memory slots providing up to 32GB scalable memory, the TD230 provides your
systems with horsepower to run even the most advanced application
• Remote Management
The TD230 offers management functions for easy installation, easy deployment as well
as remote management (standard on select models) ensuring you have access to your
server from any location
• Scalable Storage
The TD230 provides up to 5 TB of scalable storage with up to 5 drives cabled or 4 drives
hot swap in either low cost SATA or high performance SAS configurations
• Embedded RAID
To protect your data and optimize storage utilization, the TD230 offers advanced RAID
built in to every model ensuring your data is always protected
• Easy Installation
The TD230 easily integrates with Lenovo’s ThinkVantage® Technologies and supports a
2-click rapid deployment feature using the EasyStartup tool
• Fantastic value for a 2 processor tower
server, starting at $779
• TCO savings hundreds of dollars per
year with Energy Star® 1.0 compliance
• Unmatched experience with software
tools and remote management
• Continuing the Lenovo reliability
standard from the same company that
brought you ThinkPad
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TD230 system
Caring for the Environment
The TD230 is one of the greenest tower servers in the market today. With the
TD230, you can save on energy costs while being environmentally responsible.
• Reduced Energy Costs:
The TD230 is ENERGY STAR® for Servers 1.0 qualified. Besides giving you
the satisfaction of owning one of the greenest tower servers, the TD230 also
helps you save hundreds of dollars annually on energy costs
• Reduced Noise:
The TD230’s whisper-quiet operation allows you the flexibility to operate the
server anywhere in the office
• Reduced Carbon Footprint:
With more than 90% power efficiency rating (Climate Savers® Computing
Silver rating), the TD230 further reduces energy costs, while minimizing your
overall carbon footprint
Ideal solutions for Managed Service Providers
Whether it is a large scale deployment or a custom one that requires
myriad tools and processes, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has
to overcome various technical challenges while maintaining acceptable
operating margins.
The TD230 has been designed with these challenges in mind. With the
TD230, MSPs have the following benefits:
• All-in-one:
With flexibility to meet low cost or performance based solutions,
low cost backup solutions, simplified remote management and
highly efficient power supplies the TD230 can handle virtually any
installation configuration
• Reduced Management Costs:
By using the TD230, you can reduce your management cost with
our suite of simple to use management tools, including remote
management which comes standard on select models. Lenovo has
also partnered with industry-leading management console providers to
ensure the TD230 seamlessly integrates into their environment
• Lower Backup Costs:
With the easy to deploy RDX backup solutions that feature Data
Deduplication technology built-in, it’s simple to deploy low cost, highly
effective backup solutions
Ideal solution for Enterprises
The TD230 appeals to a wide range of customers given its great value,
flexibility of features and simplicity of management.
• Education solutions for Web Applications:
With up to 12 cores, the TD230 delivers uninterrupted performance for
web applications and streaming media. Perfect for e-learning solutions
• Remote / Small Office Server:
With prices starting at $779, the TD230 provides incredible value
while providing key features like optimized remote management*,
hot swap storage and advanced data protection
• Retail solution for POS and Kiosk:
The TD230 provides enough horsepower to handle most any
retail POS application, while running whisper quiet to minimize
noise interference
• Select applications or solutions:
File/print, small or medium e-mail server, small database or single
application server
Base Warranty
• 1-year onsite
• 3-year onsite
Warranty Extensions and Product Support
• ThinkPlus Priority Support consolidated HW/SW support
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority Support
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority with Hard Disk Drive Retention
• 3/5-year 9x5 Onsite Next Business Day (NBD)
• 3/5-year Hard Disk Drive Retention
• 4-hour onsite service response upgrades available via special bid in
select locations
Up and Running Solution Bundles
ThinkPlus® Productivity includes:
• 3-year ThinkPlus Priority Support
• One-time server hardware installation service
• One-time online training – ThinkServer fundamentals
• Lenovo Professional Services – migration, security, continuity
* Select Models
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TD230 system
The Lenovo® ThinkServer® TD230 Specifications
• Intel Xeon 5500 series
»» Intel® Xeon® E5503
»» Intel® Xeon® E5506
»» Intel® Xeon® E5507
• Intel® 5500+ ICH10R
Form Factor
• 2P Tower
• 1333Mhz DDR3 Registered RDIMMs (ECC)
• 8 slots (32GB Max)
I/O Slots
• Dual Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
Storage Bays
• 4 x 3.5” SAS/SATA hot swap
• 5 x 3.5” SAS/SATA Direct Connect
• SATA RAID 0, 1, 10 (chipset)
• SATA RAID 5 key (chipset, optional)
• SAS/SATA 0, 1, 5, 10 (HW)
Optical Drives
I/O Ports
• 6 x USB 2.0 (2 front and 4 rear)
• 1 x Serial port (rear)
• 1 x VGA connector (rear)
• iBMC standard
• Web Remote Management capable
• 625W Fixed
• ENERGY STAR® for servers 1.0 qualified
• Intel® Xeon® 5600 series
»» Intel® Xeon® E5603
»» Intel® Xeon® E5606
»» Intel® Xeon® E5607
»» Intel® Xeon® E5645
»» Intel® Xeon® E5649
»» Intel® Xeon® X5672
»» Intel® Xeon® X5675
»» Intel® Xeon® E5620
»» Intel® Xeon® E5630
»» Intel® Xeon® E5640
»» Intel® Xeon® X5650
»» Intel® Xeon® X5660
»» Intel® Xeon® X5667
»» Intel® Xeon® X5670
»» Intel® Xeon® L5609
Genuine Windows Server® 2008 Standard Edition R2
Genuine Windows Server® 2008 Enterprise Edition R2
Genuine Windows Server® Small Business Server 2008 Standard (SP2)
Genuine Windows Server® Small Business Server 2008 Premium (SP2)
Novell® SUSE® 11
Red Hat® REHL® 5
VMWare® vSphere™ 4.0
2 x PCIe x8
1 x PCIe x8 (x4 electric)
1 x PCIe x4
1 x PCI 32-bit / 33MHz
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TD230 system
The Lenovo® thinkServer® TD230 Options
Hard Disk Drives
Intel® Xeon® Processors
Intel® Xeon® E5603 Processor Kit
Intel® Xeon® E5606 Processor Kit
Intel® Xeon® E5607 Processor Kit
Intel® Xeon® E5645 Processor Kit
ThinkServer SATA Hard Drives –
enterprise-class reliability
67Y1393 Lenovo PRO/1000 PT Dual Port
Ethernet Adapter
ThinkServer SAS Hard Drives – performance
RAID options
ThinkServer RAID Options
67Y2643 ThinkServer 9240-8i RAID 5 Upgrade Key
67Y2622 ThinkServer 9240-8i RAID Adapter
ThinkServer 250GB 7.2K 3.5” SATA Hard Drive (HS/DC)
ThinkServer 500GB 7.2K 3.5” SATA Hard Drive (HS/DC)
ThinkServer 1TB 7.2K 3.5” SATA Hard Drive (HS/DC)
ThinkServer 2TB 7.2K 3.5” SATA Hard Drive
ThinkServer 300GB SAS 15K 6Gbps Hard Drive (HS)
ThinkServer 450GB SAS 15K 6Gbps Hard Drive (HS)
ThinkServer 600GB SAS 15K 6Gbps Hard Drive
RDX Backup – leveraging Data Deduplication for
efficient backup
Lenovo 160GB Internal USB Bundle
Lenovo 160GB Data Cartridge
Lenovo 320GB Internal USB Bundle
Lenovo 320GB Data Cartridge
Lenovo 500GB Internal USB Bundle
Lenovo 500GB Data Cartridge
Remote Management
ThinkServer DDR3 Memory – performance,
low cost
67Y1432 ThinkServer 2GB DDR3 – 1333MHz (2Rx8)
67Y1433 ThinkServer 4GB DDR3 – 1333MHz (2Rx4)
ThinkServer Remote Management
67Y1461 ThinkServer Remote Management Module v3
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