ibi 92000 ib ma_gel_in cast your own system

ibi 92000 ib ma_gel_in cast your own system
1B92000 IBI Ma GELeIn Universal Cast-Your-Own System
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The NEW Ма* GEL: In is truly a versatile protein system designed to
accommodate today's researcher. This system will allow you to cast
your own gels using the 10 cm x 10 cm glass plates and easy-to-use
casting system, or if you prefer to use 8 cm x 10 cm precast gels, the
Ma*GEL:In will accommodate those as well. This versatility comes
from the specially designed (patent pending) gel capture system that
allows you to run precast gels in an 8 x 10 cm format or cast-your-own
glass plates in a 10 cm x 10 cm format. The Ma*GEL-In also utilizes
the patented, IBI vented lid design, to reduce heat buildup during the
gel run,
Casting your own gels: The 1B92000 comes with three sets of glass
plates and a 2-place casting system for casting your own gels. The 2-
place casting system (IB92100) has a very small footprint (10 cm x 15
cm), utilizing minimal space on the counter. The glass plates are held
together using neoprene spacers. Once assembled, the glass
sandwich is placed in the casting system, and the lid is mounted to the
top of the casting system. The gel can now be cast through the
opening in the lid. Once the gel has polymerized, the glass
sandwiches can be removed from the casting system, placed in the
gel capture unit, and set into the buffer tank. Quick and simple!
Pre-Cast gels: Using the same gel capture unit, 8 cm x 10 cm precast
polyacrylamide gels can be inserted, locked in place, and set into the
buffer tank. The Ma*GEL¢In will accommodate various brands of pre-
cast gels. The 1B92000 is an all-inclusive, easy-to-use, protein
electrophoresis system designed for years of continuous use.
"Discover what Ma GEL+In can do for you!"
The tank holds a minimum of 350 ml of buffer. For longer runs,
the tank can be filled to a maximum of 850 mi, A stir bar can be
placed in the tank to recirculate the buffer to keep the ionic
concentration constant.
The tank includes a patented vented lid to further reduce heat buildup
during the gel run.
A. Unit and Accessories
Catalog # Description
1892000 Ma-GEL-eIn Universal Protein Cast-Your-Own
* System includes center support, buffer tank, vented lid, casting
system, three inner and three outer glass plates, two sets of
0.8 mm side spacers, two 0.8 mm x 15 tooth combs, power cords,
and manual.
B. Specifications
* Inner gel support : Molded ABS —
» Clamp assemblies: Molded polycarbonate
« Buffer chamber: 3g" acrylic
* Gaskets: | Extruded silicone
* Shipping weight: 2.2 Kg
* Overall size: 17 em (L) x 17 cm (W) x 18 cm (H)
* Gel size: 8 cm (L) x 10 em (W)
or 10 cm (L) x 10 cm (W)
The 1B92000 comes with a patented vented lid. Patent # 5779,869.
(800) 253-4942
Buffer Tank o >, Patented Vented
Glass Plates
Gel Capture |
with spacers
"Discover what Ma*GEL*In can do for you!”
Accessories and Replacement Parts:
Catalog # Description
1850500 Replacement Power Cords |
1892010 Inner Glass Plate, Set of 5 (Notched)
192020 Outer Glass Plate, Set of 5
1B92025 0.8 Spacer Set (2 Spacers)
1892040 Replacement Tank.
1892050 Replacement Gel Capture Device
1892060 Replacement Lid
1892070 Replacement Gaskets, Casting System, 2 Each
1892071 Replacement Thumb Screws, 2 Each
1892072 Replacement Tank Connector Kit
1892100 Protein Casting System, 2 Place
1392200 Protein Casting System, 8 Place
1895000 Western Transfer Module
A. Unit and Accessories
Ma*GEL+In Universal Protein Casting System
Catalog #
The Mä-GEL-In Universal Protein Casting System for handcast gels
has an easy-cast feature for foolproof casting. The system includes
the UPS system and a casting system for two gels with two 10 cm x
10 cm glass plate sets, two 0.8 mm spacer sets, and two 0.8 mm x 15
tooth combs. The casting system makes casting your gel easy and
foolproof. The side spacers fit onto the glass plates, making a perfect
seal. The fixture compresses the glass plate spacer set to complete
the seal.
Catalog # Comb Description Well Width Sample Volume
Per mm Gel
1892030 0.8 mm x 10 tooth 586mm 28.13 |
1892031 0.8 mm x 12 tooth 422mm 20.26 ul
1892032 0.8 mm x 15 tooth 3.38mm 16.22 ul
1892033 0.8 mm x 1 sample 70 mm 336 pi
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