Color Duplex High-Volume
Production Scanner
Small design and high performance for
production scanning efficiency
The ideal blend of features and performance to
maximize scanning productivity
• Fast, 130 ppm (simplex) / 260 ipm (duplex) scanning
in monochrome or color (letter, landscape @ 300 dpi)
• Space-saving design with quiet operation and
many environmental friendly qualities
• Easy to use operator panel with multilanguage support
• Triple Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection with Intelligent MultiFeed Function and retain image feature
• 500-page automatic document feeder with adjustable height hopper
• Drastically reduce document preparation and produce outstanding image quality with VRS® 4.5 Professional
• Full suite of bundled software and industry-leading third party interoperability
• Maintain optimal up-time and peak performance with Fujitsu service and support
Technical Specifications
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional, Microsoft® Windows® XP
(32bit/64bit), Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003/2008 (32bit/64bit), MiDesigned with the entire scanning process in mind, the
crosoft® Windows Vista® (32bit/64bit) VRS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000
operating systems
Fujitsu fi-6800 includes a wide range of features specifically
Professional, Microsoft® Windows® XP(32bit), Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Business/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), Microsoft® Windows® 7
created to enhance productivity and maximize efficiency.
ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) + Manual feed
Scanner type
Simplex / Duplex, Color/Grayscale/Monochrome
Scanning modes
A pleasant user experience
Color CCD (Charge-coupled device) x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Image sensor type
Devices that are easy to use and offer users a comfortable experience
White LED array
leads to more and better quality work. The fi-6800 offers many features Light source
which allow scan operators to easily configure settings based on their
Document size ADF maximum A3 (297 x 420mm or 12 x 17in.) long paper scanning: 3048mm (120in.)
ADF minimum A8 portrait (52 x 74mm or 2 x 3in.)
individual preferences such as language, alarm sound/volume and
Less than A5 size: 0.050mm to 0.25mm (41 to 209g/m2, or 11 to 56lb)
others directly from the front operator panel.
A4 to A5 size: 0.025mm to 0.25mm (20 to 209g/m2, or 5.4 to 56lb)
Paper weight (Thickness)
Over A4 size: 0.050mm to 0.25mm (41 to 209g/m2, or 11 to 56lb)
• Intuitive LCD operator panel
− Multilanguage, Alarm Sound, Volume, Contrast and more
Simplex: 130ppm (200, 300dpi), Duplex: 260ipm (200, 300dpi)3
1 Grayscale
• Space-saving design and quiet operation for office environments
Scanning landscape
Simplex: 130ppm (200, 300dpi), Duplex: 260ipm (200, 300dpi)
• Independently adjustable side input guides
• Large capacity 500 page automatic document feeder
Simplex: 100ppm (200, 300dpi), Duplex: 200ipm (200, 300dpi)
Simplex: 100ppm (200, 300dpi), Duplex: 200ipm (200, 300dpi)
Scanning performance
500 sheets (A4: 80g/m2 or 20lb) (Active loadable ADF)
The fi-6800 can maintain rated speeds at up to 300 dpi to increase
60,000 sheets/day
Expected daily volume
reading accuracy for OCR or Bar Code applications where more dots
White / Black (Selectable)
Background colors
per inch is preferable. Additionally, commonly used advanced VRS
Optical resolution
features such as automatic orientation and intelligent blank page
Color (24bit)
deletion can be utilized to increase automation without a sacrifice in
50 to 600dpi (adjustable by 1dpi increments)
Output resolution5 Grayscale (8bit)
scanning speed.
(With VRS) 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400dpi
Monochrome (1bit)
• 130 ppm/260 ipm in monochrome or color up to 300 dpi (landscape)
Color: 24bit, 8bit (8bit and 4bit with driver)
Output format
• Rated-speed scanning with advanced VRS features enabled1
Grayscale: 8bit (4bit with driver), Monochrome: 1bit
• Automatic intelligent image correction for decreased document preparation
1024 levels (10bit)
AD convertor
− Auto orientation, auto color detection, intelligent blank page detection,
Ultra SCSI, USB2.0, With CGA board: VRS Ultra Wide SCSI,VRS USB2.0
Interface 6, 7
Ultra SCSI: Shield type 50pin (pin type), USB: B type
background smoothing
Connector shape
With CGA Board: Ultra Wide SCSI: Shield type 68pin (pin type), USB: B type
• Document Protection to prevent damage to documents
SCSI terminator
• Excellent paper feeding of mixed documents of various sizes, shapes and colors
Dither / Error diffusion
Image processing (half-tone)
AC 100V to 240V ±10%
Batch scanning efficiency
Operating: 200W or less (Sleep mode: less than 4W 8 )
In addition to fast scanning speeds, the fi-6800 includes many scanning Power consumption
Temperature: 15 to 35ºC (59 to 95ºF), Relative humidity: 20 to 80%
Operating environment
tools in both hardware and software to improve the batch scanning
process. The fi-6800 even provides efficiency after documents have
9 460 x 430 x 310mm (18.1 x 16.9 x 12.2in.)
Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height
been scanned with an Imprinter option to print a physical string on
Installation space : 860 x 1630 x 350 mm (33.8 x 64.1 x 13.7in.)
documents and an Active Stacker feature which controls paper speed
70.5 lbs. (32kg)
exiting the scanner to keep documents neat and orderly.
TWAIN, ISISTM, ScandAll PRO with Scan to Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe
Acrobat Standard, QuickScan ProTM. (Trial), Image Processing software,
Included software / drivers
• Reduce or eliminate rescanning with Automatic Image Quality Checker2
Kofax® VRS® Professional
• Patch Code and Barcode job separation with flexible file naming schema
• Batch counter and Document Counting on front operator panel
The full-color portrait positive FSC bug is preferred, althoughYesother
(Standard) versions
ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensor x3 with Intelligent
• Active Stacker keeps documents neat and orderly in the exit tray
Multi-feed detection
MultiFeed Function
2 for a variety of reproductions.
In most typical scenarios. ScandAll PRO with ISIS or TWAIN only.
Long paper scanning11 3048mm (120in.)
AC cable, USB cable, Setup DVD-ROM, Adobe® Acrobat® DVD-ROM,
Included items
About Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
QuickScanTM Pro brochure
19 mm
Fujitsu Computer
Products of America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fujitsu
Part Number
Ltd., is an established leader in the Document
1. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times. 2. JPEG compressed figures.
FSC Imaging
label -industry,
delivering innovative scanning solutions and services that enable
3. Duplex (with VRS): 260ipm(200dpi), 250ipm(300dpi) 4. Maximum capacity varies, depending upon paper thickness.
5. Maximum output resolutions may vary, depending upon the size of the area being scanned and whether the scanner is scanour customers to solve critical business -productivity
issues and
Must be placed
at a minimum
width of 19 mm.
ning in simplex or duplex. 6. You cannot use both SCSI and USB 2.0 interfaces at the same time. 7. You cannot connect multiple
streamline operations. We provide cutting-edge document capture
to the(shown
scanner using
each type
of interface
cables at the
time. 8. Without CGA board interface and imprinter.
in grey)
and workflow solutions for business and personal environments,
9. Excluding the ADF hopper. 10. PFU Limited, a Fujitsu company, has determined that this product meets RoHS requirements
(2005/95/EC). 11. Capable of scanning documents that exceed A4 sheets in length. However, the scanning of documents
backed by a comprehensive portfolio of service and support programs.
863mm (34in.) in length will be limited to using 300dpi or less.
- The surrounding border isthatnot
- Label must be in black, white or green. Background may be in any color.
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
1250 East Arques Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085-4701
(800) 626-4686 (408) 746-7000
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