Otterbox | SAM4-I8000-20-C5OTR_A | Datasheet | Otterbox Samsung Omnia II i8000 Commuter Series Case

Samsung Omnia II i8000
OtterBox SAM4-i8000
Sleek and tough protection
The OtterBox Commuter Series is a perfect on-the-go accessory
for everyday handheld technology. Safeguarding the screen from
scratches and the corners from bumps and shocks, this style case
offers unique design with reliable strength.
ƒƒ OtterBox SAM4-i8000 accommodates
Samsung Omnia II i8000 smartphones
ƒƒ Layer 1: Self-adhering clear protective film
(cleaning cloth and installation card included)
ƒƒ Layer 2: Durable silicone mid-layer
ƒƒ Layer 3: One piece custom molded polycarbonate shell
ƒƒ Access to all side button features
ƒƒ Silicone plugs allow access to all ports
ƒƒ Open access to camera and flash
Environmental Protection
Case provides added protection against bump and shock. Case is
NOT protected against water.
Additional Information
Black WEIGHT: 0.853 oz / 24.19 g
DIMENSIONS: 4.81 in x 2.64 in x 0.67 in
122.05 mm x 67.03 mm x 17.13 mm
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