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Philips BeNear
Cordless phone with
answering machine
Glossy White
Bringing people closer
through superior sound
The 2000 series provides you superior sound to bring you closer to your loved ones even
when you cannot be together. With Philips, using cordless phones has never been so
Experience superior sound quality
• MySound: Personal Sound Profiles
• Handset speakerphone - Talk handsfree
Benefit from pure convenience
• 4.57 cm (1.8") display with amber backlight
• Caller ID- see who is calling
• 100-name phonebook
• Up to 15 hours talk time
Never miss a message
• Direct access answering machine on base and via handset
• Up to 30 minutes recording time
Save Energy
• EcoMode: reduced power consumption between handset and base
• Low power consumption: < 0.65 W in stand-by mode
Cordless phone with answering machine
2000-series Glossy White
Sound Profile: Mysound
Volume control on handset
Ringtones on handset: 10 polyphonic
Display size: 1.8"
Backlight color: Amber
Display Type: FSTN
• Auto Registration
• Multi base capability: 1
• Multi handset capability: Up to 5
Memory Capacity
• Phonebook: 100 names and numbers
• Phonebook: 50 entries
• Redial List Capacity: 20
Answering Machine
Plug & Play answering machine
Recording time capacity: Up to 30 minutes
Answering machine control: base & handset
Loud speaker on base
Date / Time display
Alarm Clock
Up to 15 hrs talk time
Up to 220 hrs standby time
Base Station keys: Paging key
Battery charge indication
Charge time: 8 hours
Signal strength indication
Call Management: Call Waiting, Caller ID,
Microphone mute, Missed Calls, Received Calls
• Illuminated keypad
• Key tone on/off
Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Battery type: AAA NiMH Rechargeable
Mains power: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz
Power Consumption: < 0.65 W
• Transmission encryption : Yes
Network Features
• Compatible: GAP
SAR Value
• Philips handsets: < 0.1 W/kg
Eco Design
• EcoMode: automatic and manual
• Base dimensions: 102 x 79.5 x 108.4
• Handset dimensions: 164.5 x 27.5 x 46.1
Issue date 2011-05-09
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12 NC: 8670 000 69555
EAN: 87 12581 57001 9
MySound: Personal Sound Profiles allows you to pick
the sound profile that fits in any situation to give you
the best calling experience.
Handset speakerphone
Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to
amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak
and listen during a call without holding the phone to
your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share
the call with others or simply multitask.
Low power consumption:< 0.65 W
Philips phones are energy efficient and are designed
to be respectful to the environment. Now the power
consumed in stand-by mode is less than < 0.65 W.
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