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+ Major Roads of Europe
CD x 2
Country details
NL The Netherlands
Detailed street
House numbers
Postal code
~100 %
~100 %
~100 %
~100 %
~100 %
~100 %
Product Highlights
Q Experience the ~100 % detailed
street network for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can
drive carefree all the way.
Q Starting at your home and arriving
at your exact destination. ~100 %
of the population of Benelux can be
reached by house number selection.
Additional information
Points of Interest
~183 000
Major Roads of Europe
extra CD
A, AND, B, CH, CZ, D, DK, E, F, FIN, FL, GB,
GBZ, I, IRL, L, MC, N, NL, P, PL, RSM, S, V
Q Enjoy local knowledge everywhere you go. Count on more than
~183 000 Points of Interests (POI)
such as restaurants, car parks and
petrol stations.
Detailed street
Major Roads of
Q Updated official TMC code list for
the Netherlands improves dynamic
route guidance. It will guide you
safely to your destination through
road works and traffic jams.*
Q Reach further: major roads in all 24
countries available on one extra CD.
Q Locate your destination faster. You’ll
be able to find your destination
simply by inserting a postal code or
even quicker by entering the street
name directly.
Tele Atlas is unique in being
certified to the ISO/TS 16949
standard for its map quality.
VDO Dayton: MS 3100 • MS 4000 • MS 4050 • MS 4100 • MS 4200 • MS 5000 • MS 5100 •
MS 6000 and other VDO Dayton compatible non C-IQ systems (BMW, Renault, Opel and
)3/43 "52%!5 6%2)4!3
*Availability depends on the navigation system
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