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Secure Remote Access Series
Enable mobile and remote worker productivity while protecting from threats
The proliferation of mobile devices in
the workplace has increased the
demand for secure access to missioncritical applications, data and resources.
Granting that access offers important
productivity benefits to the organization,
but introduces significant risks as well.
For example, an unauthorized person
might access company resources using a
lost or stolen device; an employee’s mobile
device might act as a conduit to infect the
network with malware; or corporate data
might be intercepted over third-party
wireless networks. Also, loss of business
data stored on devices can occur if rogue
personal apps or unauthorized users gain
access to that data.
Securing these devices is becoming
increasingly difficult, as organizations
may no longer influence device selection
or control device management.
Organizations must implement solutions
that safeguard access to ensure only
authorized users and devices that meet
security policy are granted network
access and that company data in-flight
and at rest on the device are secure.
Unfortunately, this often involves
complex multi-box solutions from
multiple vendors and adds significantly
to the total cost of ownership behind
providing mobile access. Organizations
are looking for easy-to-use, costeffective and secure mobile access
solutions that address the needs of their
increasingly mobile workforces.
The Dell™ SonicWALL™ Secure Remote
Access (SRA) Series provides mobile and
remote workers using smartphones,
tablets or laptops —whether managed or
unmanaged BYOD —with fast, easy,
policy-enforced access to missioncritical applications, data and resources
without compromising security.
For mobile devices, the solution includes
the intuitive SonicWALL Mobile Connect™
application that provides iOS, Android,
Kindle Fire, Windows, and Mac OSX
devices secure access to allowed
network resources, including shared
folders, client-server applications,
intranet sites and email.
Users and IT administrators can
download the SonicWALL Mobile
Connect application via the Apple App
Store, Google Play and the Kindle store.
New with Windows 8.1, Windows tablets
and laptops ship pre-installed with the
Mobile Connect application. For PCs and
laptops, including Windows®, Mac OS
and Linux® computers, the solution
supports clientless, secure browser
access and thin-client VPN access.
To protect from rogue access and
malware, the SRA Series appliance
connects only authorized users and
trusted devices to permitted resources.
When integrated with a Dell SonicWALL
next-generation firewall as a Clean
VPN™, the combined solution delivers
centralized access control, malware
protection, application control and
content filtering. The multi-layered
protection of Dell SonicWALL Clean
VPN™ decrypts and decontaminates all
authorized SSL VPN traffic before it
enters the network environment.
• Cross-platform support for increased mobile worker productivity
• Single access gateway to all network resources; mobile app, clientless or web-delivered clients work to lower IT overhead and TCO
• Common user experience across all operating systems facilitates ease of use from any endpoint
• Mobile Connect app for iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Mac OSX offers mobile device ease of use
• Context aware authentication ensures only authorized users and trusted mobile devices are granted access
• One-click Secure Intranet File
Browse and On-Device Data
• Adaptive addressing and routing deploys appropriate access methods and security levels
• Setup wizard makes deployment easy
• Efficient object-based policy
management of all users, groups, resources and devices
• Web application firewall enables PCI compliance
Cross-platform support—SRA can be
deployed across a wide range of
environments and devices, including
smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops
and kiosks for both managed and
unmanaged devices. Dell SonicWALL
SRA makes your users more productive
by providing easy access to email, files,
applications and more from popular
devices including iOS and Android
smartphones and tablets; Windows 8.1
tablets and laptops; and Mac OS®,
Windows and Linux computers.
Single access gateway; mobile app,
clientless or web-delivered clients—
SRA lowers IT costs by enabling network
managers to easily deploy and manage a
single secure access gateway that
extends remote access via SSL VPN for
both internal and external users to all
network resources —including webbased, client/server, host-based and
back-connect applications like VoIP.
SRAs are either clientless with browser
access to the customizable SRA
Workplace portable or use mobile apps
or lightweight web-delivered clients,
reducing management overhead and
support calls. Administrators have even
greater control over portal access,
content and design with the Dell
SonicWALL WorkPlace Portal.
Common user experience across all
operating systems—SRA technology
provides transparent access to network
resources from any network environment
or device. An SRA provides a single
gateway for smartphone, tablet, laptop
and desktop access and a common user
experience across all operating systems
— including Windows, Mac OS, iOS,
Android, Kindle and Linux — from
managed or unmanaged devices.
SonicWALL Mobile Connect app—
SonicWALL Mobile Connect™ app for
iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Kindle and
Windows 8.1 mobile devices provides
users with easy, network-level access to
corporate and academic resources over
encrypted SSL VPN connections. Mobile
Connect is easily downloadable from the
Apple App StoreSM ,Google Play or Kindle
stores and embedded with Windows 8.1
Context awareness—Access to the
corporate network is granted only after
the user has been authenticated and
mobile device integrity has been verified.
Protects data at rest on mobile
devices—Authenticated users can
securely browse and view allowed
intranet file shares and files from within
the Mobile Connect app. Administrators
can establish and enforce mobile
application management policy.
Adaptive addressing and routing—
Adaptive addressing and routing
dynamically adapts to networks,
eliminating addressing and routing
conflicts common with other solutions.
Dell SonicWALL setup wizard—All SRAs
are easy to set up and deploy in just
minutes. The set-up wizard provides
an easy, intuitive “out-of-the-box”
experience with rapid installation and
Unified Policy—Dell SonicWALL SRA
Unified Policy offers easy, object-based
policy management of all users, groups,
resources and devices while enforcing
granular control based on both user
authentication and endpoint
Dell SonicWALL SRA Series for SMB
– anytime, anywhere access
Simple, secure mobile access to
The SRA Series for SMB can be used to
provide Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux,
Android and Kindle users with access to
a broad range of resources.
Granular access to authorized users
The SRA Series for SMB extends secure
mobile and remote access beyond
managed employees to unmanaged
mobile and remote employees, partners,
and customers by employing policyenforced fine-grained access controls.
Employee on
corporate laptop
in hotel
Employee on
Employee at
Files and
Not controlled
and managed by
IT department
Tightly controlled
and managed by
IT department
Corporate LAN
Employee on
home computer
Dell SonicWALL SRA
at corporate network
Other servers
Citrix PresentationServers™
(ICA) and Microsoft Terminal
Context-aware authentication
Best-in-class, context-aware
authentication grants access only to
trusted devices and authorized users.
Mobile devices are interrogated for
essential security information such as
jailbreak or root status, device ID,
certificate status and OS versions prior
to granting access. Laptops and PCs are
also interrogated for the presence or
absence of security software, client
certificates, and device ID. Devices that
do not meet policy requirements are not
allowed network access and the user is
notified of non-compliance.
Protection of data at rest on
mobile devices
Authenticated Mobile Connect users can
securely browse and view allowed
intranet file shares and files from within
the Mobile Connect app. Administrators
can establish and enforce mobile
application management policy for the
Mobile Connect app to control whether
files viewed can be opened in other apps
(iOS7 only), copied to the clipboard,
printed or cached securely within the
Mobile Connect app. For iOS7 devices,
this allows administrators to isolate
business data from personal data stored
on the device and reduces the risk of
data loss. In addition, if the user’s
credentials are revoked, content stored
in the Mobile Connect app is locked and
can no longer be accessed or viewed.
Clean VPN
When deployed with a Dell SonicWALL
next-generation firewall, Mobile
Connect establishes a Clean VPN™, an
extra layer of protection that decrypts
and scans all SSL VPN traffic for malware
before it enters the network.
Web Application Firewall and PCI
The Dell SonicWALL Web Application
Firewall Service offers businesses a
complete, affordable, well integrated
compliance solution for web-based
applications that is easy to manage and
deploy. It supports OWASP Top Ten and
PCI DSS compliance, providing
protection against injection and crosssite scripting attacks (XSS), credit card
and Social Security number theft, cookie
tampering and cross-site request forgery
(CSRF). Dynamic signature updates and
custom rules protect against known and
unknown vulnerabilities. Web
Application Firewall can detect
sophisticated web-based attacks and
protect web applications (including SSL
VPN portals), deny access upon
detecting web application malware, and
redirect users to an explanatory error
page. It provides an easy-to-deploy
offering with advanced statistics and
reporting options for meeting
compliance mandates.
web portal
Corporate LAN
3 Files and
Dell SonicWALL
SRA Appliance
SSL traffic
Remote user
1 Incoming HTTPS traffic is seamlessly
forwarded by the Dell SonicWALL NSA or
TZ Series firewall to the Dell SonicWALL
SRA appliance, which decrypts and
authenticates network traffic.
2 Users are authenticated using the
onboard database or through third-party
authentication methods such as LDAP,
Simple to manage
SRA Series solutions feature Unified
Policy and an intuitive web-based
management interface that offers
context-sensitive help to enhance
usability. In addition, multiple products
can be centrally managed using the Dell
SonicWALL Global Management System
(GMS 4.0+). Resource access via the
products can be effortlessly monitored
using the Dell SonicWALL Analyzer
reporting tool.
Dell SonicWALL
Unified threat
Active Directory, Radius, Dell Quest
Defender and other two-factor
authentication solutions.
3 A personalized web portal provides
access to only those resources that the
user is authorized to view based on
company policies.
XenApp and
or local
4 To create a Clean VPN environment,
traffic is passed through to the NSA or
TZ Series firewall (running Gateway
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion
Prevention, and Application Intelligence
and Control), where it is fully inspected
for viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and
other sophisticated threats.
Dell SonicWALL SRA for SMB Series
SRA 1600
Concurrent user license:
Secure Virtual Assist technicians:
User capacity*: Recommended for organizations with 50 or
fewer employees
Starts with 5 concurrent users. Additional user licenses available in 5 and 10 user increments.
30-day trial-included/10-concurrent
technicians maximum
SRA 4600
Concurrent user license:
Secure Virtual Assist technicians: User capacity*:
Recommended for organizations with 250 or fewer employees
Starts with 25 users. Additional user licences are available in 10, 25 and 100 user increments.
30-day trial-included/25-concurrent
technicians maximum
Maximum allowable
Meeting participants:
SRA Virtual Appliance
Concurrent user license:
Secure Virtual Assist technicians: User capacity*:
Maximum allowable
Meeting participants:
Recommended for organizations of any size
User licenses available in 5, 10, and 25 user increments
30-day trial-included/25-concurrent
technicians maximum
Unified policy
Yes. Also supports policies which have multiple
AD groups
Detailed logging in an easy-to-read format,
Syslog supported email alerts
Single-arm modeYes
Dell SonicWALL Secure
Virtual Assist or Secure
Virtual Access
(licensed together)
Connection to remote PC, chat, FTP, session recording and diagnostic tools
Secure Virtual Meeting** Instantly brings meeting participants together securely and cost-effectively
IPv6 supportBasic
Load balancing
HTTP/HTTPS load balancing with failover. Mechanisms include weighted requests, weighted traffic, least requests
High Availability
SRA 4600 only
Web Application FirewallYes
End Point Control (EPC)
Botnet filteringYes
Citrix (ICA), HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, Telnet, RDP,
VNC, Windows® file sharing (Windows SMB/CIFS), OWA 2003/2007/2010
Any TCP/IP based application: ICMP, VoIP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, etc.
ARC4 (128), MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384,
SSLv3, TLSv1, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, 3DES (168, 256), AES (256), RSA, DHE
Dell Quest Defender, other two-factor authentication solutions, One-time Passwords, Internal user database, RADIUS, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory
RDP support
Yes. Terminal Server farm (JAVA client only) and Remote Application support (Active-X only included), HTML5
Multiple domain supportYes
Multiple portal supportYes
Fine grain access control At the user, user group and network resource level
Session security
Inactivity timeouts prevent unauthorized use
of inactive sessions
Self-signed with editable common name and
and imported from third parties
Optional client certificates supported
Cache cleaner
Configurable. Upon logout all cached downloads, cookies and URLs downloaded through the SSL tunnel are erased from the remote computer
Client device operating
systems supported
Mobile Connect
All operating systems
Windows 2003, 2008, XP/Vista (32-bit and
64-bit), 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), 8 (32-bit and 64-
bit), Mac OS 10.4+, Linux Fedora Core 3+ / Ubuntu 7+ / OpenSUSE, Linux 64-bit
iOS 4.2 and higher, OS X 10.9 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher, Kindle Fire running Android 4.0 and higher and Windows 8.1
Web browsers supported Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari
Personalized portal
The remote user sees only those resources
that the administrator has granted access to
based on company policy
Web GUI (HTTP, HTTPS), Send syslog and heartbeat messages to GMS (4.0 and higher) SNMP Support
Usage monitoring
Graphical monitoring of memory, CPU, users and bandwidth usage
SRA 1600 additional users
(50 user maximum)
Add 5 Concurrent users 01-SSC-7138
Add 10 Concurrent users 01-SSC-7139
SRA 1600 support
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 24x7
for up to 25 Users (1-year) 01-SSC-7141
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 8x5
for up to 25 Users (1-year) 01-SSC-7144
Application offloadingYes
Key Features
Applications supported
Proxy NetExtender
SRA 1600, 5 user 01-SCC-6594
Hardened security appliance
SRA 1600 Yes
SRA 4600 Yes
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 (2) gigabit Ethernet, (2) USB, (1) console
(4) gigabit Ethernet, (2) USB, (1) console
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 x86 main processor
x86 main processor
Memory (RAM)
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 1 GB
2 GB
Flash memory
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 1 GB
1 GB
Power supply/input
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 Internal, 100-240VAC, 50-60MHz
Internal, 100-240VAC, 50-60MHz
Max power consumption
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 47 W
50 W
Total heat dissipation
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 158.0 BTU
171.0 BTU
SRA 1600 17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in
43.18 x 25.73 x 4.45 cm
SRA 4600
Appliance weight
SRA 1600 17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in
43.18 x 25.73 x 4.45 cm
SRA 4600 9.50 lbs
4.30 kgs
WEEE weight
SRA 1600 10.0 lbs
4.50 kg
SRA 4600 10.0 lbs
4.50 kgs
Major regulatory
compliance FCC Class A, ICES Class A, CE, C-Tick, VCCI
32-105˚ F, 0-40˚ C
Humidity 5-95% RH, non-condensing
SRA 1600 SRA 4600 18.3 years
17.8 years
9.50 lbs
4.30 kg
SRA 4600, 25 user 01-SSC-6596
SRA 4600 additional users
(500 user maximum)
Add 10 Concurrent Users 01-SSC-7118
Add 25 Concurrent Users 01-SSC-7119
Add 100 Concurrent Users 01-SSC-7120
SRA 4600 Support
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 24x7
for up to 100 Users (1-year) 01-SSC-7123
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 8x5
for up to 100 users (1-year) 01-SSC-7126
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 24x7
for 101 to 500 users (1-year) 01-SSC-7129
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 8x5
for 101 to 500 users (1-year) 01-SSC-7132
SRA virtual appliance
Dell SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance,
5 User 01-SSC-8469
SRA virtual appliance
additional users
(50 user maximum)
Add 5 concurrent users 01-SSC-9182
Add 10 concurrent users 01-SSC-9183
Add 25 concurrent users 01-SSC-9184
SRA virtual appliance support
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 8x5
for up to 25 users (1-year) 01-SSC-9188
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 24x7
for up to 25 users (1-year) 01-SSC-9191
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 8x5
for up to 50 users (1-year) 01-SSC-9194
Dell SonicWALL Dynamic Support 24x7
for up to 50 users (1-year) 01-SSC-9197
For more information on Dell SonicWALL
Secure Remote Access solutions, visit
Security Monitoring Services from Dell
SecureWorks are available for this appliance
Series. For more information, visit
SRA Virtual Appliance
For more information
Dell SonicWALL
2001 Logic Drive
San Jose, CA 95124
T +1 408.745.9600
F +1 408.745.9300
SRA virtual appliance virtualized environment requirements (Minimum)
Hypervisor: VMWare ESXi and ESX (version 4.0 and newer)
Appliance size (on disk): 2 GB
Allocated memory: 2 GB
*The recommended number of users supported is based on factors such
as access mechanisms, applications accessed and application traffic
being sent.
**Available in conjunction with Secure Virtual Assist for SRA 4600 and SRA
Virtual Appliances only
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