Product Specification
Shuttle Accessory
Accessory for the X50V2-series:
COM/LPT ports
The Shuttle accessory PCL68 is compatible with the Shuttle All-in-OnePC X50V2 series. It will upgrade the PC by addional legacy ports and
add two serial (COM) and one parallel (LPT) port to the back panel.
Product name
Shuttle Accessory PCL68
External ports
2x Serial port (Sub-D, 9 pins, male)
1x Parallel port (Sub-D, 25 pins, female)
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
3 screws
Ribbon cable
EMI core
Type label sticker
Multi-language quick installation guide
(EN, DE, FR)
Compatible with the Shuttle All-in-OnePC X50V2 and X50V2 Plus.
Scope of
Scope of delivery (PCL68)
Product PCL68
Order No: POA-PCL68
Images for illustration purposes only.
Shuttle All-in-One PC X50V2 (Plus)
Shuttle X50V2 with the PCL68 accessory
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