Check your Handlebar Controller serial number. If it is

Check your Handlebar Controller serial number. If it is
Replacing a Handlebar Controller Program Chip
Before you begin: Check your Handlebar Controller serial number. If it
is above 39800HB - ! STOP ! - and contact Technical Support for further
instructions. In addition, the supplied IC chip can be erased by a severe
static discharge. You should quickly touch a surrounding surface to
discharge any static prior to picking up and installing this chip.
1) Remove the Controller from the bike and then any handlebar mount to expose the 6 Phillips head
screws. Remove these 6 screws from the back of Handlebar Controller using a #1 Phillips screw
driver. Place them in a safe location.
2) Carefully separate the front case from the rear case. Note: The front and rear of the Controller are
connected together using pin connectors; one long row at the top of the case and a small grouping near
the DIN Cable jack at the bottom (see image below). Care should be taken when separating the two
case halves to prevent bending these pins by keeping the gap as even as possible top to bottom as
you go. Do not pull one end apart and then the other.
3) Once separated, you will find two IC chips in the back half of the case. The smaller of these IC chips
will have a version number written on it; i.e. 25.43. See the photo below, following the arrow. This will
be the chip to replace.
Note: On one end of this IC chip there is a notch to indicate
socket-to-chip orientation. Note also the silk screen printing on
the circuit board also indicates the location of this notch.
Please familiarize yourself with this before removing the old
You can now carefully remove the chip by inserting a small, flat
blade screwdriver under one side and pry up a little, then do the
same on the other end until the chip comes out.
4) As noted above, quickly ground yourself but touching something and then take the new chip and
gently insert it into the socket - taking into account the aforementioned notch. Be certain that all pins
are in their respective holes and only then push the chip straight down until firmly seated into the
socket. You may find it easier to insert the top row of pins first and then align the bottom row before
pressing the IC chip into the socket. Again, double-check that all pins are in the socket.
5) Reinstall the front case onto the back case making sure that all connector pins mate to their socket
before pushing the two halves together. It may be necessary to help the DIN cable jack into the hole in
the back case to completely mate of the two halves.
6) Reinstall the six screws into the back and snug them. Do Not Over Tighten!
7) Reconnect the DIN cable and turn on the power. When the program first starts, the Handlebar
Control will display the new version number in the LCD display after its display of all 8’s. The unit is
now functional. If the display does not appear, check again for pins that didn’t go into their holes.
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call or email for assistance.
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