Liquidynamics Product Information

Liquidynamics Product Information
120 lb. Mobile Grease System
P / N 13051T-S2
Portable Grease Kit for 120 lb. (16 gal.) Drums.
Kit comes complete and ready to operate
60:1 Ration pump allows pumping of wider range
of grease products
Supplied with 3/8” hose for improved
Heavy duty follower plate includes double ‘0’ ring
seal on ID for improved suction capability over a
wider temperature range
Follower plate center hub seals pump suction slots at bottom of suction tube to minimize
grease residue at bottom of drum
Two wheel cart provides improved mobility and
minimizes danger of tipping drum over
420 lb. Mobile Grease Kit with Heavy
Duty Cart and Reel
P / N 13070-S3
Mobile Grease Kit for 420 lb. drums with heavy duty cart and
50’ reel. System is ideal for use in shops with rough and
uneven floors.
Heavy 12 gauge steel construction
Large 10” dia. wheels for improved mobility
Swivel caster has brake lock to prevent cart movement
Has bracket and drip cup for pump placement during
drum change
Mounting platform allows reel placement option
Handy tool tray and meter hanging bracket are standard
P / N 20073-S18
Complete 3:1 Gear Oil Pump System
with Electronic Meter for 16 gallon
(Drum not included.)
Three Speed Bulk Transfer Cart (Patent pending)
P / N 33280
A unique three speed gearbox allows this pump to be used over a tremendous range of
viscosities ranging up to 7,500 SSU. By simply shifting gears you can pump “thin” fluids
such as 100% Antifreeze or Hydraulic Oil at 40 GPM, medium viscosity fluids such as
10W30 Motor Oil at 20 GPM or “thick” fluids such as 140 wt Gear Oil at 10 GPM.
Has ability to pump fluids up to 7500 SSU, such as 140 wt. gear oil
Three speed gearbox allows pumping at 10, 20 or 40 GPM
Powered by normal 115 VAC / 20 amp outlet
Built in amp meter allows monitoring of amp draw to minimize danger of over loading
Heavy duty 1” steel tubing construction is powder coated for durability
Suction and discharge hose are supplied with cam lock fittings to allow easy drainage
or change-out to minimize cross contamination
P / N 500175
Battery Operated Grease Gun Kit w/
one battery, charger and storage case.
P / N 10050
Heavy duty hand operated grease pump to fit 5
to 6½ gallon pails. Pump is intended for pressure
applications and is supplied complete with cover,
follower plate, 10 ft. hose, shut-off valve and 4
jaw coupler . Generates 4,200 PSI and 1 oz. per
P / N 24270
Fluid Extractor with 21-gallon capacity,
has level gauge with metal guard and 6’
discharge hose. Unit is self-evacuating by
pressurizing tank with approximately 10 PSI.
MODEL MA-70 P / N 30200
Heavy duty gear oil hand pump designed
to fit 5, 16, 30 and 55 gallon containers.
Comes complete with 2” bung adapter,
telescoping suction pipe, 6’ nylon
reinforced discharge hose, ball shutoff
valve and curved discharge spout.
Approx. 4 strokes/qt.
P / N 24224T
Fluid Extractor with 6-gallon tank capacity.
This unit is emptied manually by lifting and
tipping unit. Has wheels and handle for easy
No moving parts for years of reliable service
Allows safe removal of “hot” oil from engines thus preventing sludge
buildup and possible safety hazards to shop personnel
No exposure to contaminated engine oil which
Reduces clean up time, eliminates exposure to used oils, does away
with spillage and contamination problems.
Can be used on motor oils, transmission fluids, power steering fluids,
engine coolant, etc. (NOT FOR USE WITH FLAMMABLE FLUIDS)
Operates on approximately 100 PSI of shop air @ 15 cfm, air source
may be removed once tank is charged with vacuum
No electrical connections required
Supplied complete with probes and adapters for most applications.
Lower gear case fitting for
use with outboard marine
MODEL MA-10M, P / N 10010M
Lever pail pump fits 5 to 6½ gallon pails. Dispenses
gear lube via a 6’ nylon reinforced vinyl hose with curved
discharge spout. Positive lock nut holds pump securely in
Approx. 16 strokes/pint.
P / N 100451
The compact and lightweight design of this metered control handle allows it to be used in place of normal,
non-metered, grease control handles.
Why use a grease meter? Under normal operating conditions the amount of grease dispensed is highly variable
due to various factors such as pump size, efficiency, plumbing diameter and length, type of grease, ambient
temperature and line restrictions to name just a few. With the Greaster Meter you can now be assured of the amount
of grease that is actually dispensed, regardless of the system operating conditions.
Compact and light weight design provides reliable method of measuring grease volume being dispensed
Has a resettable batch total, displayed in ounces and a non-resettable cumulative total, displayed in pounds
Powered by two alkaline AA batteries, easily changed in the field
May be customized to fit specific application with the addition of a straight or ‘Z’ swivel, rigid or flex spout
Discharge lever has a locking screw to prevent accidental discharge
P / N 32097-S1
1:1 stub pump for light fluids. Includes heavy
duty bung adapter and spigot.
P / N 20013-Y
1” Double Diaphragm Pump
with aluminum body, Buna N
diaphragm and seals. Pump
is rated at 48 GPM at 100 PSI,
dry lift capacity of 18 feet and
discharge distance of 180 feet
(with reduced flow). Typically
used with fresh and used oil.
Maximum fluid temperature
P / N 23102
Oil Bar with three dispense point capability.
Supplied standard with one tap.
MODEL MA-20 P / N 560008
Polypropylene piston pump used
Buna-N seals for transfer of fluids
such as engine oil, gear oil, antifreeze and similar fluids compatible
with materials of construction. Complete with telescoping suction pipe to
fit drums up to 55 gallon. Approx. 12
P / N 950008 55 gallon / 420 lb. Drum Dolly
These drum dollies utilize heavy duty steel wheels on
ball bearings. Casters are bolted to the powder coated
12 gauge steel frame, allowing easy replacement.
P / N 950006 16 gallon / 120 lb. Drum Dolly
Drum dollies have powder coated finish w/outrigger
casters for stability and durability Urethane ball bearing
casters provide quiet, trouble free operation and long
life. Adjustable band to fit variations in drum diameter.
Complete Oil Lube System with Hose Reel P / N 21100T-S50
System includes 5:1 stub pump, bung adapter, air filter/regulator, foot valve, 1/2” x 50’
reel and electronic digital meter. Pump will fit most any tank or drum application with the
addition of a user supplied suction tube. For use with engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil,
100% antifreeze and other compatible fluids.
P / N 42070
Low Profile, Portable Oil Drain has a large 25-gallon capacity and two internal
baffles to prevent sloshing. Has 9” ground clearance, 2½” steel casters and sturdy
‘T’ handle for easy maneuverability. Standard unit comes with 1” ball valve drain. Dry
break dis connects available for use with double diaphragm pumps. 9”H x 24½”W x 46”L.
Preset P / N
Quart calibration with preset capability, 60
quart dial capacity, 1 quart graduations
and gallon totalizer. Comes complete with
rigid spout, non drip tip and 1/2” NPTF inlet
swivel. For use with motor oils, gear oils,
ATF and antifreeze (ethylene glycol).
P / N 24128
6 Gallon Capacity oil dispenser pressurizes to 120
PSI air pressure to dispense
oil. Includes oil level sight
gauge, 6 ft. discharge hose,
oil dispense valve and
manual non drip tip. Includes
P/N 100101 Electric Meter
P / N 100351-RA
The K-500 Electronic Preset Meter may
be used to dispense a preset quantity of oil, transmission fluid,
hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and other compatible fluids. It is powered
by four, field replaceable 1.5V AA batteries. Units of measurement
are easily switched between pints, quarts, gallons and liters. Preset
capability is from 0.1 to 99.99 units and may be programmed with
up to 5 different frequently used preset quantities in addition to quick
recall of the last used preset quantity. May also be used to show
flow rate in gallons per minute. This preset meter is available with a
wide selection of discharge spouts to fit most any application.
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Lubrication Engineers of Canada
2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 5R3
1-800-465-8237 • [email protected] •
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