Adobe Audition CS5.5, Mac

Adobe Audition CS5.5, Mac
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
Adobe® Audition® CS5.5
Sound your best on Mac OS and Windows
Well-known in the industry as the go-to audio tool, Adobe Audition software now brings its
audio-for-video multitrack editing environment to the Mac. With best-in-class editing and
multitrack mixing tools, powerful sweetening options, and rock-solid performance, Adobe
Audition is the digital audio editor that audio and video professionals rely on to handle a
wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 is available
as a stand-alone product or as a
component of Adobe Creative Suite®
5.5 Production Premium and Adobe
Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection
Production Premium combines:
•Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
•Adobe After Effects CS5.5
•Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
•Adobe Illustrator® CS5
•Adobe Flash Catalyst™ CS5.5
•Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5
•Adobe Audition CS5.5
•Adobe OnLocation™ CS5
•Adobe Encore® CS5
A completely new high-performance audio playback engine leverages multicore processors to make
Adobe Audition CS5.5 a fast and powerful all-in-one editing and mixing environment — and now, for the
first time, it’s available on Mac OS. Flexible roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere® Pro software and
integration with Adobe Flash® Professional and After Effects® software make Adobe Audition the ideal
choice for a wide range of audio production tasks, from formatting a single audio file to creating complex
multitrack 5.1 surround soundtracks. Open Media Framework Interchange (OMF) format import and
export lets you smoothly transport this audio editing power to other digital audio workstation (DAW)
environments such as Avid Pro Tools, and XML Interchange import and export support integrate Adobe
Audition into other nonlinear editor (NLE) environments. Adobe Audition CS5.5 makes working on
surround sound projects easier than ever with new native 5.1 multichannel file support, multichannel
mixing, and the intuitive Track Panner panel. Effects have been updated for application to surround
projects, and the new Surround Reverb is particularly useful in multichannel mixes.
Optimized to create soundtracks for rich media, fix audio problems quickly, and integrate smoothly into
cross-platform video editing environments, Adobe Audition CS5.5 is more valuable than ever for audio
and video editors.
Additional components:
•Adobe Dynamic Link
•Adobe Bridge CS5
•Adobe Device Central CS5.5
Integrates with Adobe CS Live online services*†
Learn about the newest features of
CS Live online services, which are
complimentary until April 12, 2012.
for details.
View your entire multitrack soundtrack at once with the resizable Multitrack View in Adobe Audition CS5.5. Drag fade curves directly
on individual clips, click to set volume keyframes, apply different colors to individual clips—all within the same edit window. Apply and
view multiple effects in the Effects Rack panel, including the new DeHummer, DeEsser, and Speech Volume Leveler, shown here as it
evens out production dialogue in the Effects Rack panel. Sweeten and mix multichannel 5.1 surround projects using the new native
Track Panner panel and effects optimized for multichannel audio. Take advantage of nondestructive editing with the new History panel.
Top new features
•Native Mac support (Page 2)
•New high-performance playback
engine (Page 3)
•Increased workflow flexibility with
roundtrip editing and project
exchange (Page 3)
•Native multichannel support (5.1
surround) (Page 4)
•New effects and enhanced effects
workflows (Page 5)
•Expanded library of royalty-free
sound effects (Page 6)
•Broadcast WAV support and
simplified XMP metadata panel
(Page 6)
•Auto-saved XML file format (Page 6)
•New History panel (Page 7)
With Adobe Audition CS5.5, you can:
Edit precisely and mix projects professionally—now on both Mac OS and Windows. Make
sample-accurate edits using the Waveform Editor. In Spectral View, you can visually edit audio with
graphics-editing tools similar to those in Adobe Photoshop software. Handle large and complex
multitrack projects in Multitrack View. Size tracks individually to keep your entire project in view,
or expand just the tracks you’re focused on. Edit clip volume, fades, and panning directly in
Multitrack View. Automate volume settings. Put the final touch on track levels using the intuitive
fader controls in the Mixer.
Create soundtracks easily. Create your own soundtrack by dragging and dropping royalty-free sound
effects directly onto multiple tracks, when downloaded using the Resource Central* panel. Mix
dialogue, music beds, and sound effects with professional digital effects processing and native 5.1
surround multichannel support.
Fix audio problems fast with superior analysis and noise reduction. Adobe Audition makes it easy
to automatically detect and fix common flaws such as hiss, hum, phase problems, crackling, and
pops. Match the dialogue volume in a single audio file or across multiple clips. Find and eliminate
clipped samples before they cause problems in your mix.
Integrate audio with Adobe Premiere Pro, other NLEs, and popular DAWs. Roundtrip editing
makes Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition CS5.5 the ideal pairing for pro video work.
Integration with Adobe After Effects and Flash Professional, as well as reliable project exchange
with a range of NLEs and DAWs, lets Adobe Audition CS5.5 integrate smoothly into virtually any
video workflow.
Who uses Adobe Audition?
Audio engineers and broadcast editors can use Adobe Audition to record voice-overs, create
soundtracks, and enhance audio for broadcast. The Multitrack editor and Mixer provide engineers
with a familiar interface they can use to solve audio problems quickly. Even recording and mixing
entire multitrack projects from scratch is an easier task with Adobe Audition, with on-clip volume
keyframes and fades, and the new modeless Effects Rack.
Video editors and other video professionals can use Adobe Audition to create, edit, and
enhance audio for video and film productions. With the benefits of a familiar timeline-based
interface and roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition makes it easy for video
editors to fix problematic production dialogue, do sound design, and polish soundtracks. Clearly
labeled restoration effects facilitate typical edits such as removing unwanted noise and matching
unequal dialogue volume levels. Production teams exchange Avid Pro Tools sessions with
Audition using built-in OMF import and export functions, and share files with other video NLEs
with XML Interchange.
Top new features of Adobe Audition CS5.5
Native Mac support
Adobe Audition CS5.5 is designed to make the most of the multicore processing, native audio, and
DSP power of Apple Mac computers, as well as to deliver improvements to Windows users.
Production teams can take advantage of the powerful audio editing, mixing, sweetening, and
restoration tools Adobe Audition offers to video editors, audio engineers, and interactive designers,
whether they choose to work on Mac OS or Windows.
Now, the full editing power of Audition
is also available on the Mac.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
New high-performance playback engine
Completely rebuilt, the new Adobe Audition CS5.5 playback engine dramatically improves
responsiveness on projects of all sizes while making it faster to open sessions and files—in many
cases up to two and three times faster. Work on multiple multitrack sessions and single file edits
simultaneously (see the Edit menu, pictured). Open and import files in the background—even
files that need sample rate conversion—while you continue to work on open projects. Get
smoother performance when applying multiple effects to multiple tracks. Leverage the power of
modern multi-threaded processing to enhance audio-for-video parallel workflows.
Complete your production toolset
Gain a complete video production
solution with Adobe Creative Suite
5.5 Production Premium software.
Get more creative power at an
appealing price. In addition to
Adobe Audition CS5.5, Production
Premium offers the latest versions of
Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash Professional,
Flash Catalyst, After Effects, Photoshop Extended, Encore, OnLocation,
and Illustrator software.
Move up to Production Premium to:
Smoothly integrate audio editing
with video. Adobe Premiere Pro
integrates smoothly with Adobe
Audition, and can import audio
directly from Adobe Audition with
nondestructive roundtrip editing.
Edit productions faster. Get native
64-bit performance in After Effects
and Photoshop Extended, and GPU
acceleration in Adobe Premiere Pro
and Photoshop Extended. Apply the
timesaving benefits of Adobe
Audition and Production Premium to
Final Cut Pro and Avid Composer
workflows through roundtrip
integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Design interactive experiences.
Create engaging interactive media,
such as video portfolios, using
easy-to-use Flash Catalyst or with the
full power of Flash Professional,
which features close integration with
Audition and other Production
Premium components.
With its new playback engine, Audition CS5.5 can open multiple multitrack
session files (seen here in the Edit menu), open files in the background
without stopping playback, process effects while playing back a file, play
back a clip while making a selection within the file, and execute other
speed and file-handling enhancements that will increase your productivity.
Bench tests indicate increases of 10% to three times faster in many
operations, compared to previous versions of Adobe Audition.
Increased workflow flexibility with roundtrip editing and project exchange
Adobe Audition CS5.5 plays well with others. Video editors using Adobe Premiere Pro can rapidly
tap into the audio cleanup and processing tools in Adobe Audition with streamlined roundtrip
editing. Edits made to an Adobe Premiere project audio track in Adobe Audition instantly are
applied within the original project, saving valuable time in deadline-driven situations. As a
cross-platform tool with OMF and XML Interchange compatibility, Adobe Audition can add power
and depth to any production environment by saving project files to and importing them from NLEs
and DAWs such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Pro Tools.
Whether exporting a single audio clip or
an entire sequence from Adobe Premiere
Pro to Audition, you can select options
that suit your workflow. Among these
are the ability to specify the size of the
edit area, to choose to edit in sync with a
video preview, to render audio effects
from a rough mix in Adobe Premiere,
and to specify the duration of any audio
handles included in the sequence.
Additionally, you can include clip volume
metadata in the roundtrip export. The
net result of all of this is that you can tap
into the power of Adobe Audition
without losing any of the effort put into
creating a rough audio mix in Adobe
Premiere Pro—which means you can get
better results with less effort in less time.
Roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the audiofor-video workflow.
For more information, see Adobe
Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium
What’s New.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
Native multichannel support (5.1 surround)
With native support for multichannel soundtracks, Adobe Audition makes it easy to create entirely
new surround sound experiences or put the finishing touches on existing 5.1 projects—and save to
a full 5.1 surround master. True 5.1 metering and effects are available on surround tracks and
sessions in all modes, including the Multitrack Editor, Waveform Editor, and in the Mixer.
Metering adapts to 5.1 files in all panels,
such as the Effects Rack (left), the Track
Header (center), and the userconfigurable Level Meter (right). The
Effects Rack shows effects optimized for
multichannel use: Amplify, the Channel
Mixer, and the new Surround Reverb.
The new Track Panner panel offers parameters that include angle, stereo spread, and radius—
you even can isolate and make adjustments to the LFE channel. When a mono or stereo track is
routed to a 5.1 output, its pan position is indicated by a 5.1 icon on the Track Header in
Multitrack View and on the Channel Strip in the Mixer.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 handles 5.1 audio
natively, which means it’s easy to create and edit
multichannel mixes. The Track Panner panel
provides intuitive controls and visual feedback
to help you locate sounds precisely in the
surround field. Icons on individual track headers
(right) and channel strips (far right) clearly
display basic surround panning information.
You also can open 5.1 files in the Waveform Editor, where you can make edits to the file overall, or to
individual channels—even get deep inside the individual channel waveforms in Spectral Display by
toggling the channels you don’t want to edit. Apply surround effects such as Surround Reverb and
Amplify, diagnostic tools such as the new DeHummer and DeClicker, and analysis tools such as
Amplitude Statistics and Frequency Analysis. With the new playback engine in Adobe Audition CS5.5,
you can keep working while analysis and diagnostics are performed in the background.
This is a 5.1 file in the
Waveform Editor, with the Spectral
Display active. When you select
surround effects in the Effects
Rack, audio levels are displayed
with six-channel 5.1 metering, just
as the Level Meter displays
multichannel levels. Mute
individual channels with the
Channel Toggle buttons on the
right edge of the waveform display
to isolate and edit individual
channels within a 5.1 file.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
New effects and enhanced effects workflows
Adobe Audition includes many of the DSP effects you’ve long relied on, as well as several new
ones including a DeHummer, DeEsser, Speech Volume Leveler, and Surround Reverb. The
DeHummer lets you locate and remove constant-level noise sources, such as power line hum.
The DeEsser removes vocal sibilance from interviews, dialogue, and voice-overs. With a single
click, the Speech Volume Leveler quickly matches the volume of different actors recorded at
different distances from a single microphone in the same audio clip. The Surround Reverb lets
you tailor levels for all channels in 5.1 files, including Center and LFE (Low Frequency Effect)
channels, gives you a selection of room impulses, and offers precise control of reverb parameters
and output balance controls.
The new Surround Reverb effect offers level control for the Center and LFE channels, a selection of room impulses, precise
control of reverb parameters, and convenient output balance controls. New with Audition CS5.5 is the inclusion of effects
presets for all effects.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 also supports third-party VST and, on the Mac, Audio Units effects. The new
Diagnostics panel offers powerful tools such as the DeClicker, DeClipper, Delete Silence, and the
very useful Mark Audio, that automatically adds markers to individual clips according to userdefinable level parameters.
With the power of the new playback engine, you can manipulate effect parameters while making
selections and playing back audio—even continue playback while saving a noise print and applying
noise reduction. The Effects Rack itself is now modeless, which means you can edit and play back
audio while viewing and adjusting the settings for multiple effects simultaneously for clips, tracks,
and waveforms. All effects now have presets, which lets you get results without having to spend
time trying out parameter adjustments.
The new Diagnostics panel offers DeClicking (shown here
displaying the successful results of a declicked file),
DeClipping, and the automatic Mark Audio tool—another
often-requested feature now incorporated into Audition.
This Effects Rack is shown in Clip View and features the new
Speech Volume Leveler, which is shown here equalizing
the volume levels of two actors at widely differing
distances from a microphone.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
Expanded library of royalty-free music beds and sound effects
Kick-start your soundtrack with a large selection of royalty-free content. Adobe Audition CS5.5
offers access to more than 10,000 royalty-free sound effects through the Resource Central*
panel. Drag and drop sound effects from Resource Central into your multitrack project to
customize, combine, edit, and layer them. Combine music and sound effects until your
soundtrack sounds exactly the way you want, and it’s ready to send back to Adobe Premiere
Pro or Flash Professional.
Access a wide variety of royalty-free
sound effects in Resource Central*.
Content is conveniently arranged in
clearly labeled categories, such as
Cartoon Effects, Crashes, Foley,
Liquids/Water, Transportation,
and more.
Preview sound effects you’ve downloaded from Resource Central by clicking the Play icon next to the sound’s name. Then
drag and drop the effects directly into the desired track in the Multitrack Editor.
Broadcast WAV support and simplified XMP metadata panel
With an XMP-enabled application, meaningful information about a project can be captured during
the content creation process, and then embedded within the file for easy retrieval with content
management systems. With Adobe Audition CS5.5, you can view and edit XMP metadata using a
simplified interface. Support for XMP metadata includes the Broadcast WAV (BWF) schema, enabling
automated workflows within Production Premium and other radio and TV production systems.
Audition CS5.5 features a
simplified XMP panel that
streamlines entry, editing,
and management of
metadata. Tooltips help
ensure that your metadata
will match industry standards
and guidelines, for maximum
compatibility with a wide
variety of broadcast systems.
Auto-saved XML file format
Adobe Audition CS5.5 automatically saves your sessions in the robust, flexible, and nondestructive
XML format. XML is a human-readable standard for electronically encoding data in documents that
can be used to reconstruct a file in the event it becomes corrupted, as well as to facilitate
conversion to proprietary formats used by different manufacturers. You also can import Adobe
Audition 3 sessions, and then save them as XML. Adobe Audition XML sessions can be opened and
edited in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac OS), created programmatically from scripts and
other tools, and even printed on paper for physical archival.
Adobe Audition CS5.5 What’s New
System requirements
New History panel
Mac OS
Just as you can undo graphic edits you make to a photograph in Adobe Photoshop, you can easily roll
back edits you make to waveforms and multitrack mixes to earlier states in the same session in
Adobe Audition by using the new History panel. Experiment with signal flow though a series of audio
effects, try out different surround mixes, or apply a variety of degrees of noise reduction to a track,
with the assurance that you can recall your original settings with a single click in the History panel.
• Multicore Intel® processor
• Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6
• 1GB of RAM; 2GB for HDV and HD playback
• 2GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on a
volume that uses a case-sensitive file
system or on removable flash storage
• 1280x800 display with OpenGL 2.0–compatible graphics card
• Core Audio–compatible sound card
The History panel lets you
easily restore earlier states
of waveform edits
and multitrack mixes.
• DVD-ROM drive (SuperDrive recommended)
• QuickTime 9 software required for QuickTime features
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services and to validate
Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an
ongoing basis*
Are you new to Adobe Audition?
• Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor (Intel Core™2 Duo or AMD
Phenom® II recommended)
You may not be familiar with many of the unique capabilities Adobe Audition CS5.5 offers. Long
considered an indispensable tool of audio engineers, Adobe Audition is well known for its ability to
fix nearly any problem with digital audio files, and to do it quickly. Familiar tools for multitrack
recording, editing, and mixing are paired with workflow flexibility and performance optimized for
the broadcast and video industries. Here are a few of the main reasons Adobe Audition is the go-to
tool for audio professionals:
• Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack
3; Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise; or
Windows 7
• Superior audio restoration. From removing occasional clicks to fixing disastrous digital distortion, trimming silence to removing hiss embedded in a waveform—even making unusable
dialogue usable again—Adobe Audition provides audio restoration tools that are second to none.
• 1GB of RAM; 2GB for HDV and HD playback
• 2GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on
removable flash storage devices)
• 1280x800 display with OpenGL 2.0–compatible graphics card
• Sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft WDM/MME
• DVD-ROM drive
• QuickTime 9 software required for QuickTime features
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services and to validate
Subscription Edition (if applicable) on an
ongoing basis*
For updates to system requirements and more detailed
information about video hardware compatibility, visit
• Complete multitrack recording, nondestructive editing, and mixing. The Multitrack Editor
provides an easy-to-configure user interface to create entire multitrack mixes, with click-anddrag level changes, fades, and cross-fades; clip drag-and-duplicate; and individual track sizing to
suit the specific project and user.
• Professional audio effects. From signal processing such as compression and limiting to convolution reverb, wacky guitar effects, and lo-fi effects, Adobe Audition has a robust selection of audio
manipulation tools for creative sound design, and support for VST and Mac Audio Units means
you can add more options from third-party developers.
• Thousands of royalty-free sound effects. Through the Resource Central* panel, Adobe Audition
provides downloadable audio content for drag-and-drop creation of SFX tracks, Foley effects,
and more.
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Expected ship date
Second quarter 2011
For more information
*Adobe online services, including Adobe CS Live Services, are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional
terms and Adobe’s online privacy policy (available at Online services are not available in all countries or
languages, may require user registration and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or subscription
charges may apply. CS Live services are complimentary until April 12, 2012. See for more details.
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