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Compact Validation/Receipt Printer
Compact and powerful, Epson’s TM-U325
combines two printers in one: a speedy, quiet
receipt printer and a multi-line validation printer.
Epson’s TM-U325 is the ideal choice for environments
that want to reap the benefits of both a receipt printer and
a validation printer — but want it all in one economical,
space-saving printer.
Quick and quiet impact printer
• Receipt and validation printing in a compact body
• Quiet, 6.4 lps receipt printing speed
• Handles up to 9 lines of validation
• User-friendly features such as drop-in paper loading
and Auto Status Back (ASB) messages
• Connect-It™ interfaces for system compatibility
• Renowned Epson quality, reliability, dependability
Surprisingly fast, Epson’s TM-U325
logic-seeking control device allows
receipts to print at 6.4 lines-persecond (16 digits, 16 cpi). Even more
surprising, the TM-U325 delivers its
printing so quietly, customers won’t
know it’s there.
Packs a punch in small spaces
This powerful, space-saving printer
measures 164 x 240 x136mm
(W x D x H) {6.46 x 9.45 x 5.35"}
and weighs only 2.3 kg (approximately
5.07 lbs). Its efficient design lets you
make the best use of limited counter
space. Even the AC adapter power
source is compact. With the TMU325 print buffer at 45 bytes, there’s
practically no limit to the number of
downloadable fonts you can use to
convey the image you want.
Epson printers define
No other company offers as many
user-friendly features as Epson.
Drop-in paper loading that allows
busy operators to replace paper
quickly. An Auto Status Back (ASB)
feature monitors printer status in
real-time, keeping printer operation
moving and users productive.
For total compatibility,
just Connect-It™
With Epson’s exclusive Connect-It
interface options, the TM-U325 is
totally compatible with today’s best-ofbreed and component-based systems.
Thanks to this technology, you can
choose virtually any system you want
or use what you already have.
Epson quality and reliability
When you choose Epson’s TM-U325,
you can be sure you’ll get unsurpassed
performance and dependability.
Because, like all Epson point-of-sale
products, the TM-U325 meets
Epson’s world-renowned standards for
quality and reliability.
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Compact Validation/Receipt Printer
TM -U325 Printer
Printer Specifications
Print method
9 pin, serial impact dot matrix
Print font
7 x 9/9 x 9
Column capacity
Character size
40 or 42 columns/33 or 35 columns
1.24 x 3.1mm (W x H)/1.56 x 3.1mm (W x H); {0.049 x 0.122”/0.061 x 0.122”}
Character set
95 Alphanumeric, 32 International, 128 x 8 Graphic
Characters per inch
16 or 17.8 cpi/13.3 or 14.5 cpi
RS-232C, Bi-directional parallel, Connect-It*
Data buffer
4KB/45 bytes
Print speed
Approx. 3.5 lps (at 40-column printing)/approx. 6.4 lps (at 16-column printing)
Paper dimensions
Maximum print lines: 9 lines
76±0.5 x diameter 83mm (2.99±0.02 x diameter 3.27”)
135 to 182 x 70 to 182mm (W x L) {5.31 to 7.17 x 2.76 to 7.17”}
Paper thickness
0.06 to 0.085mm [0.0024 to 0.0033”]/sheet (total thickness: 0.2mm [0.079”] or less)
0.09 to 0.12mm [0.0035 to 0.0047”]/sheet (total thickness: 0.09 to 0.31mm)
[0.0035 to 0.012”], (including the thickness of roll paper)
Copy capability
One original and two copies
Inked ribbon
ERC-38 (purple, black)
Ribbon life
4,000,000 characters (purple), 3,000,000 characters (black)
Power supply
AC adapter (included), PS-180 (option)
Power consumption
Approx. 43W
D.K.D. function
2 drivers
180,000 hours
Control Board
49,000,000 lines
Overall dimensions
164 x 240 x 136mm (W x D x H) {6.46" x 9.45" x 5.35"}
Approx. 2.3 kg (5.07 lbs)
EMI standards
Safety standards
FCC class A, CE marking
Inch values are approximate.
cpi: characters per 25.4mm (characters per inch)
lps: lines per second
*To find out more about our line of Connect-It interfaces, talk to your Epson Sales Representative.
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