Storage | DSN-6000 Series
DSN-6000 Series
Storage Arrays
Product Highlights:
Complete solution including Snapshots
and Remote Replication
Redundant architecture:
• RAID controllers
• Power supplies
• Fan modules
• Battery backup modules
• JBOD expansion
Advanced data protection:
• RAID Level 0,1,0+1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60
• Writeable Snapshot
• Windows VSS support
Flexible volume management for multiple
applications & environments:
• Virtualisation (VMware, Microsoft
Hyper-V and Citrix)
• Cloud storage
• Exchange
• IP Surveillance
• Backup and Restore
Scheduled remote replication:
• Asynchronous replications
for up to 8 logical volumes
• Full replication and incremental
replication support
• Manual & schedule tasks support
• Dedicated port reservation
for replication usage
• Windows and Linux host utilities support
19’’ rack mountable, 2U
Four 1GbE or two 10GbE
iSCSI ports per controller
Up to 200,000 IOPS
Up to 900 MB/sec throughput
Hot-pluggable design
High connection availability:
• Load Balancing
• Failover
Expandable capacity up to 60 Drives (180 TB)
Hardware iSCSI offloaded engine
Energy-saving design:
• Auto disk spin-down
• Auto fan speed
• 80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies
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The DSN-6000 Series are a range of high
performance, fully redundant storage solutions
that are simple to deploy and manage.
All DSN-6000 storage solutions are supplied
complete with snap shot capabilities and
remote replication as standard so there is no
need for additional licenses. Also each RAID
controller is equipped with 4GB cache to
ensure maximum performance straight out
of the box.
As with all D-Link storage solutions, the
DSN-6000 Series uses an integrated and
intuitive management GUI to ensure the
system can be up and running in no time,
even with limited IT knowledge. D-Link also
provides optional comprehensive on-site
service and support ensuring that your
storage solution will be repaired quickly
should the worst happen.
The DSN-6000 Series currently supports 36TB
of raw capacity per shelf using 3TB drives (and
even greater capacity as larger disk drives
become available), and overall scalability to
180TB using DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure.
D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series provides 1GbE or
10GbE host interface connectivity which can
handle over 200,000 I/O per second. The DSN6000 Series supports applications demanding
high throughput, scalability and flexible
storage planning.
The DSN-6000 Series can be easily implemented
as primary storage, as secondary storage
to supplement an existing infrastructure,
or as a nearline storage device to improve
backup and recovery times. Using the
intuitive and integrated management GUI,
the DSN-6000 Series Arrays can be seamlessly
incorporated in both Physical and Virtual
Server environments.
High Availability
The DSN-6000 Series can provide the failover
and redundancy capabilities required for
mission critical scenarios such as Virtual
Machine (VM) shares, database hosting,
Online Transactional Processing (OLTP),
email hosting, storage consolidation and
other primary storage needs. It is equipped
with fully redundant components for all
major functions, such as RAID controllers,
power supplies, fan modules, battery backup
modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports.
The Hot-pluggable design is capable of
providing uninterrupted services.
Remote replication provides continuous
data protection ensuring your valuable data
is safe in the event of a catastrophic system
failure in your primary site or data centre,
one source target can be setup with multiple
destination targets, allowing administrators
to replicate data to different locations.
Snapshot technology ensures data can be
restored quickly and easily without the need
for lengthy restore from a back-up. Remote
replication and Snapshot technology are
supplied as standard with all DSN-6000 Series
storage solutions.
In addition, the DSN-6000 Series incorporates
advanced high availability features such
as RAID 6 and RAID 60, writable snapshot,
Microsoft Windows™ VSS support, and volume
configuration restoration. These advanced
features help to reduce or eliminate any
system downtime. Unlike other vendors,
D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series is able to upgrade
to firmware without the system going offline.
Both firmware image and volume handling
are well protected by the redundant RAID
controllers; when one RAID controller is
down or has lost connection, the other RAID
controller takes over its tasks immediately. This
feature ensures that volumes and services are
transferred seamlessly and simultaneously.
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Storage | DSN-6000 Series
DSN-6000 Series
Storage Arrays
Rapid Response Support
If the worst should happen to your network you
need the very best support and fast. Downtime
costs your business money. D-Link Assist
maximises your uptime by solving technical
problems quickly and effectively. Our highlytrained technicians are on standby around the
clock, ensuring that award-winning support is
only a phone call away.
With a choice of three affordable service offerings
covering all D-Link business products, you can
select the package that suits you best:
D-Link Assist Gold - for comprehensive
24-hour support
D-Link Assist Gold is perfect for mission-critical
environments where maximum uptime is a high
priority. It guarantees four hour around-the-clock
response. Cover applies 24/7 for every day of the
year including holidays.
D-Link Assist Silver - for prompt same-day
D-Link Assist Silver is designed for ‘high
availability’ businesses that require rapid response
within regular working hours. It provides a four
hour response service Monday to Friday from 8am
to 5pm, excluding holidays.
D-Link Assist Bronze - for guaranteed response
on the next business day
D-Link Assist Bronze is a highly cost-effective
support solution for less critical environments.
Response is guaranteed within eight business
hours Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm,
excluding holidays.
D-Link Assist can be purchased together with
any D-Link business product. So whether you’re
buying switching, wireless, storage, security or IP
Surveillance equipment from D-Link, your peace
of mind is guaranteed. D-Link Assist also offers
installation and configuration services to get your
new hardware working quickly and correctly.
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The optimised Input/Output Operations
per second and unparalleled throughput
are capable of providing run-time critical
online services, such as Cloud storage, SQL,
Exchange, and high-end surveillance storage.
Furthermore, with its iSCSI interface, D-Link’s
DSN-6000 Series is ideal for virtualisation
environments - VMWare, Hyper-V, and Citrix.
System administrators can install up to 32
Operating Systems onto the iSCSI system
through the Boot-from-SAN functionality.
With this feature, the multiple Operating
Systems/Servers can be easily managed
and protected by D-Link advanced data
protection features, avoiding system
downtime caused by single points of failure.
Green Energy Savings
The DSN-6000 Series is equipped with
D-Link Green features for saving power.
A hard drive can be a very power-hungry
component in a SAN. When properly
configured, the power consumption of hard
drives can be reduced to a minimum using
the auto disk spin down feature. The DSN6000 Series systems monitor environmental
temperatures to optimise the cooling
mechanism. The fan modules respond only
when needed. The power supply modules
are all 80 PLUS power efficient, providing a
more favorable power conversion rate. When
combined, these power-saving features help
to greatly reduce energy consumption and
increase the product’s lifespan.
Expansion Options
The capacity of the DSN-6000 Series storage
arrays can be easily expanded with the
addition of the DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure,
which supports up to 12 SAS and SATA hard
drives. Up to 4 DSN-6020 enclosures can be
mounted in a storage array to expand the
overall capacity to 180TB, and even higher
capacity as larger hard drives are introduced.
SATA Bridge Board (DSN-654)
The SAS to SATA bridge board is designed to
enable single-ported SATA drives to connect
seamlessly like native dual-ported SAS drives.
SATA drives in the following configurations need a SATA bridge board:
Dual controller configuration
Needs DSN-654
No DSN-654 required
Single controller configuration
Needs DSN-654
for 3TB and over
No DSN-654 required
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Storage | DSN-6000 Series
DSN-6000 Series
Storage Arrays
Technical Specifications
Hardware Components
RAID Controller
No. of Host Channels Per Controller
Expansion Enclosure
Cache Memory Per Controller
No. of Hard Drives (SAS & SATA II)
Maximum Number of Hard Drives Supported
Power Supply
D-Link Green
RAID & Volume
High Availability
Advanced Data Protection
Single controller
Dual controllers
Single controller
Dual controllers
4 x 1 GbE iSCSI Ports
8 x 1 GbE iSCSI Ports
2 x 10 GbE iSCSI Ports
4 x 10 GbE iSCSI Ports
2 x 500W
2U 19” Rackmount
442.8mm x 500.6mm x 88.0mm (W x D x H)
Auto disk spin down
Advanced cooling mechanism
80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies
Hardware iSCSI off-load engine
iSCSI jumbo frame
Header/Data digest
CHAP authentication
Up to 32 multiple nodes support
Up to 128 sessions per controller
RAID level 0,1,0+1,3,5,6,10,30,50, 60, JBOD, N-way mirror
Up to 1024 logical volumes
Up to 32 hard drives per volume group
One logic volume can be shared by as many as 16 hosts
Global and dedicated hot spare
Write-through or write-back cache policy
Online volume expansion
Instant RAID volume availability
Auto volume rebuilding
On-line volume migration without system down time
Dual-active RAID controller
Cache mirroring through high bandwidth channels
Flexible RAID group ownership management
Management port seamless take-over
Online firmware upgrade, no system down time
Multi-path & load-balancing support (Microsoft MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, LACP)
Writable snapshot
Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)
Configurable N-way mirror
Online disk roaming
Instant volume configuration restoration
Hot pluggable battery backup module (BBM)
LCM; Serial console; SSH telnet; HTTP Web UI; Secured Web (HTTPS); iSNS; S.E.S.
Data Security
Volume replication tool with multipath support
VLAN 802.1Q, 802.1p support
OS Support
Email; SNMP trap; Browser pop-up windows; Syslog; Windows Messenger
DSN-6000 Datasheet_AW.indd 3
Windows; Linux; Solaris; Mac
VMWare; Hyper-V; Citrix
3-year Warranty for system
1-year Warranty for battery backup module
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Storage | DSN-6000 Series
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