SC—290 Ni—MH Battery Charger
A Caution !
SC-290 Ni-MH Battery Charger
SPECIFICATION: * Input:AC100-240V 50/60HZ
“+ Output: DC 2.82V
+ Charging current: 200-500mA
LED INDICATION: + Red: Charging
+ Green: Without battery in
the battery slots or full charge.
Charge Only Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, DO NOT charge alkaline batteries.
DO NOT reverse the [+] and [-] terminals at connection or let the batteries
contact metals such as necklaces or hairpins.
+ DO NOT charge Ni-MH batteries longer than 72 hours.
+ Forindoor use ONLY!
‘Operating Instructions
| € Insert Two AA or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries into the battery slots.
Please put the [+] terminal of the battery into the charger first (note: will only charge
two batteries at the same time).
+ Plug the charger into the correct AC electrical outlet. The red LED will indicate
proper charging.
® After full charge, the LED will turn green. Remove the charger from the AC outlet,
and then remove the batteries. The approximate charging times are listed below.
NE Electrical Characteristics
NE Charging
Insert 2pcs AA or AAA
Ni-MH rechargeable
batteries. Align the
‘Operation Instructions
poles [+] and [-]
AC 100-240V for worldwide use.
Charges Two AA/AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries at the same time.
Automatic current adjustment by voltage detection for overload protection.
Charging channel with dual color LED indicator.
Automatically trickle charges after full charge.
Dimensions: W 2,5” X HT 3.5"
= AA 1800 mAh AAA 850 mAh
> Approximately Approximately
| 420 minutes 135 minutes
{ AA Ni-MH
Г )
Raise the pins to
right angle position,
and then plug the
charger into household
AC electric outlet.
Red LED will
light up to indicate
proper charging.
When fully charged,
the LED indicator
turns green. Remove
the charger from the
AC outlet, and then
remove the batteries.
Revised 05/08
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