Sony VSP-BZ10 Datasheet

Sony VSP-BZ10 Datasheet
Digital Signage Player
The VSP-BZ10 is a simple digital signage player for easy and effective delivery of visual messages.
Small in size and low on power consumption, the VSP-BZ10 is packed with useful features and functions.
It adopts a high-performance hardware video decoder that assures you of both high-quality HD image
delivery and the reliability required for digital signage applications.
The player’s full HD video display capability realizes the delivery of exciting, information-rich content at
an affordable cost.
Whether used as a stand-alone sneakernet digital signage player or networked with multiple units, the
VSP-BZ10 helps to enhance the viewing experience and is sure to leave your audiences with a longlasting impression.
Compact Body Packed With Abundant Functions.
Fully HD-compatible Digital Signage Player.
The VSP-BZ10 is a fully HD-compatible output digital signage player with a small footprint and low power consumption that enables
easy configuration of a digital signage system.
Bursting With Presentation Functions
Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) Compatibility
Wide XGA
(1,366 x 768 pixels)
Transition Effects
Cross-fade image
Full HD
(1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
images are simulated
Fully HD-compatible (1,920 x 1,080) output realizes
high-image information transmission.
A switching effect can be inserted between adjacent
still images in the playlist. Selection may be made
from two settings: cross-fade and fade-in/out. Fast or
slow speed settings may also be selected.
*Motion image files need to be encoded at 30 fps.
Interrupt Playback Function
Text Overlay
The tour desk is open 7 days
image simulated
Text overlays can be created and edited using the
management software. Elements such as font, font
size, and background color can be set as desired
and the unit is also capable of handling scroll text
overlays. In addition, the unit can handle graphical
text overlays that use PNG files.
Compatible with PowerPoint® and Flash® Files
The included signage
animation converter can be
used to convert PowerPoint or
Flash files* into MPEG2 files for
With a series of interconnected players residing on
the same network, motion and still-image content
can also be displayed as interrupt playback, instead
of the content intended for scheduled playback.
Using the interrupt playback function enables prompt
display of content such as an emergency message
or information update, depending on the situation. It’s
also possible to only replace the text overlays, using
the text overlay interrupt playback function.
Control and Monitoring of BRAVIA® HDTVs
The player can support control and monitoring
**External links in Flash files cannot be
• When using Signage Animation
Converter, Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007
or later is required to convert
PowerPoint files, and Adobe® Flash
Player 8 is required to convert Flash files.
The user can set the
duration (playing time)
of interrupt content for
interrupt playback.
Image size/format,
output folder settings, etc.
functionalities with select Sony® public display
products and also consumer BRAVIA products.
•Requires an optional Control
Terminal Box (CBX-H10).
• For details on supported
models, contact your
Simple Operation and Expandability
USB Sneakernet Compatibility
Enables Flexible System Configuration
Management software
SDHC Class
10 card
Management software
USB memory can be used to distribute and update
content, schedules, etc.
Distributable by
freemanagement software
for up to 10 players
The included management software can be selected
to match the style used. In addition, flexible system
configuration is enabled by phased introduction of
one stand-alone unit to ten units.
Dedicated Management Software Included
The included management software can be used to
make the necessary settings for content distribution
to players, content registration, creation of playlists
and playback schedules, and schedule distribution to
players. In addition, the management software is
capable of controlling up to ten players.
Tasks such as checking content,
and creating or editing playlists
can be performed on the
playlist screen.
Content registered in the
management software is
displayed on the
my-collection folder screen.
Small Footprint, Low Power Consumption
The compact, lightweight body takes up
little space. Power consumption is
approximately 8 W.
*When not uploading by USB.
A vertical placement stand accessory is
included, enabling setup to match the
installation environment.
An SDHC Class 10 memory card
(sold separately) is used for storage.
A removal-prevention slot cover is
External dimensions (W x H x D)
Power requirements
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Compatible File Format
7 7/8 x 1 1/4 x 5 7/16 inches (200 x 33 x 139 mm) (excluding protrusions)
Approximately 1 3/4 lbs (800 g)
DC 12 V, supplied from included AC adapter (100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Approx. 8W *1
Maximum : Approx.14W
32 to 104˚F (0 to +40°C)
-4 to 131˚F (-20 to +55°C)
MPEG2-PS ([email protected], Audio MPEG1 Layer2)
MPEG2-TS ([email protected], Audio MPEG1 Layer2)
H.264 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Audio AAC)
Video output
Audio output
Memory card slot
Digital: AV OUT for HDMI cable x1, Analog: RGB: High-density D-Sub, 15-pin x 1
Stereo mini-jack x 1
SDHC x 1 (Class 10 only)
Hi-Speed USB x1 (based on USB 2.0)
RS-232C: D-Sub 9-pin x 1
RJ-45 x1 (10 BASE-T / 100BASE-TX)
LAN indicator
Cable length
Output Modes
Link (Green)/Act (Orange)
Less than 100 m (Category 5e)
HDMI AUTO, HD15 1080/60p, HD15 1080/50p, HD15 720/60p, HD15 720/50p
Installation manual x 1, Startup guide x 1, Operation checked media list x 1, Cable tie holder x 1, Vertical
placement stand x 1, CD-ROM (PC application installer, Main unit user manual, PC application user manual, Spec.
sheet) x 1, Warranty booklet x 1, AC adapter x 1, Power cable x 1
*1: When not uploading by USB.
Part Names
INFO button
Standby button
USB terminal
ACCESS indicator
(network) terminal
12 V terminal
SDHC Memory
card slot (covered)
RGB OUT (analog) Anti-theft
Management Software
Usage Environment
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Service
Pack 3 (32-bit)/Microsoft Windows Vista® Business
Service Pack 2 (32-bit/64-bit)/ Microsoft Windows 7
Professional Service Pack 1 (32-bit/64-bit), CPU: 1
GHz or higher (2 GHz or higher recommended)
processor, Memory: 1 GB or higher RAM (2 GB or
higher recommended), HDD free space: 100 MB or
more* in system drive
*If not installed, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
should be installed at the same time as the management
software, and this requires a maximum free space of 700 MB.
Cable tie holder
mounting hole
Sony Electronics Inc.
1 Sony Drive
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
DI -0237 (MK10806V1)
AV OUT terminal
(via HDMI cable)
AUDIO OUT terminal
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