Rack Power Distribution For Critical IT Equipment

Rack Power Distribution For Critical IT Equipment
Rack Power Distribution For Critical IT Equipment
Emerson Network Power Rack PDU Solutions
Enhanced Performance and Management
of Dynamic IT Spaces
Enhance Business Agility, Efficiency and Availability with Emerson Network Power Rack PDUs
Data center investments are sizable, and each component of
the power chain -from the building entrance to the rack power
distribution - is crucial to enabling equipment availability. Enable
your IT investment – and your business – to stay protected with
Emerson Network Power’s family of rack PDU offerings.
Emerson Network Power’s next generation of rack PDUs provides
the industry’s highest availability and most intelligent power
metering and distribution – complete with the simplified energy
management, modular design and cost savings that ensure your
data center – and your business – can operate at peak velocity and
Our complete portfolio of rack PDUs offers value beyond just power
distribution. It easily integrates to your data center infrastructure
management systems to make your organization more resilient,
enhance your business velocity and provide the technological
support you need to grow your company.
MPX™ and MPH2™ Rack PDUs
Intelligent, real-time infrastructure
DCIM software
IT infrastructure
Rack PDUs
Optimized level of visibility and control
Provides the information needed to
make informed decisions and enhance
business agility.
Communicate the status of rack-level
power and environmental information to
a centralized Data Center Infrastructure
Management (DCIM).
Allow monitoring and control to the
receptacle level.
How you Benefit from
Emerson Network Power Rack PDUs
Designed For High Availability
Emerson Network Power rack PDUs are designed specifically to
accommodate higher power densities and be resistant to higher
temperatures, commonly found in modern data center racks. System is
designed to optimize basic power availability. They are easily upgradable to
minimize downtime and carry manufacturer-provided support to ensure
High temperature rating
Modular hot swappable controller card
100% rated magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers
MPX™ rack PDU system-modular, adaptive design
Bistable / normally closed relays
your own SLAs.
Optimized Energy And Capacity Management
By providing highly accurate and comprehensive energy metering
from the aggregate to receptacle levels, MPX and MPH2™ rack PDUs
provide visibility to control energy usage by IT equipment, right-size
your power infrastructure and eliminate unnecessary capital expense.
These rack PDUs also have the lowest energy consumption in this category.
Metering of key electrical parameters with
+/-1% accuracy
Lowest PDU power consumption in the industry
of all switched rack PDU’s
Power and environmental trend reports through
several Emerson Network Power DCIM solutions
Simplified Integration With Management Tools
MPX and MPH2 rack PDUs offer a simplified approach to
implementation and change management that translates to real cost
savings and operational advantages. They support all major industrystandard management, authentication and encryption standards and
protocols, and they fully integrate into Emerson Network Power’s
industry-leading KVM, serial console and infrastructure management
systems. Plus, they integrate rack level power and environmental
monitoring information from the rack PDUs with higher level data center
management software provided by Emerson or third parties.
Up to 4 units sharing an IP address within Rack
PDU Array™
Integration with Emerson Network Power KVM,
serial console and infrastructure management
appliances and software
Integration with Emerson Network Power
software stack
IPv6 support
Support of remote authentication protocols
(LDAP, Active Directory, Radius, Kerberos, TACACS+)
and encryption
Compatibility With Racks And Power Chain
Deployable in most industry racks, Emerson Network Power rack PDUs
are simple to install and move. When Emerson racks are purchased, the
rack PDUs may even be pre-installed to save time and cut costs. All major
global voltage and amperage combinations typically used in a data center
or remote site are available–an Emerson Network Power expert can assist in
Special Knürr DCM Rack fastening without tools
Ability to be preinstalled in Emerson Network Power
rack solutions
Available in popular voltage and amperage
selecting the right rack PDU for your power chain needs.
MPX™ - Adaptive Rack PDU:
Respond to Change while watching your Bottom Line
Confidently take on the uncertain future of connected power requirements with MPX, the most responsive and
adaptive rack PDU available. With MPX rack PDU technology, you can respond to rack equipment changes and
dynamic capacities by leveraging:
Hot-swappable modular output power
Hot-swappable modular communications
Modular input power
MPX Benefits:
Adaptive capacity, distribution,
monitoring, control and management
of critical devices
Flexibility to respond to constant
change—redeploy modules to suit
changing needs
Buy only what you need and build
on your investment
Secure communication
Designed for Critical Environments
Critical rack space operating temperature – up to 55˚C
to support hot internal rack environments
Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current for assured oversight
Energy and power metering down to the individual receptacle
Comprehensive alarming including notification of overloaded branch circuits
Environmental sensing with threshold and alarm set-points
Notification on the loss or removal of individual rack equipment loads
Reconfigurable Power Capacity
& Distribution
The MPX rack PDU has a scalable design that
allows onsite configuration to fit immediate
IT equipment needs. It is the perfect choice
to respond to the needs of a growing
data center. Relocate or add IT equipment
to support changing needs, by easily
reconfiguring the power input
and distribution.
Hot Swappable
Output Power
deploy easily to
get IT equipment
online quickly
Fits Needs Now And Later
The MPX rack PDU provides a wide selection
of single phase and three-phase power input
configurations—with the ability to
field change while maintaining
distribution infrastructure.
Modular Input Power
ay be reconfigured to
support changing power needs,
single and three phase input
Can be positioned for top or
bottom rack entrance
Receptacles &
may be remotely
controlled and metered,
providing operator
flexibility and allowing
increased site security
Power Rail Chassis
(MPX PRC) distributes
power and communications
to all of the support modules.
Available in two separate
heights to accommodate
varying rack heights
Branch Receptacle Modules (MPX™ BRM)
provide output power and branch circuit over
protection. Elementary, branch metered and outlet
metered & switched versions available
Power Rail Spacer
reserves the unused space until an
MPX module is needed
BDM™ local display module,
advanced diagnostics, displayed at
a location that is convenient for the
customer. Features include specific
information on alarms, specific labels
for outlets
SN Sensors: consolidate
environmental monitoring of
temperature and humidity with
rack level power
Power Entry Module (MPX PEM)
provides Input power. Elementary
(without RPC2TM) and input metered
(with pre-installed RPC2TM) versions
are available.
Communications Module
(RPC2) mounts in the Power Entry
Module and provides upgradable
network communications, sensor
and local display interface
MPH2™ – Managed Rack PDU:
Advanced Monitoring and Control Support
MPH2 is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and
control capabilities as well as environmental input options, with multiple power input selections and
output configurations.
It is available in the following four versions:
Outlet Level Metered and Switched
Outlet Level Metered
Rack PDU Metered and Outlet Switched
Rack PDU Metered
MPH2 Benefits
Monitors electrical and environmental parameters with set
threshold and alarm tools
Controls and manages individual receptacles and/or
groups of loads and devices
Allows you to predict failing conditions before they
occur and proactively manage connected equipment for
maximum uptime
Energy and power metering to maximize the data center
power and cooling infrastructure
Lowest power consumption of all switched rack PDU
designs ensures lower operating costs for datacenter
Up to four MPH2 rack PDUs may be interconnected as a
Rack PDU Array™, consolidating user IP connections and
device monitoring.
Designed for Critical Environments
Industry leading operating temperature
– up to 60˚C to support hot Internal
rack environments
Bi-stable relays ensure basic power distribution in the
event that intelligence is compromised
Accurate power metering of +/-1% voltage & current
for assured oversight
Energy and power metering down to the
individual receptacle
Comprehensive alarming including notification of
overloaded branch circuits
Environmental sensing with threshold and
alarm set-points
Notification on the loss or removal of individual rack
equipment loads
MPH2 Savings for a Typical Data Center
Typical 24 Outlet
Rack PDU
Rack PDU power consumption
Rack PDU annual energy
consumption (kWh)
Overall contribution
to datacenter energy
consumption (kWh)*
EUR 50
EUR 12
Cost of energy consumption
(based on average cost of
15 Cent/kWh)
Annual savings per pdu
with MPH2
Savings per PDU
in 10 years
EUR 38
EUR 380
Based on a a comparison of switched rack PDU models for a typical
100 rack data center with a PUE of 1.9.
* per Energy Logic calculations
Special Knürr DCM Rack
fastening without tools
Module (RPC2™):
Provides upgradable network
communications, sensor and
local display interface
BDM™ local display module:
Advanced diagnostics, displayed at
a location that is convenient for the
customer. Features include specific
information on alarms, specific labels
for outlets
Locking outlets and locking
power cord: Prevents accidental
unplugging of IT devices
SN Sensors: consolidate
environmental monitoring of
temperature and humidity with rack
level power
Onboard display: Provides
easy access to vital information
at the rack
Slim profile breakers:
100% rated hydraulic
magnetic slim profile. CB’s
provide reliable resettable
branch circuit protection
without nuisance tripping
Flexible power cord entry:
Simplifies installation of higher
amperage units
Corded and hardwired options:
provide flexibility of wiring to both
overhead and raised floor power
Seamless DCIM Manageability
and Integration
MPH2™ and MPX™ intelligent rack PDUs can be managed both locally and remotely. Metering of all electrical information down to
the outlet, phase, bank or rack PDU level as well as integration with environmental sensors makes these rack PDUs the backbone of
rack level power consumption and environmental information. Support for all major industry-standard management, authentication
and encryption standards and protocols ensure that these products seamlessly fit into any existing network and security architecture.
Flexible Local & Remote Management
The MPH2 standard onboard display provides all pertinent
information required at the rack. The optional BDM local display
is available for MPH2 or MPX, and provides flexibility in location of
the display for most convenient visibility.
Remote communications at a rack PDU level is enabled by
the modular, hot swappable RPC2™ card, providing seamless
upgradeability and serviceability. RPC2 enables:
Support up to 4 PDUs within a Rack PDU Array™:
Minimizes IP addresses
Support up to 10 environmental sensor probes:
Consolidated rack level power and environmental monitoring
Support for Web UI, CLI, SSH and Telnet: Provides Windows,
Linux and network administrators their preferred way to
interact with the rack PDU
Support for all major remote authentication & encryption
protocols: Ensures seamless integration into any corporate
security architecture
SNMP v1, v2 and v3 support: Ensures secure
communications through network management systems
IPv4 and IPv6 support: Ensures continued IP support for
rack PDUs
Embedded data log: Enables equipment or rack level baseline
power consumption study
Embedded event log: Easier troubleshooting and auditing
Remote monitoring interface capabilities include:
Snapshot of all electrical parameters at outlet, branch,
phase and aggregate level
Snapshot of environmental sensor readings and status
Threshold configuration, alarm creation and notifications
Power control of individual or group of outlets
Status information and configuration of all outlets
Network management settings
Command Line Interface
Web User Interface
Centralized Management of all rack PDUs within a datacenter is
provided by Avocent Rack Power Manager, providing access and
control capabilities to easily maintain and configure your PDUs.
Rack Power Manager also provides state-of-the-art monitoring
capabilities that enable intelligent server grouping across disparate
racks. It also enables custom reporting, scheduled regular
reports and the ability to set real-time threshold alerts to give
you the highest quality information on your data center’s power
infrastructure and so you can truly leverage the investment in PDUs.
Measure and Track Power Costs – The Rack Power Manager
calculates and compares cost across multiple levels (rack,
row, data centers or companies) to track cost over a period of
time and also to measure the impact of any consolidation or
expansion projects.
Review Historical Capacity and Consumption Reports – Plan
for future expansion or new facilities more accurately based on
real historical data rather than faceplate ratings or best-guess
scenarios which result in overbuilding and lead to inefficiencies.
Protect Against Downtime – Help get a total reading on power
usage for the data center and set a maximum threshold of
power usage. Set alerts to know when the threshold is reached
or exceeded and allow time to make changes before there are
actual problems.
Accurately Plan – Help IT know what electrical infrastructure to
build into a new location or disaster recovery site. The design
can be based on actual historical data rather than faceplate
ratings or best-guess scenarios which result in overbuilding and
lead to hard-to-correct inefficiencies.
Avocent® Rack Power Manager
Leveraging your Rack PDU Investment
MPX™ and MPH2™ rack PDUs fully integrate into Emerson Network Power’s industry-leading KVM, serial console and infrastructure
management systems. Plus they integrate rack level power and environmental monitoring information from the rack PDUs with
higher level data center management software provided by Emerson or third parties. By making the information available through
these intelligent rack PDUs easily consumable, Emerson Network Power ensures that customers invest in a comprehensive, easy to
use power distribution and management solution.
Integration with Avocent® Advanced Console Server,
MergePoint™ Unity KVM Switches and Universal
Management Gateway appliances ensures:
Out of band management path for rack PDUs
Rack PDUs are a part of consolidated rack level access and
control solution
Minimize the number of IP addresses required for
rack PDU management
Integration with Avocent DSView™ 4 management software,
which consolidates all data center management functionality
into a single interface, delivers the complete data center control
necessary for the 24/7 data center.
It enables secure, out-of-band, centralized management of all
connected IT and network devices in today’s often complex
and geographically dispersed data centers.
When used in conjunction with KVM appliances, serial console
appliances, service processor gateways and rack PDUs, the
hardware and software combine to allow IT administrators to
remotely access, monitor and control target devices on multiple
platforms at numerous locations–anywhere, anytime.
In combination with rack PDUs DSView 4 management
software ensures
That rack PDUs are a part of consolidated datacenter level
access and control solution
Easy association of IT equipment with the rack PDU outlets
they are connected to
Rack PDUs are a part of consolidated authentication,
authorization and audit solution for datacenters
Integration with Liebert® Nform™ and Liebert SiteScan® ensures:
Rack PDUs are a part of consolidated facilities level monitoring
solution for datacenters
Real-time monitoring and control of virtually any piece of critical
support equipment
Data analysis and trend reporting
Event management
The Trellis™ platform represents a groundbreaking DCIM innovation
from Emerson Network Power – one that mitigates IT risk while
at the same time increases operational efficiency – solving your
problems for today and preparing you for the future.
Whether you’re expanding, consolidating or planning IT initiatives,
your data center requires constant monitoring, tracking and the
ability to view real-time infrastructure metrics and data for accurate
planning and decision making. The Trellis™ platform is a single
application that provides the information you need, when you need
it so you can accurately manage the data center and eliminate the
need for multiple tools.
With real-time visualization, power tracking and mobile access in the
Trellis™ platform, you can:
Reduce inefficiencies without disrupting existing operations
Defer capital expenses and increase operating margin
Improve SLAs with end-to-end visibility across the infrastructure
Reduce operational expenses without compromising availability and agility
Manage remote resources more effectively
Improve overall efficiency with more visibility into the data center
Avocent RPM
DI-STRIP® – Basic Rack PDU:
Robust PDUs with helpful equipment features
Emerson Network Power Basic Rack PDUs are the solution for every data center looking for robust, economical and flexible rack concepts. For power distribution the DI-STRIP® product family meets the requirements of numerous IT applications and other areas. Specially configured for the growing number of electronic components in network switching
racks of server racks. Available with different accessories, such as circuit breakers, surge protection, mains filter, masterslave function, emergency off button, fault current circuit breaker, local and remote power measurement, for example.
Highest possible security and
availability with:
Closed sheet steel extrusion, which means high stability
and torsional strength.
Extensive certification in acc. with international standard.
Double spring contacts for shock hazard-proof and low
contact resistance.
Unbalanced load monitoring with 3-phase feed prevents overload on the feed cable (only DI-STRIP versions M
and RM).
Optimum load monitoring with installation of the servers (only DI-STRIP versions M and RM).
Individual outputs backup with the DI-STRIP BladePower
and Pizza Power.
Maximum flexibility with:
Configurations and options with international compatibility.
2.5 m or 4 m long mains cable for more spatial flexibility.
Rotating display in 90° steps (only DI-STRIP versions M
and RM).
Tool-less installation, which means quick and easy extension in the rack (only DI-STRIP HighPower).
All DI-STRIP M / RM with display rotation
for better reading.
Extremely low operating costs with:
Quick and easy installation on the rack requires
minimum space and shorter installation time.
Automatic background light reduction extends
the display's service life and reduces the rack PDU
power loss (only DI-STRIP models M and RM).
Especially flat housing extrusion, providing full
accessibility to the 19" level with 600 mm wide
server racks.
Preinstalled Toolless brackets
Universal Mounting bracket
Ability to ship rack PDU preinstalled in Emerson Racks
Input Power Options
North America
100 - 120V 1-ph 20A/30A
200 - 240V 1-ph 20/30A
200 - 240V 3-ph 20/30/50/60A
208/120V 3-ph 20/30A
415V/240V 3-ph 20A/30A
100 - 120V 1-ph 15/20/30A
200 - 240V 1-ph 20A/30A
Input Power Options International
230V 1-ph 16A/32A
230/400V 3-ph 16A/32A/63A
230V 1-ph 16A/32A
230/400V 3-ph 16A/32A
Input Wiring Options
Max. Capacity North America
Max. Capacity International
Outlet Options
Maximum Outlets
Maximum Operating Temp. Range
Storage Temperature Range
Relative Humidity
Overcurrent Protection
10 ft. pluggable power cord
10 ft. pluggable power cord
or Hardwired
8/10 ft. pluggable power cord
17.2 kW
17.2 kW
4.9 kW
27.7 kW
22.2 kW
22.2 kW
NEMA 5-20; IEC 320C13;
IEC 320 C19; Schuko;
French UTE; Schuko; Switzerland
CH SEV 1011; GST 18
NEMA 5-20; IEC 320C13
IEC 320 C19
Locking capability on all outlets
NEMA 5-15; NEMA 5-20; IEC
320C13; IEC 320 C19; French
UTE; Schuko; Switzerland CH SEV
1011; GST 18
Basic BRM's: 42
Rack PDU Metered BRM's: 36
Outlet Metered &
Switched BRM's: 36
Strip Metered: 42
Outlet Metered and / or
Switched: 24
Max. 48
0°C to 55°C
0°C to 60°C
0°C to 45/55°C
-25°C to 85°C
-25°C to 85°C
-20°C to - 85°C
5% to 95%
5% to 95%
5% to 95%
Software Electronic Overcurrent Protection
100% Rated 20A Branch Overcurrent Protection - Hydraulic Magnetic
Circuit Breakers
Hydraulic Magnetic
Circuit Breakers/Fuses
Idle Power Consumption
3 W – 22 W
3W - 5W
0U Units Width x Depth
75 mm x 104 mm
56 mm x 50 mm
45 mm x 46 mm and others
1035 mm / 1880 mm
916 mm / 1004 mm /
1737 mm/ 1827 mm
333 mm - 1833 mm
0U units Length
Agency Approvals
Metering Levels
Parameters Measured
Aggregate, Branch, Phase, Outlet
Aggregate (only DI-STRIP M/RM)
Volts, Current, kW, KVA, kWh, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Frequency
Current (only DI-STRIP M/RM)
+/- 1% (only DI-STRIP M/RM)
On, Off, Recycle, Lock, Unlock, Outlet Grouping Capability
Metering Accuracy
Switching Capability
Local Management
Power Entry Module
Branch Receptacle Module
RPC2™ communications module
RPC2 communications module
Optional Local Display
Onboard Display,
Optional Local Display
Onboard Display
(only DI-STRIP M/RM)
Remote Management
Onboard Web Interface; CLI; SNMP; SSH; Telnet
Integration with Avocent® ACS, Avocent Universal Management Gateway
& Avocent MergePoint™ Unity Integration with DSView®, Rack Power
Manager, Nform™ and the Trellis™ platform
SNMP version support
v1, v2 and v3
Remote: Active Directory, LDAP, TACACS, Radius, Kerberos
Onboard Web Interface, SNMP,
Syslog, Integration with Liebert
NformTM (only DI-STRIP RM)
All systems are RoHS compliant.
As at: November 2013 / Version 1.0
Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR),
delivers software, hardware and services that maximize
availability, capacity and efficiency for data centers, healthcare
providers and industrial facilities. A trusted industry leader in
smart infrastructure technologies, Emerson Network Power
provides innovative data-center infrastructure management
solutions that bridge the gap between IT and facility management
and deliver efficiency and uncompromised availability regardless
of capacity demands. Our solutions are supported around the
world by local Emerson Network Power service technicians.
Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and
services at:
Emerson Network Power
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While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of
this brochure, Emerson Network Power and/or its affiliates makes no representations
or warranty about its accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness and disclaims
any and all liability for damages resulting from the use of this information or for any
errors or omissions.
©2013 Emerson Network Power. All rights reserved.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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1101.150.111 • MPH2 • Subject to technical changes, errors and omissions.
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