Adding new clients is one of the first steps that need to be taken when beginning to use AVImark®.
The New Client Information window can be accessed a number of ways:
Right-click New in the Client Area
From the Clients menu select New
Press F2 while highlighted in the Client Area
New Client Information Window
This window is divided into 3 sections and you can simply press the Tab key to maneuver from one field to
the next.
Contact Information
• Use the Last and First fields to enter the clients name
• Enter the appropriate title in the Title field. This title will print out on Invoices, Patient Charts,
Documents, etc.
• Tab to the Address field and enter the clients first and second line of address if necessary.
• In the Zip field click on the drop-down list to select a city, which has been defined in System
Tables. Selecting a city will automatically enter the zip code, city, state and area code. If a city is
not displayed in this list simply enter the client’s appropriate zip code in the Zip field.
• Enter the client’s contact number in the Phone field. This is typically their home number.
• Tab to the appropriate fields to enter a Fax no., Work number or Cell number.
• The County field is used for entering the county the client currently resides. It can also be used for
tax purposes and printing a county specific Rabies certificate.
• Tab to the E-mail field and enter the client’s email address.
• In the History Zip select a zip code from the drop-down list. This is used to specify what tax area
the client resides and is designed for Washington state users.
Personal Information
• Enter the client’s Social Security Number and Driver’s License number if desired. This
information will not print on invoices. The SSN field will always be displayed with question
marks and will not display the number until you click in the field.
• Click on the Photo browse button to attach a photo. The name of the photo will appear in the field
and the photo will print on invoices if a patient photo has not been associated with the pet.
• Type the client’s current employer in the Employer field
• In the Spouse field enter the spouse’s name. To search for a client by the spouse name assign the
Q action code.
• Select a doctor from the Preferred Doctor list to have this doctor automatically selected when
services are entered in the patient’s Medical History.
• If appropriate click on the Reference drop-down list or browse button to choose the referral
source for this client.
Miscellaneous Information
• When a client is added AVImark® automatically enters the date in the Added field. This date can
be changed if necessary.
• In the Added By field enter the initials of the person that entered the new client. If logging onto
AVImark® with passwords the current staff member that is logged in when adding this client will
have their initials entered in this field.
• The Codes area represents the action codes you wish to specify for this client. You can add up to 8
action codes for each client. Click on the drop-down list to select the appropriate action code.
o A – Active client, automatically assigned to new clients added
o B – Business or Institution
o C – Credit Approved for this client
o E – Tax exempt
o I – Inactive client
o Q – Search for client by Spouse name
o S – Prevents client from receiving a statement
o W – Waives late fee for this client
o X – Marks the client as Bad Debt and creates an alert on the client’s account
To hold reminders from being sent to this client select Suspend Reminder
Enter a date you would like the reminders to resume in the Suspend Until field
In the Folder number field enter the number assigned to the client’s hard copy file. If a clinic has
converted from another software, the client’s old account number will be entered here. You can
search for clients by using the Folder number.
Use the Co. field to enter the company number for this client. All clients automatically default to
one. This number is used if a clinic has multiple businesses and wish to keep reports separate for
each company.
In the Contract Price field enter the appropriate contract price code that should be applied to this
client. If you are not using Contract Pricing for discounts do not assign a code.
Group discounts can be set up for your clients and in the Class field you can specify the
appropriate discount class for this client.
The Statement Site field is directed to clinics using the AVImark® Site feature. Choosing the
appropriate site for this client will cause that clinics information to print on statements.
Use the Quality and Set fields to rate clients on a scale of 1-10 based on their sales and number of
After the necessary information has been entered for the client, click OK. The Patient information window
will automatically appear and you can continue entering the pet’s information if desired.
Once the client is added their information will automatically appear on the CID. The client’s last name will
appear on a tab at the bottom of the Client Area allowing you to simply click on a tab to view the client’s
Client Attachments
The Client Attachments area is located to the right of the Client Area. Click on the desired attachment
option to view or add additional information for the selected client. Check marks will appear next to an
attachment to indicate information is associated with the attachment.
Accounting records all accounting transactions for the selected client.
More Stuff contains additional information attached to the client’s file
Select Notes to add or view the client notes
The Referrals option will display a Referral List window displaying client’s referred by the
selected client.
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