Prevost Aware Brochure

Prevost Aware Brochure
Prevost® Aware'" - Adaptive Cruise Braking by Bendix® for the coach market - an innovative approach to collision mitigation designed
to help your fleet on the road, in the office and on the bottom line.
Helping your drivers and passengers on the road
Keeping a safe distance behind a vehicle is one way to help your fleet avoid collisions. Prevost Aware - Adaptive Cruise Braking by
Bendix - can help your drivers maintain a safe following distance. When the distance between your driver's coach and the vehicle
they're following starts to close, the system provides warnings and - when cruise control is engaged - actions, including brake
applications, to help your driver keep their distance.
Professional commercial vehicle drivers participating in Bendix road tests have indicated that using the system helps keep
them more alert throughout their shift. Alert drivers can be safer drivers - and that adds up to potentially fewer accidents and
accident-related downtime for your fleet.
Providing information you can use
Performance on the road is important, but you also need information to know what's happening out there. The system delivers solid
data your fleet can use, such as information about following distance, cruise control use, and stability events. Knowing about close
calls and other insights from the road can help you assess and update your driver training needs and support fleet operations.
Making a positive contribution to your bottom line
It's all about getting a quick return on your safety investment. The system helps in two significant ways. First, by helping drivers
maintain following distance and stay more alert, your fleet may see fewer accidents, and less accident-related costs. Second, the
system can help your drivers stay in cruise control longer, which - depending on your fleet operations - can result in significant
fuel savings.
Costly crash or close call? Your choice. Prevost Aware - Adaptive Cruise Braking by Bendix helps your fleet where it matters ... on the road, in the office and on the bottom line.
The ultimate class.
Prevost® Aware™ - Adaptive Cruise Braking bv Bendix® - is an
easy-to-use system that does more than just warn - it acts to
help drivers and your bonom line.
Prevost® Aware ™ by BendiX®. ..
Applies the brakes;
Enabling greater capability for your driver to maintain a set following distance.
Provides useful information;
Delivers valuable data about following distance, system usage, and stability interventions
that you can use to help target driver training needs.
Is integrated into the dash - meaning less driver distraction;
The comfortable "natural" positioning of system displays integrated into the dash - along with
the use of existing cruise control switches - helps minimize clutter and driver distraction.
Delivers distinctive "Always On" driver alerts;
As following distance closes, drivers receive unique visual and audible warnings to aid their
response. Fewer false warnings means drivers react when the system alerts.
Can deliver a quick ROI;
Just one crash avoided can add up to substantial savings from potential accident reductions
and other related costs. And , the increased use of cruise control can contribute to overall fuel
savings for your fleet.
Alerts drivers to stationary road hazards;
Stationary object alert can provide drivers with an extra warning about metallic objects such
as stopped vehicles blocking their lane of travel day or night, rain or shine, fog or snow.
Helps keep drivers alert without disturbing passengers;
Drivers get both audible and visual alerts to let them know when they're getting too close
to the vehicle in front of them, or if a metallic object is blocking their lane of travel.
The PrevDst® Aware'M
by Bendix® System
The power of radar and the added
protection of full stability
Using a small radar sensor mounted on the
front of your coach, the system sends out a
radar signal up to 500 ft. in front of the vehicle,
tracking up to 32 objects in its range.
When the cruise switch is on and speed is set Prevost Aware by Bendix delivers warnings
and actions
When in cruise, your drivers get the benefit of
both audible and visual alerts, and proactive
interventions - such as reducing throttle,
engaging the engine retarder and automatic
brake applications - helping them maintain a
set following distance.
When the cruise switch is off Prevost Aware by Bendix still delivers warnings
When cruise is not engaged, your drivers
still get assistance from audible and visual
warnings that let them know when their vehicle
may be getting too close to the vehicle in front.
Plus, Bendix® ESp® - Full Stability
Solution - for added protection
You need more than just collision mitigation;
you need as much potential accident prevention
as you can get. That's why the Bendix ESP full
stability system is an integral part of Prevost
Aware by Bendix. The system is an alwaysactive, full stability system that helps mitigate
rollovers and loss-of -control situations on a
wide variety of road conditions - from dry or
wet, to snow or ice-covered surfaces.
The ultimate class _
The best crash is the one you avoid. For complete details about Prevost® Aware'M - Adaptive Cruise
Braking by Bendix®, contact your Prevost Regional Sales Manager or Bendix at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE
(1-800-247 -2725), or today.
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC • 901 Cleveland Street. Elyria,Ohio 44035 • • 1-800-247-2725
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