XCL-5005 (XCL5005) - Metric Industrial AB

XCL-5005 (XCL5005) - Metric Industrial AB
This new B&W 5-Megapixel CCD camera provides
exceptional picture quality (2,448 x 2,050 pixels)
and captures video at 15 frames per second. This
camera adopts the AIA PoCL standard (Power
over Camera Link) and features auto-selectable
power from an EIAJ or PoCL connector. Sony’s
high resolution XCL-5005 B&W video camera incorporates a new Sony 2/3-type Progressive Scan
CCD sensor with square pixels.
Sony is expanding its Camera Link family. Sony is expanding its Camera Link TM family of cameras with
the introduction of the XCL-5005 (B&W) Digital Cameras for demanding industrial inspection applications.
This camera can enhance your solutions by providing
high resolution image data at a high frame rate for
accurate processing. The XCL-5005 camera incorporates a 2/3-type progressive scan IT CCD that
produces ultra-high resolution images of over
5,000,000 effective pixels at 15 fps. In addition, this
camera employs the standard Camera Link interface,
which is switchable to PoCL (Power over Camera Link)
enabling users to simplify connections to various
machine-vision systems. This camera is compatible
with standard C-mount lenses adding to their cost-effectiveness. The XCL-5005 features a multitude of
functions useful in machine-vision applications, such
as vertical and horizontal partial scanning, built-in
real-time hardware pre-processing, and flexible highspeed outputs. This robust camera is highly resistant
to shock and vibration which is essential for machinevision applications. This feature-rich, ultra-high resolution, XCL-5005 digital camera captures clear, fast
moving objects or still images in low light environments. It is an ideal solution for industrial inspection
applications such as for inspections of semiconductors, electronic parts, display panels, and for biomedical microscopy.
Ultra-high Resolution Image Capture
The XCL-5005 cameras incorporates a 2/3-type progressive scan IT CCD that provides outstanding
picture quality and high-resolution images of over five
effective megapixels (2448 x 2050) at 15 fps
Supports both PoCL and Standard Camera Link
(Base Configuration)
This camera is equipped with the industry standard
digital Camera Link interface to simplify connectivity
to machine vision systems. This interface outputs
high-speed image data at up to 2.4 Gb/s, enabling
high-resolution images to be transferred and processed quickly and accurately. What’s more, because
this camera is PoCL capable, it can be configured using a single cable for easy and flexible installation.
Vertical and Horizontal Partial Scanning
The XCL-5005 camera features both a vertical and
horizontal partial scanning function used to scan particular areas of an image to reduce data size and to
minimize processing time. The horizontal scanning
function can be set from 128 pixels to 2448 pixels in
4-pixel increments allowing users to precisely select
the area of the image to be scanned.
Hardware Pre-processing
The XCL-5005 cameras has a number of real-time
hardware pre-processing functions such as a 3 x 3 filter, DTL filter, correction, and a binarization mechanism that can be used to emphasize the edges of an
object or to change the contrast of an image. These
functions provide frame grabbers with images that are
easy to process, thus minimizing the load on the PC.
High Shock and Vibration Resistance
Vibration resistance: 10 G (20 to 200 Hz), Shock resistance: 70 G
Technical Specifications
Image device
Standard picture size
Cell size
Resolution depth
2/3-type progressive scan IT
(HxV) 2448 x 2050
(5,018,400 pixels)
3.45 x 3.45 µm
8/10/12 bits/pixel
Lens mount
Digital interface
Frame rate
C mount
Standard Camera Link (Base
configuration)/ PoCL (Power
over Camera Link)
15 fps
Output data clock
Minimum Illumination
Gain control
Readout mode
Shutter speed
Shutter mode
Readout features
Extended signal output
Power requirements
80 MHz (1 tap), 40 MHz (2
400 lx 5.6 (0 dB)
1 lx (GAIN + 18 dB, F1,4)
0 to + 18 dB
Normal Binning (1x2), Partial scan (by 1 line
2 to 1/10,000 s
External trigger shutter
(Trigger start/Trigger start
and exposure duration)
Gamma: OFF/ON (Arbitrary
setting), DTL filter (Edge detection/emphasis), 3x3 matrix filter (Binarization)
DVAL/EXPOSURE/GND output (selectable)
DC 12V
Power consumption
Mass Approx.
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Operating humidity
Storage humidity
Vibration resistance
Shock resistance
Max 3.8 W
44 (W) x 44 (H) x 57,5 (D)
130 g (4.6 oz)
-5° to 45°C (23 to 113° F)
-30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°
20 to 80% (no
20 to 95% (no
10 G (20 to 200 Hz)
70 G
Supplied Accessories
Lens mount cap.
Operating instructions
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