Philips BMT1852/00 flat panel floorstand

Philips BMT1852/00 flat panel floorstand
Wall lift
•Electric adjustable wall lift
•Fixed wall lift up to 65”
•Maximum lift 120 kg
•Electric adjustable
•Low noise level
•Fast motion
•Robust steel construction
•High quality / Low Price
•Min. Height 955 mm
•Max. Height 1625 mm
470 mm
Max. height=
center of screen
720 mm
Max. height 1625 mm
Min. height 955 mm
870 mm
Electric stand
For the large-size touchsceens PresTop especially
developed a very affordable, electric adjustable
wall lift. The electric lift includes a PC holder.
It is all fabricated so one single cable comes
out of the stand.
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