1. Take the stairs 2. Coffee break leg exercise 3. Desk chair swivel 4

1. Take the stairs 2. Coffee break leg exercise 3. Desk chair swivel 4
8 smart
ways to
exercise at
1. Take the stairs
Any activity you can do while not sitting behind your
desk is a bonus. When you get to work, have a meeting
on another floor or are on your way out for lunch, take
the stairs instead of the lift.
2. Coffee break leg exercise
Sneak in some glute exercises every time you head to
the kitchen for a coffee or water refill. Standing tall,
balance on one leg and lift the opposite leg straight
back. Keep the lifted leg as straight as possible, focusing
on squeezing the muscles.
3. Desk chair swivel
Got a busy day where it’s not easy to get away from
your desk? While reading emails, sit with your back
straight and feet hovering just off the floor, place just
your fingertips on the edge of your desk. Contract your
core and use your abs to twist slowly from left to right.
Try for 10 twists to each side, three times throughout
the workday.
With most of us spending 90%
of our week at work, glued to our seats, 4. Work your arms
your butt off the seat and work your
getting some exercise in during the day Acoregreatandwayarmsto get
all while reading emails. Sit in your chair
your legs crossed under you. Put your hands on
can be tough. But there is no need to spend with
the armrests, suck in your stomach and raise yourself
your lunch break at the gym or even spend a few inches above the seat, using your abs and arms.
for 10 to 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat
unnecessary time away from your desk. Hold
five times.
Here are 10 ways to get in some 5. Squat sits
time you return to your desk chair, whether it’s
exercise at work without having to take a Every
from a meeting, a bathroom break or a coffee refill, do
shower, fix your hair and touch up your five squats before settling in. With feet slightly wider
shoulder width apart and the chest lifted, sit down
make-up afterwards. than
and back, tapping your rear lightly on the seat before
pushing up through the heels to return to standing.
6. Under desk leg extensions
This great abs and leg exercise is so subtle that no one
will even know you are doing it. Start with your feet flat
on floor and sitting tall at your desk. Hold your abs
tight. Extend one leg until it is level with your hip. Hold
it for ten seconds, then slowly lower it. Repeat this 15
times on each leg.
7. Stretches
Throughout the day, be sure to do plenty of stretching.
Stretch your arms up, back and forward to help open
your chest. Roll your neck from side to side for a good
neck stretch and extend your legs one at a time to
loosen up your lower body.
If sitting for nine hours a day isn’t doing it for you,
request a standing desk instead. You burn more calories
when standing because your body naturally moves
around, shift your weight from one leg to the other or
tap your foot.
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8. Ditch the chair
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