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Plumeau brush
Additional nozzle for your vacuum cleaner
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This plumeau brush is ideal for hoovering small surfaces like window sills and soft
furniture. A very handy accessory for your vacuum cleaner.
Ease of using Philips spare parts
• Renew your product with original Philips parts
Plumeau brush
Replaceable part
• Fits product types: FC9062/01, FC9064/02,
FC9150/01, FC9150/02, FC9150/09, FC9160/01,
FC9170/01, FC9170/02, FC9170/03, FC9170/09,
FC9171/01, FC9172/01, FC9172/02, FC9172/03,
FC9173/01, FC9174/01, FC9175/01, FC9176/01,
FC9178/03, HR8903/12
Issue date 2013-01-10
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