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G Series
The Acer G Series displays engaging high-definition visuals and crystal-clear text on its cinematic widescreen. The brilliant design and
simplified functionality make the great value of this monitor easy to see!
Impressive design
The chic black bezel and aviation-inspired base present a polished look that's eye-catching as
a desktop PC complement or secondary notebook display.
Brilliant display
The superior resolution, fast response time, and high contrast ratio provide extra-fine details
and smooth movement for your favorite entertainment. The 16:9 aspect ratio frames movies
and HDTV content perfectly. What's more, two built-in speakers (optional) deliver nice sound to
accompany the awesome graphics!
Straightforward functionality
Just press the input key on the main menu and the G Series automatically searches signals
across its VGA, DVI and HDMI® ports. A press of the Empowering Key launches the Acer
eColor Management onscreen interface for adjusting the setup and color to create a
personalized viewing experience.
G245H Bbid
24" wide-screen TFT LCD - 1920 x 1080 resolution - 80,000:1 (ACM) dynamic contrast ratio - 170°/160°
horizontal/vertical viewing angles - VGA - DVI (HDCP) - HDMI connectors - 300 cd/m2 brightness - 5ms
response time - black color
Part Number ET.FG5HP.B01
Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice
CAD 199
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