Jacques Voice Communication Systems

Jacques Voice Communication Systems
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
A. 650 – Series VoIP Communication System
The Jacques 650 Services Voice Communication System uses Voice-over-IP (VoIP),
technology to create a fully digital networked Intercommunications and Public Address
This multifunctional system integrates a number of subsystems which, include the
∼ Professional Intercom
∼ Multi-zone Public Address
∼ Digital Message Store
∼ Music Distribution
∼ Information and Entertainment
∼ Emergency Help Points
The Jacques 650 Series VoIP System is easily configurable to suit a variety of
applications such as:
a) Secure Facilities
Prisons, police stations, courthouses, detention centers and defence installations
The system is designed for integration with security and building management systems, access control and CCTV systems. Specialized
call handling for secure environments allows staff complete control over communications with slave intercom stations. Hierarchical call
handling centralises responsibility for easy response to calls.
Another sales and marketing bulletin will be issued specifically for secure facility system.
b) Commercial Buildings
Shopping centers, office buildings, Universities, malls, carparks, vehicle entry, firestairs, airports etc. etc.
In addition to standard intercom features, the VoIP system provides emergency help points designed for public safety, integrated multizone public address with emergency warning and intercommunication system (EWIS) support and distribution of digital background
c) Transport Industry
Fixed infrastructure and onboard solutions for rail, bus, shipping, highway help phones, tunnels, and long line public address (LLPA)
applications. Passenger information and entertainment is provided in one single convenient system. Therefore, reducing costs and
cabling requirements significantly.
Fully digital, Voice over IP (VoIP)
The system is based on Ethernet network standards and TCP/IP protocols. The system
uses a commercially available network equipment and infrastructure.
Expandable and flexible system
The 650-Series allows virtually an unlimited number of intercom stations and public
address zones to be connected in a fully integrated system,
Crystal Clear Voice Communications
Wide voice bandwidth digital audio with low distortion provides high intelligibility
communication which is essential for public safety and security applications.
Reduced cabling and installation costs
No special cabling or terminations are required. Uses standard Ethernet and operates
over copper, fiber or wireless. The system easily integrates with structured cabling
systems or existing data networks.
Robust, weatherproof and vandal
resistant Intercom and Help Point
Years of experience in designing and developing equipment for the High Security
Industry has honed our expertise in creating products that are ideally suited for
installation in extreme environments.
Powered Ethernet Support
Data and power are provided over a single 4 pair CAT-5/CAT-6 data cable to Jacques
650-Series equipment.
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
Flexible Call Handling
a) Rule based call permissions are configurable for all Intercom Stations.
b) Priority queuing of calls based on risk assessment and site procedures.
c) Intercom system topology can be structured as a mix of hierarchical or peer-to-peer configuration.
d) All call activity and system events are recorded to an event log database for call accounting, incident
reports or fault diagnosis. System fault and alarms are distributed to operators in real-time.
e) Specialised slave intercom features for secure facilities include covert monitoring of slave stations,
isolation of nuisance callers and a call recording.
Public Address
a) The 650-Series Public Address Controllers interface directly to standard commercially available PA
amplifiers and sound reinforcement equipment.
b) PABX interface module allows telephone extensions to access the public address system.
c) Enhanced public address features with Jacques JAG-S1 Audio Gateway (refer to LLPA brochure for
further information)
d) Emergency warning and intercommunication system (EWIS) eight (8) zone module, compliant with
AS2220. Modules can be linked to provide virtually an unlimited number of zones. (Also, is available
e) Automatic Level Control (ALC) with ambient noise monitoring and 24-hour time schedule.
System Integration
a) High Level Interface (HLI) to third party system is available as a software developer kit.
b) Fully supported by leading building and security management systems (BMS, SMS).
c) Relay modules are available on intercom slave stations as an option to activate external equipment
such as door or boom gate controllers or to signal CCTV camera presets.
d) Designed for low or high level integration with CCTV systems (intercom activated video).
e) Audio outputs are available for recording of intercom conversations on external digital video
recorders or digital voice loggers.
f) Time can be synchronized with external systems using GPS (NMEA or NTP)
Standard TCP/IP and
Ethernet Networking
a) All Jacques Intercom and Help Point stations fully support VoIP and can connect to any point on a
TCP/IP network.
b) Quality of Service (QoS) support for reliable digital voice communications
c) Multicast audio transmission for efficient distribution of auxiliary channels and calls to groups of
Intercom stations and PA controllers.
Intercom Master
a) PC master station software application for Microsoft Windows provides a user-friendly graphical user
interface to control all intercom functions through a keyboard, mouse or touch screen.
b) Console master stations provide operators with user-friendly menu and key functions and a multi-line
alphanumeric display. All calls to or from master stations are identified by name as well as a unique tag
c) Multicast audio transmission for efficient distribution of auxiliary channels and calls to groups of
Intercom stations and PA controllers.
Intercom Slave Stations
a) Intercom slave stations have simple single button operation and call only to pre-defined master
stations. Operation is hands-free once the call is established.
b) Intercom slave stations are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Suitable for
mounting in building entrances, on bollards, both internal and external locations.
c) All intercom stations are microprocessor controlled, and perform continuous integrity, tamper and
diagnostic tests.
d) Intercom Station Options – Intercom stations can receive up to 16 auxiliary channels of streamed
audio from sources such as AM/FM radio tuners or CD players for in-house audio distribution.
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
Jacques offer a range of accessory products to support the 650 Series VoIP Integrated Communications System and can provide
complete system solutions for almost any application.
The Jacques VSL-351 Slave Intercom Stations are typically used as access intercoms in most building
applications. This single button call station may be flush or surface mounted and offers as an option, two (2)
user configurable relay outputs. Back boxes are available for flush or surface mounting options.
Product Code – 51045
The Jacques VSL-354 Slave Intercom Stations are specifically designed for use in secure environments,
(detention centers, courthouses, prisons and police stations) for detainees to call for assistance when
required. Additionally, up to 16 channels of background music are available at the intercom station. Channel
selection and volume control, can be adjusted from the slave station, with overall control of music via its
associated Master Station. Product displayed in back mounting option.
Product Code – 51153
The Jacques VSL-164TV Slave Intercom Station is a 4-button intercom with an MATV socket. Call for
assistance, a button for 16 auxiliary channels of background music and volume control, also features on this
slave station. VSL-364TV Intercom Stations are flush surface mounted.
Product Code – 51049
Jacques VSL-371 Slave Intercom Stations are only 75mm wide, making them ideal for mounting
in restrictive spaces such as gate and door mullions. As with all the Jacques VoIP Slave Intercom Stations, the VSL-371
connects directly to any port on the network with DC power available via a Jacques Power over Ethernet Adaptor (PoE),
or locally at the slave intercom station.
Product Code – 51046
The Jacques VSL-361 is a single button, VoIP slave intercom station. It is available in a vertically mounted
design and is typically installed in walls, doorways, rooms and gates without back box mounting. This unit is a
flush mount slave station with 6 screw holes for secure mounting directly onto walls or bollards.
Product Code – 51047
The Jacques VSL-341 is a one button access intercom slave station ideal for bollard mounting. This single–button call
station offers 2 user configurable relay outputs as an option. Relay outputs can be configured to operate CCTV, gate
access, lighting and duress alarms. The VSL-341 is a flush mounted slave station with 6 screw holes for secure fixing
to a bollard.
Product Code – 51052
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
The Jacques Emergency Help Point Unit HPU-5E is a user-friendly, reliable, robust Help Point station
that automatically connects via a LAN or WAN, to a monitoring or central control location, once the call
button is pressed. Available with an emergency button, the system is based on Ethernet network
standards and TCP/IP protocols. As an Ethernet network device, Help Point Units can easily be
integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks. Additional relay boards can be fitted to control
lighting, duress alarms, CCTV, gate access control or most user defined functions. Help Point Units are
also available as Direct Dial Intercoms (HPU-5D) and with connection to the GSM network (HPU-5G).
Product Code: HPU-5E – 50519
Similar to the Emergency Help Point Unit, the HPU-5E-i offers an additional button for information
assistance. Great for parks, recreation areas, car parks and any public places that require safety. Optional
information features, custom artwork and integrated surveillance cameras are also available.
Product Code – HPU-5E-i - 51044
Jacques has released their stylish and sophisticated Coloured
Intercom Panels. These new look intercom panels are high-grade
steel with an electrostatically applied dry ceramic coating. The result is
tone, which retains the high abrasion resistance characteristics of
intercom stations are available in a variety of colours; gold, black,
and nickel silver. Finishes and textures include; mirror, dull, etched,
These stylish slave panels are ideal for interior commercial or
elevators, hospitals, hotels, malls and shopping centres.
Stainless Steel Slave
a clear and fine colour
stainless steel. Slave
bronze, blue, wine red
embossed and others.
Contact us for further information
Stylish and customisable, Architectural Intercom Stations are a fashionable alternative to the standard Jacques
stainless steel intercom slave stations. High quality, durable and robust, architectural slave stations are available in
a variety of finishes, slave station configuration, and sizes. Polished white plastic, custom aluminum, and mirror
finishes are available with clear anodized aluminum frames making these intercom slave stations ideal for
commercial applications, where functionality and style are both desired: office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping
Product Code – VSC-3A1 – 51116
VSC-3A2 – 51194
The Jacques VSL-391 is a single button, VoIP architectural slave intercom station. It is water resistant available
in a vertically mounted design and is typically installed outdoors in walls, doorways and on bollards at building
entrances. This unit is a flush mounted slave station with 6 screw holes for secure mounting directly onto walls or
bollards. The unit is designed for flush mounting or with an optional back box requiring a depth of 35mm. As with
all Jacques slave intercom products, the speaker, microphone, lamp and call buttons are all water and vandal
Product Code – 51252
The Jacques VSL-392 is a two button, VoIP architectural slave intercom station. It is water resistant available in a
vertically mounted design and is typically installed outdoors in walls, doorways and on bollards at building
entrances. This unit is a flush mount slave station with 6 screw holes for secure mounting directly onto walls or
bollards. The unit is designed for flush mounting or with an optional back box requiring a depth of 35mm. As with all
Jacques slave intercom products, the speaker, microphone, lamp and call buttons are all water and vandal
resistant. The second call button function is user definable and as an example, can be configured to call a separate
dedicated master station, or act as a duress button.
Product Code: 51178
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
The Jacques IPM-650 is a desk mounted Master Intercom Station. It is a simple and easy to use unit,
providing the user with the ability to call any VoIP device under the control of the system server. It
seamlessly integrates into an existing 10/100 Ethernet network and can be conveniently powered locally via
an optional power supply or remotely via a Jacques PoE (Power over Ethernet) Adaptor. This slave station
is also available in a flush mount option (IPM-650F), ideal for wall or desk mounting.
Product Code: IPM-650 – 50629
IPM-650F – 51094
The Jacques IPM-650H is similar in operation to the IPM-650 but features an optional handset for private
conversations. It is simple and easy to use and provides the user with the option of loud speaking or
handset use.
Product Code: 50948
The Jacques IPM-650PA is specifically designed as a PA Master Station for Jacques VoIP Public Address
systems. It is used to direct voice and standard PA announcements to any group or multiple groups of public
address speakers throughout a complex. This Master Station has a facility to record your own announcements.
Product Code – 50930
The Jacques Touch Screen PC Master Intercom Station is the perfect choice for those projects
that require a graphical user interface (GUI) for ease of operation. It comes complete with a VoIP
speaker/mic interface for crystal clear voice communication. A mouse driven option is available if a
touch screen is not required.
Product Code – 50086
Jacques Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapters are passive devices that provide
individually fused 24VDC supply to all Jacques VoIP equipment PoE simplifies
installation and eliminates the need to run separate power and LAN cables to each
access point. Jacques PoE solutions significantly reduce cabling and outlet
requirements therefore reducing installation costs. PoE adaptors are available in 1, 6,
12 and 24 ports.
Product Code: 1 port – 50997
6 port – 50961
12 port – 51059
24 port 50925
The Jacques Exchange Line Interface (ELI-3B1) is an interface unit which connects the Jacques VoIP
System to PSTN or PABX telephone networks. For example, as a part of a building application
operators can dial telephone numbers from any Jacques Master Intercom Station. Alternatively, any
Jacques Slave Intercom Station can dial out to an after hours telephone via the ELI unit.
Product Code: 51124
The Jacques Universal Audio Interface (UAI) provides a means to integrate the 650 Series VoIP
Integrated Communication System with the 550 Series Intercom and PA System. It’s ideal for
installations where a Jacques 550 series intercom and PA system has been commissioned and
needs expanding/upgrading. The unit can also interface between the 650 Series VoIP Integrated
Communications System and an analogue audio device. Jacques software configurations enable
the UAI to be used as a radio interface, PA controller, relay controller and streaming audio
Product Code: UAI 3B1 – 51196
UAI 3E1 - 51195
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
The Jacques Radio Interface Unit (RIU-3B1) provides an interface enabling the Jacques VoIP
System to communicate with a commercial two-way radio system. Bi-directional voice and Press-toTalk (PTT) are controlled by the master intercom station allowing operators to communicate with
personnel outside of the building complex via the two-way radio system.
Product Code: 51125
The Jacques Lift Intercom Station (LIS-3B1) is a module which, facilitates the integration of a
Jacques 650 Series VoIP Intercom Station into an existing lift panel. Provision is made on the LIS3B1 for the connection of a remote speaker, microphone, call buttons, LED indicators and relay
Product Code: 51173
The Jacques Cable Extender (JCE) module provides a convenient method of extending the
connection distance between a Jacques VoIP Intercom Station and a network port. The cable
extender module overcomes the 100 metre maximum cabling length limitation for CAT5/6 type
Ethernet connected devices. A pair of JCE’s may be used to extend a wired Ethernet link up to
2km, using just a single CAT5/6 pair or a standard telephone cable pair. Cable Extender
Modules are available in box or euro card versions.
Product Code: JCE-8B1 – 51161
and JCE-8E1 – 51227
The Speaker Microphone Interface (SMI) provides the connection of speaker, microphone and
handset to the Jacques 650 series compatible master intercom station. Used in conjunction with
either a Jacques PC 650 Master or with any 3rd party intercom master, the module can interface
both a desk mounted microphone/speaker combination or a handset/headset combination, with
the capability for both to be used simultaneously.
Product Code: 51215
The Jacques SVR-100 Speaker is a vandal and water resistant flush mounted speaker,
which provides optimum audio quality in areas requiring a tamper and water protected
speaker. 2mm thick marine grade 316 type stainless steel is used for the front grill with
steel baffle plates providing protection for the speaker drive unit. Both 5 watt and 15 watt,
100 volt line versions are available with multitap transformers for optimum power settings.
Where flush mounting is not possible the Jacques CSH-1 Ceiling Speaker Housing is an
ideal aesthetically pleasing surface mount enclosure, specifically designed for the SVR100 speaker. It is particularly useful for mounting the SVR-100 speaker to concrete
Product Code: SVR-100 – 50909
CSH-1 – 50620
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
The Jacques Long Line Public Address system (LLPA) uses the Jacques 650 series Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to
create a fully Digital, Networked, Multizone Public Address (PA), and Music Distribution system for large PA and Emergency Warning
and Evacuation applications.
A suburban Rail operator may have a need to provide a Public Address system based on Ethernet and TCP/IP standards. The LLPA
system operates over existing network infrastructure. Therefore, there is no requirement for custom cabling or decided fibre links. This
significantly reduces installation costs and cabling requirements.
Long Line Public Address (LLPA) can be used in the following settings:
Transport Hubs:
∼ Airports
∼ Train Stations & Networks
∼ Bus Stations & Busways
∼ Shipping Terminals
Public Facilities:
∼ Stadiums
∼ Conference centres
∼ Walkways & Trails
∼ Car Parks
∼ Universities
Municipal Buildings:
∼ Town & City Halls
∼ Museums & many other applications
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
A number of Totally Integrated Subsystems form the basis of the Long Line Public Address system and include:
∼ Multizone/Multigroup Public Address (PA)
∼ High Quality Multi-Channel, Music & Information Distribution
∼ Digital Message Store with Scheduler
∼ Emergency & Information Help Point Units
∼ Professional Intercommunication System
∼ High Level Interface (HLI) to Security and Building Management System (SMS/BMS)
∼ High Level Interface (HLI) to Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
The Jacques JDDI intercom is a professional stand-alone unit
designed for easy connection to new and existing PSTN/PABX
telephony systems. It dials pre-configured phone numbers (a
remote telephone) when the front panel buttons are pressed. The
unit operates as a hands free, vandal and water resistant interface
to a building telephone system.
Corporate buildings and small offices
Shipping ports
Apartment Buildings
Residential Dwellings
Standalone, robust water and vandal resistant construction
High audio quality for crisp, clear conversations (limited by telephone network bandwidth)
Retrofit ability – for buildings with existing telephone infrastructure
Two configurable relay outputs for activation of door locks, gates, security monitoring, etc
(selectable from answering telephone)
Easy integration into Jacques Networked Intercom Systems (via the Jacques ELI-3B1 or ELI5B1)
Jacques Voice Communication Systems
The Jacques Non-Contact Visits Intercom System is a custom designed two-pieces
intercom system, comprising of the NCV (Master-End) and NCV (Slave-End). It is
typically used as a stand-alone intercom system within Correctional Institutions and
Police Station Watchhouses, where there is a need to separate Visitors and
Connecting Cable and Handpiece:
NCI-1 Active-End
Reinforced internal Steel cable with flexible Steel surround,
firmly anchored at both ends with tamper-proof cable clamps
Heavy-duty handpiece, with tamper resistant microphone and
The Non-Contact Visits Intercom System is designed specifically for use in
very demanding environments and is manufactured with the following features.
Extremely robust in design.
Able to add an audio recorder (such as cassette deck, digital logger, etc.) to the Audio Out
connectors of the NCV Master for monitoring and recording all conversations.
Very reliable and easy operation design
Removing hand-piece from hook-switch, automatically connects the call
The NCI-2 panel can be flush-mounted.
Jacques was established in 1980 and has continued to be an innovative design and manufacturing company producing leading-edge
integrated communications products for the professional security and intelligent transport industries.
Since Jacque’s inception, they have supplied highly reliable products to many major projects within the government, corrections,
commercial, transport and industrial markets globally.
Jacques provided solutions for a wide range of applications within:
∼ Secure Facilities
∼ Public Safety
∼ Commercial Buildings
∼ Transport Industry
For more information in the East Africa contact:
Tel: +254-020-4450474
Fax +254-020-4450473
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.kehuco.com
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