Pro - Offimex
C7100/C7100X series
Value Added Colour Production Digital Presses
7100 models
7110 models
80 Colour
90 Colour
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Add value. Increase performance
Today’s customers, both internal and external, demand tight delivery times on short length runs. You need
an affordable colour digital press that can more than meet their deadlines, can handle a wide variety of
applications and extend your offering with 5th colour opportunities.
The Ricoh ProTM C7100 and C7100X series are the ideal solutions. Models include C7100/C7110/C7100S/
C7110S and C7100X/C7110X/C7100SX/C7110SX.
They complement offset in terms of image quality and offer high productivity as well as the ability to print clear
or white. So they add value as they raise performance and profits.
• Offset-like image quality
• 5th colour opportunities with white and clear gloss toner
• Maximises productivity
• Broad paper support
• Hassle-free operation
• Small footprint
Reduces costs. Improves workflow
High image quality
The latest VCSEL technology combined with new toner and advanced image
control technology ensure offset like quality for professional results. So you
can depend upon outstanding colour (and mono) output to cut time and
costs on shorter run length jobs.
Broad paper handling
With versatile paper handling capability this digital press can support paper
weight up to 360gsm and banner sheet printing up to 700mm Simplex.
Advanced toner transfer enables it to print on textured media and so capture
more jobs.
5th Station function
This digital press offers the ability to print additional colours other than
CMYK. Clear gloss and white toner provide more value added applications
such as spot gloss, flood, and watermarks along with printing on coloured
and clear media. Ideal for high-end work and greater impact on a wide
range of jobs including annual reports, catalogues, postcards, direct mail,
business and invitation cards, posters, packaging and window clings etc.
Ease of operation
An easy-to-access Super VGA operation panel with 10.4-inch colour LCD
touch panel allows programme short cuts to be set for frequently used job
operations. Includes Status Light Pole and Active Tray Indicator so operation
can be monitored from a distance plus ‘on the fly’ toner replacement to
maximise uptime.
Advanced technology for optimum output
High productivity
• 7100 models run at up to 80 pages per minute and 7110 models at
up to 90ppm in colour and B/W on thick stock (up to 300gsm)
• Paper handling and print quality is improved by advance toner transfer
technology, new elastic fusing belt and advanced image control
technology - that ensures colour consistency
• Delivers high productivity in low volume runs helping you meet tight
delivery schedules
The latest VCSEL technology
Optimum image quality up to 4800 dpi is ensured by Ricoh’s innovative VCSEL
technology. VCSEL has as many as 40 laser beams emitting simultaneously to
give exceptionally accurate and smooth image quality.
Uptime maximised
• Liquid cooling system has two positive advantages over air-cooling. It takes
up less space. It makes long operating hours possible, as it does not need
pausing when the developer reaches high temperatures
• Operators can replace Operator Replaceable Units (ORU) units for
maximum uptime
• Status Light Pole – can see operational status even from a distance
• Operational panel features animations for user ease
• ‘One the fly’ toner replacement enables continuous usage
Expand your opportunities for success
Broad paper support
• Want to start on-demand print business, bring printing in-house or offer
your customers a wider proposition? Ricoh ProTM C7100 and C7100X series
gives your business more print opportunities to grow market share.
• Supports from 52.3 - 360gsm
• Textured Media support - advanced toner transfer technology ensures
superior transferability on textured media
5th Station value added applications
The introduction of the new 5th Station with Clear Gloss and White toner
provides your business with more value added applications for high impact
standout on invitations, business annual reports, catalogues, postcards, direct
mail, business cards, posters, packaging and window clings.
Target reliability
With Ricoh Pro TM C7100 and C7100X series you benefit from increased
reliability and productivity. It offers of a lifetime of 14,400K or 5 years and a
recommended document volume range of 60 - 140K, max 240K.
The power for greater performance
Robust functionality for maximum productivity
Ricoh ProTM C7100 series and C7100X series support advanced external EFI
Fiery servers. With a new user interface and functionality, they offer ease-of-use
enhancements that help simplify file management and job workflow for greater
Increase RIP productivity
The EFI Fiery servers incorporate a high-performance 3.5 GHz up to 3.8GHz
w/Turbo Intel Xeon processor, extended 2GB x 8 memory and a powerful 500
GB HDD. They enable you to not only handle complex jobs more easily but
also support the finishing options that you can offer to be more competitive
and profitable.
New options. New opportunities
Vacuum Paper Feed and Bridge Unit
• Air vacuum feature to handle more heavy media with coated surface
• Supports media weight (mainframe specific) 52gsm to 360gsm
• Delivers air to front and sides so each sheet can be delivered by the
belt separately
• Offers high level of feeding accuracy for greater productivity
• Up to 3 units can be combined
Banner Sheet Tray
• Optionally integrated to the upper tray of the Vacuum Paper Feed
• Paper size: 210 - 330mm x 420 - 700mm
• Media weight 52 up to 300gsm
• Up to 1,250 sheet capacity dependent on media thickness
• Tray to support Banner Sheet for the Finisher included
Multi-Bypass Tray
• Paper size: 100 - 330mm x 139 - 487mm
• Media weight 52 up to 216gsm
• Up to 500 sheet capacity dependent on media thickness
LCT and Active Tray Indicator
• The A3/DLT Large Capacity Tray has easy-to-see Active Tray Indicator
• LED lamp on all paper trays informs of status of paper feed which prevents
opening an active tray so avoids possible paper jam
• Allows user to know which trays are not in use so they can be refilled for the
next job to speed up operation
• Supports up to 330 x 487mm paper size
• Offers enhanced Paper Feed Capacity
• Air-Assist Paper Feed enables ease of handling of various paper types
such as coated paper and paper thickness 52gsm - 360gsm
More advantages and benefits
Secured tray for valuable papers*
• Tray can be secured with a lock
• Offers extra security for customers such as banks and
security companies handling checks and securities
• Opportunity to provide this service to expand your offering
*selected trays
Standard Finisher and Booklet Finisher
• Stack capability: media up to 330 x 487mm
• Media weight: 52 - 360gsm
• Up to 3,000 sheets on Shift Tray (A4/LT, 80gsm)
• 100 sheets staple (B5-A3/215 x 279 - 279 x 431mm, 80gsm)
• Book Finisher offers the same stack capacity with 20 sheet booklet
(B5-SRA3/215 x 279 - 330 x 487mm, 90gsm)
• Booklet Finisher has one-side edge trimmer as an option
• Enables creation of professional booklets
Multi-Folding Unit
• Offers six options for paper folding
• Supports from 64gsm to 105gsm including coated paper
• For 2-Fold, 3-Fold In and 3-Fold Out, multi-pages folding is available
up to three pages from 64 - 89gsm
• Ideal for direct mail opportunities
Increase your Direct Mail output
Ring Binder
• Fully automates binding workflow, saving time and labour costs
• Easy of operation as the system processes from printing to closing rings
without manual intervention
• Operator can prepare for the next job whilst the system runs itself
• Two sizes of consumable rings are available for 50 or 100 sheets
• Cartridge ring holds up to 75 sets and easy to refill
• Black/white coloured rings available
Plockmatic Booklet Maker
• Plockmatic 350 has 35 sheet capacity and can upgrade to 50 sheet
capacity to create booklets out of 50 sheets of 80gsm paper
• Supports up to 300gsm media coated or un-coated
• Heavy duty staple mechanism, adjustable staple position, hand feed
capability and automatic paper format setup
GBC StreamPunch Ultra
• Wide media range - up to 300gsm
• Tab processing on the trailing edge of the sheet
• World’s first ‘Double Punch’ capability
• New Die Set design
Saving time. Speeding up production
Paper Decurl Unit
• Optional Paper Decurl Unit uses two paths to deal with concavity and
convexity curls
• It puts an end to the common problem of curling paper in colour especially
when printing with high toner coverage, thin paper and paper with long grain
Buffer Pass Unit
• Prevents toner adhesion/sticking by cooling down the printed paper
before it’s stacked inside the High Capacity Stacker or Finisher Shift tray
• Puts an end to ruined images or paper ripping when separated so saves
time and money
High Capacity Stacker
• This new option stacks up to 5,000 sheets (SRA3, A4, LT size) on shift tray
and 250 sheets on one proof tray
• Up to two stackers can be attached
• Includes roll-away cart as standard
• Ensures ease of high volume outputs
The options for success
Pro™ C7100/C7110
Secured Tray for valuable papers (not illustrated)
Colour LCD Panel
Standard Finisher (not illustrated)
5th Station Function
Multi-Folding Unit (option, not illustrated)
High Capacity Stacker
Ring Binder (option, not illustrated)
Booklet Finisher
Plockmatic Booklet Maker (option, not illustrated)
Paper Decurl Unit
GBC StreamPunch Ultra (option, not illustrated)
Buffer Pass Unit
SRA3 LCT (option, not illustrated)
2 Tray Cover Interposer
Multi-Bypass Tray (option, not illustrated)
Booklet Trimmer
Vacuum Paper Feed
Banner Sheet Tray
Pro™ C7100/C7110
Toner Type:
Print Speed:
Warm-up time:
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Power Source:
Power Consumption:
Duty Cycle:
4-drum & 5-drum dry electrostatic transfer
system with internal transfer belt
Oil less belt-fusing method
New chemical toner
Thick1(52g/m2) – Thick7(300g/m2)
Thick8(300g/m2) – (360g/m2) 65PPM
FC + 5ST(White)
Thick1(52g/m2) – Thick7(300g/m2)
Thick8(300g/m2) – (360g/m2) 65PPM
C1b/P1b: FC/BK 90PPM
Thick1(52g/m2) – Thick7(300g/m2)
Thick8(300g/m2) – (360g/m2) 75PPM
FC + 5ST(White)
Thick1(52g/m2) – Thick7(300g/m2)
Thick8(300g/m2) – (360g/m2) 75PPM
Max 1200 x 4800dpi VCSEL
Less than 300 sec.
1,320 x 910 x 1,218mm
(4 Station) Less than 560kg
(5 Station) Less than 580kg
220-240V, 16A, 50/60Hz
Less than 5000W
a:600K / b:700K per month
Paper Input Capacity:
Max Printable Area:
Paper Weight:
1st tray (std) 1,000 sheets x2 (Tandem)
2nd tray (std) 500 sheets
3rd tray (Optional) 1,000 sheets
4th tray (Optional) 2,000 sheets
5th tray (Optional) 1,000 sheets
3rd-8th Tray (Optional) Vacuum Feed LCT
2,200 sheets each
Bypass Tray 500 sheets
323mm x 480mm / 12.7” x 18.9”,
323mm x 692mm / 12.7” x 27.2”
(when using Banner Sheet Tray Option)
1st tray 52-300g/m2
2nd tray 52-256g/m2
A3/DLT LCT: 3rd tray 52-256g/m2
4th tray 52-360g/m2
5th tray 52-256g/m2
Vacuum Feed LCT: 3rd-8th tray
52-360gsm Banner 52300g/m2
Bypass tray unit: 6th tray 52-216g/m2
CD-ROM Drive:
Operating System
CD-ROM Drive:
Operating System
Intel i5-4570 (2.9GHz up to 3.6GHz
with Turbo)
2GB x 2
Supported DVD-RW
Windows 7 Professional
for Embedded Systems x64
Optional (external)
Intel Xeon (Quad-Core) Xeon E5-2637
(3.5GHz up to 3.8GHz w/Turbo)
2GB x 8
1TB x2 SATA / RAID 0 (for data)
500GB SATA (for OS)
Supported DVD-RW
Windows 7 Professional
for Embedded Systems x64
Ricoh Light High Middle Production Digital Press with optional Vacuum Paper
Feed RT5100, Bridge Unit BU5010, Multi-Bypass Attachment Kit for Vacuum
Paper Feed Type S3, Vacuum Feed Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, MultiBypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, Buffer Pass Unit Type S3, High Capacity
Stacker SK5030, Decurl Unit DU5040, RPIP Interface Box Type S3, TCRU/
ORU Type S3 (Set A), TCRU/ORU Type S3 (Set B), TCRU/ORU Type S3
(Set C), 5th Station Replacement Kit Type S3, PostScript3 Unit Type S3,
Developer High-Gloss Clear Type S3, Developer White Type S3, Plockmatic
Booklet Maker, GBC Punch.
EFI™ Digital StoreFront®, EFI™ Color Profiler Suite, EFI™ Fiery® Graphic
Arts Package Premium Edition, EFI™ SeeQuence
Impose, SeeQuence Suite, DirectSmile , EFI™ Fiery Central, Objectif Lune
PlanetPress, Ricoh TotalFlow: PTI FusionPro , MarcomCentral®, TotalFlow
BatchBuilder, CGS ORIS Lynx & PressMatcher, Ricoh Process Director
Express®, Prep, Print Manager, Production Manager & Path.
Pro™ C7100/C7110 comply with Energy Star 1.1 standards.
Please Note: Unless stated otherwise the data used in this brochure is based
on A4 80gsm Standard Media.
ISO9001 certified, ISO14001 certified.
All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications
and external appearance are subject to change without notice. The colour of the actual
product may vary from the colour shown in the brochure. The images in this brochure
are for illustration purposes only, slight differences in detail might appear.
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and/or layout may not be modified and/or adapted, copied in part or in whole and/or
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