Manual Pencil Sharpener Operating Instructions

Manual Pencil Sharpener Operating Instructions
Manual Pencil Sharpener Operating Instructions
Please read the following instructions before operating your sharpener.
To be used under adult supervision only
Using the Desk Clamp
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Compatible Pencil Size
Place the sharpener on a flat surface near the edge of the desk. Secure it in place with
the desk clamp.
2 & 4
Regular cleaning will ensure that your sharpener operates efficiently.
1.Use a small brush (e.g. thick paintbrush or toothbrush) to clean the cutting blade.
Never use metal objects as this may damage the cutting blade.
2.The shavings tray can be removed and cleaned with water only, but ensure it is fully
dry before reusing.
3. Do not clean the main sharpener unit with water or any other liquids.
How to Operate
1. Pull the front plate, above the shaving tray out until it locks into position.
2. Squeeze the side tab button and insert the pencil.
Coloured Pencils
1. Sharpening coloured pencils causes wax to build up on the cutting blade.
2.We recommend alternating between coloured and graphite pencils as graphite will
help to clean the blade, as well as regular cleaning as per the instructions above.
3.Turn the handle clockwise to sharpen the pencil. The auto stop feature will stop
sharpening the pencil when it has reached the preferred sharpness, and the handle
will turn more freely.
4. Press the side tab button to remove the pencil.
5. Empty the shavings tray frequently by pulling it out from the main sharpener unit.
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