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Height-adjustable Cart
Whiteboard and projector not included.
Side laptop and front keyboard trays shown are optional.
Mobile multimedia solution.
Streamline your presentation setup with this affordable and portable projector cart. Epson’s height-adjustable
cart is designed specifically for an ultra-short-throw projector, whiteboard and laptop. Equipped with locking
wheels and a folding projector arm, the cart can be quickly and conveniently rolled from classroom to classroom, or in and out of the boardroom. The Epson height-adjustable cart is a convenient, versatile solution for
both education and business environments.
Multi-purpose performance — accommodates your Epson ultra-short-throw projector,
whiteboard and laptop
Versatile — works with a standard or interactive whiteboard; supports 4:3 or 16:10 boards
Meets the needs of any audience — easily adjust the height by up to 17"
Sturdy — wide leg base, wheel locks and height-setting mechanism for stability
Secure and user-friendly — add the optional storage lock box and side or rear
laptop trays
Height-adjustable Cart
For Ultra-short-throw Projectors
Product Name 4:3 Height-adjustable Cart Solution
16:10 Height-adjustable Cart Solution
Product Code V12H457007
0 10343 88331 4
0 10343 88332 1
Accessories Steel Lock Box
Rear Laptop and Front Keyboard Trays
Side Laptop Tray
Product Code V12H457004
0 10343 88278 2
0 10343 88279 9
0 10343 88280 5
Whiteboard and projector not included.
Side laptop and front keyboard trays shown
are optional.
Supported Work Surfaces
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Packaging Specifications
4:3 – up to 85" diagonal board size,
40 lb maximum
16:10 – up to 96" diagonal board size,
68 lb maximum
Vertical Height Adjustment
17" – locks into desired position
(4) 4" swivel wheels with swivel/roll lock brake
Projector Arm Extended
(for use in high position)
89.25" x 31.25" x 94.5"
Projector Arm Folded
(for transport/storage)
89.25" x 31.25" x 79.0"
Lock Box
39.0" x 14.5" x 19.5"
Rear Laptop Arm with Mouse and
Front Keyboard Trays
20" x 13"
Slide-out Mouse Tray
8.25" x 8.0"
Front Keyboard Tray
18.0" x 5.75"
Side Laptop Arm
20" x 13"
Slide-out Mouse Tray
8.25" x 8.0"
Height-adjustable Cart (Box 1 of 2)
34.50" x 65.37" x 11.25"
Weight 100 lb
Height-adjustable Cart (Box 2 of 2)
31.50" x 50.62" x 7.50"
Weight 53 lb
Lock Box
20.87" x 44.25" x 6.50"
Weight 35 lb
Rear Laptop and Front Keyboard Trays
17.37" x 23.0" x 4.87"
Weight 18 lb
Side Laptop Tray
17.75" x 26.75" x 4.37"
Weight 20 lb
What’s In The Boxes
Height-adjustable Cart (Box 1 of 2)
Cart Base, (2) Legs, (2) Back Supports, Projector
Arm Support, Bottom Cover, Front Cover, Center
Slide Pole, Slide Frame, Slide Handle, Support
Stretcher, Support Stretcher with Spring Clip,
(2) Short Stretchers, (12) Velcro Ties, Split Black
Wire Loom, (4) 4” Swivel Total Lock Casters,
Assembly Hardware, Assembly Guide
Height-adjustable Cart (Box 2 of 2)
Board Mounting Frame, (2) Top Clamps, Upper
Frame Pre-assembly, Lift Handle, (2) Protective
Handles, (4) Handle Inserts
Country of Origin
Three-year limited frame/equipment warranty
(excludes projectors and electrical cords)
90º Manual Folding Arm
Collapsible safety feature —
fits under 80" doorway.
Height Adjustment
Raise or lower board with one hand — locks
into desired position.
Optional front keyboard tray shown.
Optional Side Laptop Tray
Pin lock feature — press in and rotate up and
out for use.
Optional Steel Lock Box
Includes key lock — store equipment and
other valuables.
Optional Rear Laptop Tray
Rotates up and out for use. Slide out mouse
tray extends to either side. Includes front
keyboard tray.
Protective Handles
Protects board and allows for
easy maneuvering.
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