s-c100 /100w siren

s-c100 /100w siren
 The mainly capability parameter
1.Work voltage: DC 12V(10.5V~13.8V)
2. Work current: 7.5A
3. Fuse: 10A
4. Max Current For Light: 10A
5. Impedance: 11Ω
S-C100 /100W SIREN
 Function instructions
1. Manual momentary switch:Up be "HORN" tone, Down be "SIREN"
6. Input Voltage: DC9~16V
7. Output Power: 100W
8. Freq: 320Hz~1770Hz
9. Working Temperature:-40 ~ +50
10. SIZE: 4.8”L x 5.3”W x 1.3”H
tone. The manual tone will override any siren tone.
2. Socket of the microphone: for the microphone plug into it.
3. Selector switch of the tone: You can choose one of six different tones by
rotating the knob. Available siren tones are Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Phaser,
Mechanical and AUX.
4. Volume control/switch: Rotate this knob to turn on power and continue
rotating to improve volume, reduce to close volume on the contrary.
5. Light Controller: for two lights.
6. Steering Wheel Horn: connect the two blue wires to the horn ring wires
for Steering Wheel Horn Function.
 Wiring Installation Instructions
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