Draper | 136236 | Datasheet | Draper Salara/Plug and Play

Motorized Wall/Ceiling Mounted Projection Screens
Salara Series
You’ve never seen a screen
like this before
• In the classroom or office, the Salara Series
makes a design statement. The Salara’s
small, elliptical case and domed endcaps
are finished in solid white. No need to hide
it with extra carpentry work.
• Quick and easy installation—mounts to the
wall with “floating” brackets which can be
positioned along the back of the case.
The result—the most attractive highquality, lower-cost motorized screen you’ve
ever seen.
Salara—Salara is a hardwired screen like
other Draper motorized screens. It can be
furnished with any standard control option.
Refer to page 6. Salara is available in your
choice of a conventional viewing surface:
Matt White, Glass Beaded, High Contrast
Grey, acoustically transparent AT1200
or AT Grey.
Wall-mounting brackets
Salara/Plug & Play™—Motorized screen
with same viewing surface choices as
the Salara (above). The difference: with
the Salara/Plug & Play, you can have a
remote controlled screen on your wall in
0 minutes—no electrician required. Its 10´
IEC cord plugs into a socket in the back of
the case and the other end into the nearest
wall outlet. Salara/Plug & Play has a built-in
controller and IR receiver, and comes with a
hand-held IR transmitter. RS232 compatible.
Plug & Play™
• Extra Drop—Up to 8´ overall height,
either surface color or black. (Surface color
standard for AV format, black for other
• Black Masking Borders—Optional for AV
format screens and standard for all other
format screens.
Sizes and Formats
AV Format
from 50˝ x 50˝ to 96˝ x 96˝
Built-in controller and
IR receiver
IR transmitter
NTSC Format
from 6´ to 10´ diagonal
Plug & Play
HDTV Format
from 65˝ to 106˝ diagonal
16:10 Format
from 67˝ to 109˝ diagonal
WideScreen Format
in 99˝ or 108˝ diagonal
Full details available at:
www.draperinc.com | 1-800-238-7999
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