Sling Scale Data Sheet

Sling Scale Data Sheet
20mm (0.8in) LCD display with LED backlight
Tough, compact dust and waterproof ABS
Stainless steel bracket for flexible mounting
on a desk, wall, post, pole, stump or directly
on machinery.
Animal weighing connected to agWEIGHr
load bars
Waterproof M12 quick connectors for hassle
free connections - connect directly to
agWEIGHr weigh bars
agWEIGHr R320
The agWEIGHr R320 indicator builds on over 20 years of industrial design experience to create a
cost effective reliable unit that is ideal for use in general livestock weighing applications. 12V DC
operation suitable for powering off a car battery.
Rinstrum liveweigh: The liveweigh algorithm used in our instrumentation has been refined over
many years in a variety of applications including cattle and sheep drafting and veterinary scales.
Drafting: Automatic 3 band drafting is provided standard. A draft target is easily set with a long
press of the DRAFT key and on screen arrows show the operator to which band the animal has
been allocated.
Draft Statistics: The operator can scroll through the draft statistics for the session on screen:
Total Weight
Average Weight
Number of head
Auto Ranging and easy setup: The R320 is easily setup with a choice of factory calibrated
agWEIGHr weigh bars or it can be configured to use any third party weigh bars by selecting the
"OTHER" option in the scale setup. The unit automatically ranges to the best resolution for any given
load (0.05kg through to 5kg increments at 2t).
The superior performance of the instrumentation removes the need for a separate high resolution
M12 Connectors for simple install and maintenance: The R320 is provided with an M12 fly lead for
direct connection to the agWEIGHr load bars. All agWEIGHr cabling can be disconnected at both
ends. This allows for cable extensions to be fitted or individual cables to be replaced immediately
in the field.
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Specification Table
FCC, CE, C-tick
Temperature: –10° to +50C ambient (14° to 122° F)
Operating Environment
Humidity: <90% non-condensing
LED Backlit LCD with six 20mm (0.8") high digit with units and annunciators
12VDC - ON/OFF key with memory feature
ABS Housing, Stainless Steel Stand
Packing Weight
0.6kg (21oz)
Manual Mode: Static Weighing /Manual Animal Weighing
Automatic Mode: Automatic Animal Weighing
Live Animal Weighing, Unit switching, Drafting
Live Weight Drafting
Current Draft Statistics
3 bands
Total Weight / Average Weight / Number of head
Weight 0..25kg Resolution 0.05kg
Through to
Min and Max Resolution
Depends on Load Bars used
Weight 1000...2500kg Resolution 5kg
Specifications are subject to variation for improvement, without notice Illustrations are indications only
Part Number:
Distributed By:
AG-R320 : 12VDC
Connect to:
agWEIGHr weigh beams
agWEIGHr weighing assemblies
Specifications are subject to variation for improvement without notice. Illustrations are indications only and variation may be evident between
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