Heating Mats and Jackets
Heating Mats and Jackets
innovations in heat tracing
The eltherm GmbH –
Solutions with electrical heat tracing systems
eltherm GmbH is an international operating company specialising in the field of electrical heat tracing systems. With more
than 40 years of technology know-how, continuous demand
for the highest quality and flexibility, this company has grown
significantly since its humble beginning. A clear commitment
to the production site in Germany strongly emphasizes the
philosophy of eltherm, which is to supply its customers with
electrical heat tracing system solutions individually customized to their requirements of the highest level.
Handicraft: the eltherm-manufactured heating cables are sewed
together with the according insulation custom-fit to the backing fabric
of the heating jackets and mats.
With its own comprehensive production facilities for all
types of heating cable and accessories eltherm has built up the
engineering expertise to become one of the leading manufacturers of electrical heat tracing systems in the world.
Besides frost protection and temperature maintenance
applications up to 1000 °C, eltherm is the competent partner
for complete system solutions like heating whole chemical or
other industrial plants.
eltherm proved its potential and expertise in different applications for industries such as oil and gas, power plant, construction, automotive and food industries.
The eltherm engineers would like to face your challenge also.
innovations in heat tracing
Solutions for your challenge!
Qualified Solutions
eltherm has its own production facilities and its own
research and development team. This is where innovative
solutions are born and where products are constantly
improved to meet market requirements. Our qualitymanagement system ensures that only top quality and fully
functional products leave our factory.
Apart from EAC certification and VDE guidelines, for
instance, eltherm also meets the strict requirements of the
ATEX certification. In addition, eltherm has had ISO 9001
certification for many years. For 2011 the certification according to ISO 14001 will be completed.
Flexible Heating mats and jackets
Flexible heating mats and jackets provide optimum heat
transfer with good heat distribution. Heating mats are the
ideal solution for simple level surfaces. They can also be manufactured separately from the insulation upon request.
Heating jackets are used when uniform heating of surfaces
with more than two levels is required. Very flexible thanks to
custom-made segments, they can be produced to match
almost any shape. Heating jackets are easy to apply and
remove with integrated heat insulation, which considerably
reduces the installation and maintenance overhead.
eltherm® heating mats and jackets are used in an extensive
range of applications such as for heating bunker tips, IBCs,
fans, pumps and many more. Flexible heating mats and jackets are also indispensable in research and development as
well as nuclear technology.
Creation of a virtual heating jacket model in 3D-CAD
Removable and replaceable
Easy to mount, minimum installation time
Low maintenance overhead
For applications with high technical requirements
Long service life
Adapted according to the container, pipe, valve or
pump (custom-made)
Operating temperatures from 0°C to 900 °C
Effective heating
Optimum heat distribution
Available complete with insulation
Integrated temperature sensor
Schematic detail design of the
heating jacket structure.
eltherm® heating jackets – industrial application ranges
Heating jackets and heating mats for:
Shut-off valves
Bunker tips
Pipeline strings
Baking out block houses
Rotor blade tips
Drums and barrels
Vacuum chambers
Hose connectors
Micro dosing pumps
Flange caps
Complete experimental facilities
Steel pipe frames in particle accelerators
and much more
Layout of heating mats / heating jackets:
Heating mats and jackets consist of textile materials which
cling closely to the object being heated. To ensure a long
service life, only high-grade materials are used. The selection
of the material to be used depends on the conditions of usage.
Criteria include the operating temperature and location of
the application.
Heating jackets with a metal outer jacket can be used
depending on the application, for example if high durability is required due to excessive load conditions. They are
especially robust due to their design. Hinges and adjustable
clamp fasteners are used to compensate for tolerances in
the external diameter.
Aluminium-coated glass fabric is used for surface temperatures up to 160 °C, while plastic fabrics are used for temperatures
up to 80 °C. Textile glass is used up to 450 °C, while quartz is
used for surface temperatures up to 900 °C. Eyelets, hooks and
Velcro fasteners are used for fastening.
Depending on the specification, our heating mats and jackets
can also be manufactured for use in hazardous locations.
Heating jacket with sheet metal outer jacket
Heating jacket for hazardous locations, semi-round
Outer fabric
Heating conductor
Support fabric
Inner fabric
Sample mat with different layout combinations
Possible combinations
Heating surface material
Plastic fabric with
and without PU-PVC
Textile glass with silicone
or PTFE coating
Textile glass
without coating
Quartz fabric
without coating
Fastening / closure
Velcro fastener
Eyelets, hooks and Velcro
Glass adhesive tape
Quartz lacing
Insulation of heating
Textile E-glass
Quartz fabric
Quartz fabric
Thermal insulation
Plastic foam
Needled glass fleece
Silicone foam
Needled quartz
fleece, Ceramic
Outer jacket of thermal
The following outer jackets can be used, depending on low surface temperatures on the insulation:
Plastic fabrics up to 80 °C
Aluminium-coated glass fabric up to 160 °C
Textile glass with silicone coating up to 180 °C
Textile glass with PFTE coating up to 220 °C
Textile glass up to 450 °C
Quartz up to 900 °C
Nominal temperature
Nominal voltage
80 °C - 900 °C
(depending on materials used)
PTFE 500 V
E-Glas 300 - 400 V
(depending on temperature and strain)
Maximum area output
up to 12.500 W/m²
(depending on heating element used)
Application examples
Ex heating jacket for under/overpressure valve DN150
with removable insulative covers for biogas plant
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used:
Temperature range:
Frost protection
Special feature:
Designed for use in areas subject to explosion hazard
Heating mats for rotor blade manufacturing, design
with switch cabinet
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used:
Temperature range:
up to 90 °C
Special feature:
Multiple heating zones, coup-
leable, control with defined ramp functions
Heating jacket for chemical / gas storage containers
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used: Temperature range:
Frost protection
Heating jacket with fibreglass-insulated resistance
heating cable for vacuum chamber
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used:
Temperature range: ELPH-ISOL
230 – 250 °C
Special feature: Vacuum chamber with flange heating jackets (alum.)
Heating jacket set for cyclone dust remover
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used:
Temperature range: ELPH
up to 450 °C
Quartz heating mat for experimental reactors
Mat/jacket type:
Cable used:
Temperature range:
up to 500 °C *
Special feature:
Quartz outer jacket for high-
temperature range
* Quartz heating mats can withstand operting temperatures up to 900 °C .
Suitable Measurement and Control
Electronic Temperature Controller, Type ELTC/H-14
The ELTC/H-14 is an electronic temperature controller with digital display for wall mounting. The temperature is measured by a Pt 100 sensor,
processed by the microcontroller and displayed. After having evaluated the actual and preset values, the appropriate output relays are switched,
depending on the configuration.
The controller is equipped with a socket. The unit is supplied in a weather proof plastic enclosure, with a transparent cover.
LED display operable down to -25 °C
Programmable 0 °C up to +390 °C
For switching 20 A resistive load with hybridrelay
Signaling contact (configurable to operate either as alarm or release contact, potential-free)
Suitable for Pt 100 with 2 or 3 wires
Operating voltage: 90 - 260 VAC / 50/60 Hz
Technical details
Operating voltage
90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
max. 4 mA, < 5 W
Switching capacity relais 1 max. 20A with hybridrelay*
Switching capacity relais 2 8 A, changover contact (alarm)
Operating temperature
-25 °C ... +55 °C
Storage temperature
-30 °C ... +60 °C
Display range
-50 °C ... +400 °C
Adjustable range
0 °C ... +390 °C, optional configuration
Sensor connection
Pt 100 2-wire, 3-wire, optional
LED, red
IP rating
IP 65
Dimensions (w x h x d)
130 x 130 x 75 mm polycarbonate enclosure
Temperature Controller Mini ready for connection, Type ELTC-Mini
The ELTC-Mini is an electronic temperature controller featuring an ultra-compact design and suited for direct contact installation on our heated
hoses, heating jackets and special trace-heated applications. It is the ideal solution for applications which neither allow the use of an external
controller nor need an alteration of value setting.The controller is housed in an extremely stable and ultra-compact enclosure to protect it
against vibrations and shocks. The operating status is signaled through multicolor LEDs.
Compact design
Fully encapsulated electronics protected against vibrations and shocks
Working temperature -25°C up to +55°C
Switching capacity 1500 W, especially for trace-
heated applications optimized through zero-
voltage switch
Technical details
Operating voltage
230V / 50/60Hz
Power consumption
max. 2VA
Operating temperature
-25°C up to 55°C
Storage temperature
-30°C up to 60°C
Sensor input
PT-100/ 2-wire
2…30K, value setting in factory
Temperature range
0°C bis 400°C, value setting in factory
Switching capacity
75x46x35mm ( lxwxh)
IP rating
Supply cable 2.00 m long temperature rubber cable, temperature-
resistant up to 120°C, available with Schuko plug on request
For further controllers, please note our considerable measurement and control catalogue unit.
Silicone heating mats
Silicone heating mats are used when highly complex structures
have to be heated. They can be used in a variety of ways and
can be produced in almost any shape and size. Silicone heating
mats are pasted directly onto the shape being heated or are
fastened by clamping eyelets.
Easy installation and assembly
Low overall height
Also available in accordance with DIN 5510-2
(approval for railway applications)
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innovations in heat tracing
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