KHM 405 YS / YSX
KHM 405 YS / YSX
Digitally controlled engine driven welding units made to weld MMA, TIG or
MIG/MAG. For professional heavy duty repair, maintenance and assembly work
For professional work
The wide working range makes it possible to perform a
large variety of work in environments where it is difficult,
costly or impossible to connect to the mains supply. This
chopper controlled compact and transportable unit gives
you a combination of strong, high quality DC current for
excellent MMA, TIG or MIG/MAG welding. The same
unit also supplies up to 12kVA electric power while
CC - MMA and TIG welding
With a welding current of up to 400 A this machine welds
electrodes up to 6 mm. Using the Arc force control you
can fine tune the characteristics of the machine and
weld difficult electrodes, such as cellulosic, with
excellent result. The low 10 A minimum current allows
welding with very small electrodes and a wide range of
TIG welding applications with scratch start.
CV - MIG/MAG welding
After fitting a connector kit the unit can be used with the
wire feeders Origo™ Feed 304, M13 or Origo™ Feed
484, M13 for MIG/MAG welding.
Power generation – electric output
Electricity is often needed to carry out the complete job.
Drilling, grinding, drying electrodes and lighting are a few
examples. KHM 405 YS /YSX have a built in brushless,
maintenance free, asynchronous generator that supplies
up to 7 kVA single phase 230 V or 12 kVA three phase
400 V even when welding. A voltmeter shows the actual
supply voltage. The units are equipped with earth fault
protection for added safety.
The units are delivered as stationary. For transport
within the worksite there is an optional site tow. KHM
405 YS /YSX have a central lifting eyelet for safe lifting.
Service support
Careful consideration was taken when choosing engine
supplier. Since the engine is a large part of this unit,
good service and spares backup is an important factor. If
something should happen to the rest - ESAB has the
best service network in the welding business.
• General fabrication and civil construction
• Repair and maintenance
• Power generation
• Pipeline welding
Picture shows
Diesel water cooled engine
KHM 405 YS /YSX are equipped with a powerful and
efficient water cooled Yanmar Diesel engine with battery
and electric start. The engine fulfils the EPA-EURO2
exhaust gas emission requirements. Engine protection
shuts down the engine if the oil pressure is too low,
temperature is too high, fuel level is low or if the battery
charging does not work.
Other features
• Noise level below the limits of the 2000/14-CE standard
• Hour meter for correct servicing.
• Lockable covers over the engine and control panel.
• Machines with Auto idle, polarity change and spark
arrestor are available.
• Sealed base prevents spilling of liquids on the ground.
• Welds up to 6 mm coated electrodes and 1,6 mm
MIG/MAG wire
• VRD (Voltage Reduction Device)
• Supplies 230V and 400V electric power for tools,
lighting etc.
• Reliable and economical Yanmar engines
Technical data
DC welding Constant Current (CC) - MMA
Setting range, welding, A
Max welding output at 35% duty cycle, A
Max welding output at 60% duty cycle, A
Max welding output at 100% duty cycle, A
Open circuit voltage, V
DC welding Constant Voltage (CV) – MIG/MAG
Max welding output at 60% duty cycle, A
Max welding output at 100% duty cycle, A
Setting range of welding voltage, V
AC Power generation
Single Phase, Volts / kVA / A / Hz
Tree Phase, Volts / kVA / A / Hz
Duty cycle, %
Isolation class
230 / 7 / 30,4 / 50
400 / 12 / 17,3 / 50
Engine type
Fuel / tank capacity, litres
Power, kW (hp) / rpm
Yanmar 3 TNV 76
Diesel / 45
16,5 (22,3) / 3000
Total unit
Guaranteed acoustic power KHM 405 YS, LWA / dB(A) – 7 m
Guaranteed acoustic power KHM 405 YSX, LWA / dB(A) – 7 m
Weight, kg
Dimensions L x W x H mm
Approx. running time with full tank at 60% load, h
Protection class
97 / 72
94 / 69
1610 x 720 x 1100
IP 23
Quality accessories for the quality welder
European versions
KHM 405 YS, 50 Hz
KHM 405 YS, 50 Hz, with spark arrestor
KHM 405 YS, 50 Hz, with polarity change
KHM 405 YS, 50 Hz, w. spark arrestor and
polarity change
0794 020 880
0794 020 881
0794 020 882
0794 020 883
Delivery content: Machine complete with engine oil, coolant
and charged battery (maintenance free).
Australian versions
KHM 405 YSX, 50 Hz
KHM 405 YSX, 50 Hz, with spark arrestor
KHM 405 YSX, 50 Hz, with polarity change
KHM 405 YSX, 50 Hz, w. spark arrestor and
polarity change
0794 020 890
0794 020 891
0794 020 892
0794 020 893
Delivery content: Machine complete with engine oil, coolant
and charged battery (maintenance free).
Connector kit for Feed M13, 19 to 10-pole
Remote control PHG1B
Remote control PHG1B-PL
0740 741 881
0794 008 882
0794 008 885
ESAB offers a wide range of accessories. The complete range,
along with product information, is available at our local web-sites,
look at or contact your local ESAB dealer.
Unrivalled service and support
Our commitment and ability to deliver the expected service and
support starts immediately after the order is confirmed. We
endeavour to offer our customers an After Sales service, which
is second to non. A strong and skilful service organisation is
prepared to offer service and maintenance, calibration,
validation and upgrading of equipment and software.
The service organisation will offer standardised solutions for
the reconditioning or modification of existing products.
Spare and wear parts are manufactured according to ESAB’s
quality plan. Exchange Printed Circuit Board (PCB), exchange
modules and components are available for all our products in
order to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. ESAB is
continuously upgrading authorised service partners for local
service support. Customers who have their own service and
maintenance personnel will always be offered a service-training
package as part of a total ESAB offering. However, product
and process training for end-users will form an additional part
of the ESAB offering. Always ask your ESAB sales
representative or distributor for a complete ESAB solution.
(for polarity change versions)
2 wheel site tow
Earth spike
Albatross 3000X welding helmet
0794 014 880
0794 017 880
0700 000 931
Albatross 3000X welding helmet,
both for welding and grinding.
The welding glass folds up and the
inner glass protects you when
Box 8004
Phone: +46 31 50 90 00 Fax +46 31 22 04 49
2009-06-04 / ESAB reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice
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