Instruction Manual for Quartz Chiming Clock

Instruction Manual for Quartz Chiming Clock
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Instruction Manual
for Quartz Chiming Clock
Movement Diagram
a - Monitor Button - To demonstrate the hourly sound select the melody by the e
button and press the A button.
b - Volume Dial - Twist to adjust volume.
c & d - Set/Reset Buttons - For technical use only.
Do not set the hands backwards (counter-clockwise). Whenever the time is changed
move the hands forward (clockwise) only. Moving the hands backwards can damage
your clock movement.
e - Melody Select t
2 C size 1 AA size
Before inserting the batteries, set the time on your clock to 5:50 by turning the hand
setting knob on the movement. When the batteries are inserted the melody function
is automatically set for 6:00 AM
Step Two
Insert the batteries according to the + and - marking in the battery compartment. The
two C batteries go on either side--the AA battery goes in the middle movement.
Step Three
To set the time & melody turn the hands clockwise. If the present time is P.M. make
sure the hour hand passes through the 12:00 position until the desired time is
reached. While setting the time you will hear the movement chiming-- this is
normal. Once the time is set the melody will automatically correct itself. If the
clock is set in the 4x4 mode please allow one hour for the clock to correct itself
4 x 4 Westminster - Plays melody every 15 minutes and
counts the hour on the hour.
Ave Maria - Plays melody on the hour only then counts
the hour
Westminster - Plays melody on the hour only then counts
the hour.
Bim-Bam - Counts the hour on the hour & strikes once
on the half hour.
Set Your Time & Melody
Step One
See for details.
f - Sound - Choose your sound settings.
Clock Care
Do not place your clock in extreme heat or humidity, near strong vibrations (like on
a washer), or in a dusty environment. Clean the clock case using a neutral soap or
cleanser and never use paint thinner or harsh chemicals. Battery replacement is
recommended annually as exhausted batteries can leak and damage the clock. If the
chime or melody is distorted or stops working insert new batteries and set your clock
again according to these instructions.
For Clocks with Pendulums
Upon arrival of your clock, release the pendulum support from the shipping position
by gently pushing it to the opposite side and letting it hang free. Hook pendulum on
pendulum support. A slight push may be required to get your pendulum going.
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